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As society increasingly places more value on appearance, the use of interventions such as cosmetic medicine and make-up are becoming more commonplace — and even expected. Picture: ISTOCK

HONG KONG — Not happy with your nose and want to check out the nearest plastic surgery centre? There’s an app for that in China, and it lets you share before and after photos with other users.

SoYoung Technology, the developer of the application, had attracted Tencent Holdings in a financing round of $50m, the company said. The funds would be used to develop cloud computing technology as the app considers loan-financing to help younger people get surgery.

The Beijing-based company, which has seen 10-million downloads of its SoYoung app,is trying to enlist 200 clinics and thousands of plastic surgeons to its platform within three years as the industry in China faces less policy restrictions than traditional medical procedures, such as heart operations. It is trying to tap an aesthetic medical services market that is forecast to double to $11.3bn in the next five years, according to a Union Medical Healthcare prospectus.

"In areas like cosmetic surgery, e-commerce platforms can help make pricing and competition more transparent," CEO Jin Xing said.

"SoYoung is positioned to become the first successful company based on an online healthcare business model."

Tencent, Asia’s biggest internet company, would work with SoYoung to boost app downloads by directing it to targeted users, Mr Jin said.

SoYoung received 60,000 orders for noninvasive plastic surgery each month, according to the company.

Out of every 10 women who conduct noninvasive procedures in Beijing and Shanghai, one chooses to use SoYoung, according to the company.

About 60,000 Chinese visited South Korea for treatment every year, HSBC analyst Yumeng Wang, said.