• Monday, November 24 2014
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John Kerry. Picture: AFP PHOTO/JOE KLAMAR

Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until July

4 hour(s) ago

Islamic state and world powers fail to reach agreement by Monday’s deadline


Grand jury expected to resume Ferguson shooting deliberations

Protesters, demanding the criminal indictment of a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager in August, march through a suburb in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday.  Picture: REUTERS
8 hour(s) ago

St Louis-area grand jury expected to resume deliberations over whether to bring charges against a white policeman who shot and killed a black teen


China surprises with interest rate cut to spur growth

A couple on a scooter ride past construction projects and completed apartment buildings in Haikou, Hainan province, China. Picture: BLOOMBERG
3 day(s) ago

First decrease in rates in more than two years comes as factory growth stalls, property market remains weak, curbing demand for everything from furniture to cement


Obama says time has come to fix ‘broken immigration system’

A protester demonstrates against the Mexican government during US. President Barack Obama's speech on immigration reform, in Times Square, New York, on Thursday.  Picture: REUTERS
3 day(s) ago

President Barack Obama announces reforms that will ease threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants, but is likely to clash with Republicans


No pattern behind the patterns

CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSALITY: The ‘jelly bean problem’ illustrates the trouble with analysing statistical patterns where no genuine causal relationship exists. Picture: BLOOMBERG

New research casts a poor light on financial research. Most of those financial strategies that claim to beat the market don’t


No new Cold War with Russia; only a test of will

Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Brisbane. Picture: REUTERS

Sanctions can change the thinking in Moscow only if it is convinced the West will not flinch


Protesters clash with riot police in Mexico City

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.  Picture: REUTERS
3 day(s) ago

Demonstrators throw Molotov cocktails outside National Palace as thousands protest against handling of apparent massacre of 43 trainee school teachers


Mexico’s first lady to sell controversial mansion

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto delivers a speech at the National Palace, in Mexico City on Monday. Nieto vowed that authorities would go after those behind the disappearance of 43 students amid fears several of them were among bodies in a mass grave. Picture: AFP
5 day(s) ago

First lady announces she is putting multimillion-dollar private mansion on sale to end controversy over purchase of property from government contractor


Google looks to get back into China

PRIVACY ISSUES: Pedestrians walk in front of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. The US company has started to comply with the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling. Picture: BLOOMBERG/DAVID PAUL MORRIS
3 day(s) ago

Google is considering bringing version of Play mobile-app store to China, a tentative but important step back into a country that Google mostly exited in 2010


Bribery probes in Brazil fuel concern

Paulo Roberto Costa. Picture: REUTERS/UESLEI MARCELINO
4 day(s) ago

The widening investigation comes a month after video released in which former Petrobras head of refining discusses a building cartel to overcharge for projects and pay off politicians

International companies


Mega-merger fever returns to Wall Street

Wall Street. Picture: REUTERS
4 day(s) ago

Low-cost financing, strong equity markets, more confidence in corporate boardrooms, increasingly competitive deal landscape is driving activity


Uber under fire after series of missteps

Travis Kalanick. Picture: BLOOMBERG/BRENT LEWIN
3 day(s) ago

CEO Kalanick took to Twitter to distance firm from the strife

Mark Zuckerberg. Picture: GETTY IMAGES/WIN MCNAMEE

Facebook ‘newspaper’ could spell trouble for traditional media

Algorithm means social platform can tailor news to the interests of individuals


Bargains in iron ore ripe for the picking

ASSET: A clump of iron ore from a mine. Picture: REUTERS
3 day(s) ago

Mines face production costs that are too high for the market


Heap leaching technology test shows promise

A cyanide solution percolates through a pile of gold bearing ore during 'heap leaching' at Newmont Mining's operations in Nevada, the US. Picture: BLOOMBERG/STEPHEN HILGER
3 day(s) ago

If promising tests in Chile pan out the technology will be used at the Olympic Dam mine


Weather plays havoc with fashion chains’ ranges

Zara. Picture: BLOOMBERG
4 day(s) ago

Clothing retailers forced to offer new stock due to milder weather in Europe


RBS’s penalty highlights banks’ need to upgrade

A pedestrian passes a Royal Bank of Scotland branch in the City of London. Picture: REUTERS
3 day(s) ago

Built on decades of consolidation, the banks are trying to simplify incremental technology upgrades


Second man on Islamic State beheading video ‘seems to be a Frenchman’

MISSING: A relatives of one of the Lebanese soldiers kidnapped by fighters linked to the radical Sunni Islamic State (IS) and al-Nusra Front (JAN), attaches positions a poster with pictures of those kidnapped on  a tent in Martyrs’ Square, in Beirut, Lebanon, on Wednesday. Picture: EPA/NABIL MOUNZER
5 day(s) ago

France’s government spokesman says it seems second man who appeared on beheading video at weekend is a French citizen

Middle East

Deadline looms for Iran nuclear deal

Mohammad Javad Zarif. Picture: REUTERS/HEINZ-PETER BADER
5 day(s) ago

After a 12-year standoff over the country’s programme, an extension is most likely


NEWS ANALYSIS: Putin unshaken by isolation at G-20 Brisbane summit

Vladimir Putin. Picture: REUTERS/JASON REED
5 day(s) ago

No resolution will leave an unresolved, or ‘frozen’, conflict that makes the east ungovernable for Kiev and hampers Ukraine’s leaders’ drive towards mainstream Europe


Global AIDS