Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee. Picture: REUTERS
Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee. Picture: REUTERS

JOHN McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer, is tired and stressed. But this week, as he continued to evade Belize’s authorities searching for him in connection with the recent murder of a US citizen, the multimillionaire went on the offensive.

In a telephone interview on Thursday, he railed against the government of the tiny Caribbean country that he now calls home.

"I feel an obligation to try to ... expose the abuses that have occurred to myself, to other foreigners and to Belizeans. There is a history of governments changing when spotlights are placed on their actions."

On Saturday, he launched The Hinterland, a blog that details his account of life on the run and provides links to online material decrying Belize’s government.

Mr McAfee said the government wanted him out of the way because he played by the rules. "They would like an investment giving the party in power all the money and letting them distribute it and keeping what they wish ... I donated directly.

"Nobody was able to skim any cream. Nobody was able to get anything."

Mr McAfee said he had given Belize’s authorities about $7m in donations. He once donated a $1m boat to the coast guard. He handed more than 90 pairs of boots to police in a remote and jungle-choked district.

"What can you do with 90 pairs of boots? They couldn’t take any of it," said Mr McAfee. "The government wants me out of the country or underground — not figuratively but objectively."

Authorities have reiterated that there are no charges against him and have urged him to give himself up and help with the investigation of the death of his neighbour Gregory Faull.

Dean Barrow, Belize’s prime minister, last week called Mr McAfee "extremely paranoid, even bonkers".

Mr McAfee, who sold the remaining shares of his computer antivirus company of the same name in 1994 for $100m, said whoever killed Mr Faull could have been after him. "Trust me, you would be paranoid ."

He was still in Belize, and intended to stay there. "I am going to be in hiding for quite some time, sir."

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