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EU calls on Moscow to halt Syria air strikes

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls sits in the cockpit of a Mirage 2000 fighter jet at an army a base in Jordan. French air strikes in Syria may have killed French jihadists, a source close to Mr Valls said, although which the defence ministry did not confirm. Picture: AFP PHOTO/KENZO TRIBOUILLARD

European Union warns Russia’s military escalation risks prolonging the conflict, undermining political process


Foreign shippers face choppy waters as India boosts local fleet

A labourer carries a sack of cement against a backdrop of the central Mumbai financial district, India, in this February 7 2013 file photo.   Picture: REUTERS

Government wants state firms to give 50% of trade to local shippers in a bid to help rescue an industry battered by the global commodities downturn


Russians blitzed by Kremlin-style shock and awe

Vladimir Putin. Picture: AFP PHOTO/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY

Campaign to sell armed foray similar to US tactics — and it appears to be working, writes Andrew Osborn


Trade data and car sales show China continues to struggle

An investor looks at an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai, China, on Wednesday. Picture: REUTERS/ALY SONG

The world’s biggest market for cars has its slowest growth in three years, and imports slump for the 11th month in a row — though exports show a glimmer of hope


AB InBev faces US antitrust probe


The world’s largest brewer is in talks with the US Justice Department after complaints from craft brewers that AB InBev is seeking to curb competition in beer market by buying distributors


Financial views of China not economic reality

Shanghai, China.Picture: ISTOCK

Analysis of China’s economic downturn must distinguish between financial perceptions and economic reality


Why wealth inequality in US is much more complicated than just rich and poor

New paper from US Federal Reserve economists provides detailed look at patterns of wealth in America — with alarming results

Opinion & Analysis

Piketty breathes new life into debate on inequality in SA


Economist Thomas Piketty does sterling work reviving debate that should have been at forefront of our national dialogue every day for past 21 years, writes Mathieu Dasnois


Hunt for clues as Turkey mourns

People shout slogans against the government as they carry the coffin of one of the victims of the weekend  suicide bombings, in Istanbul, Turkey, on Sunday. Picture: EPA/DENIZ TOPRAK

Nato member Turkey targets Islamic State in investigations of worst suicide bombing attack in its history as government insists elections will not be postponed


Angus Deaton wins 2015 Nobel Prize for Economics

A picture of British economist Angus Deaton is seen on a screen as permanent secretary for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Goran K. Hansson, centre, chairman of the prize committee Tore Ellingsen, left, and member of the Academy Jakob Svensson address a news conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday.  Picture: REUTERS

British economist wins 2015 economics Nobel Prize for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare


Belarus’ Lukashenko looks to eased sanctions but OSCE queries poll

Regional bloc questions ballot’s integrity after opposition leaders barred from competing in election that hands Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko a fifth consecutive term


Of bankies and bankers, and where to stash the dagga dollars


Proprietors of marijuana businesses in US states where the drug is legal have trouble banking their proceeds, as federal law creates compliance headaches for banks

International companies


Greece warns EU against ‘human market’

Refugees wait at the entrance to a registration camp near Tovarnik,Croatia. Picture: EPA

Migration minister calls for an end to shameful ‘racist criteria’ as states pick and choose refugees they will accept


Drug company Turing, at centre of pricing furore, catches attorney-general’s eye


Martin Shkreli, who has not yet met a promise to partially reverse the fifityfold price hike for Daraprim, may have restricted distribution to prevent generic competition


Barclays likely to be led by an American investment banker again

John Mcfarlane. Picture: BLOOMBERG/DAN LEWIS

Jes Staley, who spent more than three decades at JPMorgan Chase, is the leading candidate to replace Anthony Jenkins, the CEO ousted in July


United Company Rusal approves first dividend payout

A worker operates a mixer of fused aluminium at the foundry shop of the Rusal Sayanogorsk aluminium smelter outside the town of Sayanogorsk in Russia.  Picture: REUTERS

Shares in aluminium producer rise in Hong Kong after it decides to reward shareholders, even as commodity producers grapple with rout in prices


German publisher blocks adblockers

Visitors to Bild website will have to pay to browse without adverts, says Axel Springer


Dell to buy data storage leader EMC for $67bn

Michael Dell . Picture: BLOOMBERG/SIMON DAWSON

Computer giant Dell offers to buy world’s largest privately controlled provider of data storage systems


ECB says it is premature to discuss new stimulus programme

The European Central Bank and monetary policy chiefs in Denmark and Switzerland are among those who have pushed some rates below zero to stimulate bank lending and revive inflation. Picture: REUTERS/KAI PFAFFENBACH

ECB feels it is too early to start discussing new round of monetary policy easing, top official says, but insists ECB is still ready to act if needed

Middle East

NEWS ANALYSIS: Exodus of youth leaves Syria bereft

Young refugees in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. The flood of young people making their way to Europe is problematic, not just for the countries to which they are fleeing, but also for the countries they have fled. Picture: REUTERS/DIMITRIS MICHALAKIS

Refugees who find themselves further afield are less likely to return home after a destructive, drawn-out confict, writes Ben Hubbard


Chinese watchdog to take ‘appropriate action’ on Volkswagen

German car maker Volkswagen's logo adorns the wall at a northern Virginia dealership in the US on Tuesday. Picture: AFP PHOTO/PAUL J RICHARDS

Quality inspection body says it is ‘highly concerned’ about mechanism in VW diesel cars designed to trick emissions tests, will take appropriate follow-up measures


Ford eyes bigger slice of world’s biggest market

UNWRAPPED:  Ford executive chairman Bill Ford with the new Mustang, which might reach South African shores with right-hand drive.  Picture: QUICKPIC

The American car maker will spend $1.8bn on research and development in China over the next five years


Air strikes in Syria make Russia an Islamist target

DISSENT: Protesters hold a placard, displaying a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a rally against Russia’s intervention in Syria in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday. Picture: REUTERS/DAVID GRAY

Russia has repelled attacks by Islamist militants in the past by cracking down hard, but new campaign in Syria makes its underbelly vulnerable to retaliatory measures


Coal industry turns to green fund for assistance

A worker sits on a truck being loaded with coal at a railway yard on the outskirts of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad this week. Picture: REUTERS

The coal industry, viewed as a key contributor to global warming, is seeking a once improbable collaborator


Glencore plans to sell copper mines

Glencore. Picture: REUTERS

Commodities giant says it will sell wholly owned Cobar in Australia, Lomas Bayas in Chile after receiving unsolicited expressions of interest


Demographic changes shape migration patterns

By 2050, the share of children in the global population is expected to have fallen to 21%, versus a peak of 38% in the late 1960s.  Picture: SOWETAN

Global institutions urge wealthy states to embrace era of demographic change as young workers shift from poor to rich countries, writes Shawn Donnan


Banks’ changing business models under scrutiny


Push to crack down on fee collection comes as banks rely more on commissions from trading securities and less on traditional lending


Blocker apps a huge threat to ad revenue

Picture: REUTERS

Losses for websites related to blocker apps could be huge — $21.8bn this year and rising to $41bn next year

Middle East

Erdogan fumes as Putin sidesteps plan for Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Picture: REUTERS

Russian military intervention in war-torn country ‘a new big thorn’ in relations with neighbour Turkey


LETTER FROM WASHINGTON: Now it’s don’t call us, we’ll call you, Mr President

South Africa’s shrinking stature closely connected to its Brics membership — or at least the price it pays to belong as most junior partner


Brics in danger of collapsing as members fail to cohere

Picture: REUTERS

Brics states appear divided on key contemporary issues: global governance, international financial instability and climate change

Ferrari vice-chairman Piero Ferrari poses at the Casa Enzo Ferrari museum dedicated to his father Enzo Ferrari, in Modena, northern Italy, in 2012. Picture:

Ferrari’s impending listing gets market’s motor revving

VW’s emissions scandal has not quelled enthusiasm for the motor sport icon, which analysts say is being treated as a luxury goods, rather than automotive, brand

Opinion & Analysis

Europe’s chickens come home to roost

Migrants rest at a temporary shelter in a sports hall in Hanau, Germany, on Thursday. Picture: REUTERS/KAI PFAFFENBACH

With the influx of refugees and migrants, Europe is now reaping what it sowed, writes Bryan Rostron


Fear and respect: VW’s culture under Winterkorn

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn arrives at a company shareholders' meeting in Hamburg, Germany. Picture: BLOOMBERG/MICHELE TANUSSIS

Authoritarian culture created a ‘special pressure’ that went unchecked partly due to a company structure unique in the German motor industry, say former VW executives and industry observers


Germans take to the streets in mass protest against EU-US trade deal

Consumer rights activists take part in a march to protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), mass husbandry and genetic engineering, in Berlin, Germany, on Saturday. Picture: REUTERS

Hundreds of thousands of people march in Berlin to protest against planned free trade deal between Europe and US


Vulnerable nations launch ‘V-20’ to fight climate change

Climate change is only one of the challenges facing Africa as the sub-Saharan Africa region pursues growth which the International Monetary Fund expects to be 5.7% between 2014-19. File picture: REUTERS/SIEGFRIED MODOLA

Finance ministers from countries most vulnerable to climate change launch group to marshal resources for fight against effect of global warming


China to put a brake on Uber and rival firm

Uber's smartphone app. Photographer: BLOOMBERG/KEREM UZEL

Beijing drafts regulations for ride-booking services Didi Kuaidi and rival Uber that include net of red tape strong enough to kill nascent industry


Partnerships key to pollution and poverty problems

It is estimated that by 2025 there will be 1kg of plastic for every 3kg of fish in the ocean. Picture: REUTERS/ERIK DE CASTRO

Pollution does not respect borders and resulting damage to life and climate does not discriminate


Pouring fuel on the Syrian blaze — where will it end?

All nations fighting in Syria seem incapable of acting on mutual interest in ending a conflict that threatens them all


Alexievich wins Nobel Prize for war collages

Belarussian writer Svetlana Alexievich. Picture: REUTERS

Svetlana Alexievich wins Nobel Literature Prize for her work chronicling the horrors of war and life under the repressive Soviet regime


NEWS ANALYSIS: South American beer barons now battle over SABMiller

QUENCHER: A woman buys beer at Copacabana beach stall in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Jorge Paulo Lemann, South America’s richest person, and Colombia’s Santo Domingo family  are on opposite sides of AB InBev’s offer for SABMiller. Picture: BLOOMBERG/DADO GALDIERI

Santo Domingos have the power to thwart Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, a top shareholder in Belgian-Brazilian brewer, writes Blake Schmidt


Zinc responds positively to Glencore’s plan to cut output

Picture: REUTERS

Commodities giant says it will cut 500,000 tonnes of zinc production in latest move to withstand weak commodities prices


‘Bond king’ Gross sues Pimco over his ouster

American philanthropist Bill Gross does not expect to live long enough to see all his remaining $2bn fortune given away. He says his family will have to finish the job.  REUTERS/JIM YOUNG

Global bond guru Bill Gross sues Pimco, accusing ‘cabal’ at bond firm he co-founded of forcing him out to grab bigger slice of its profit

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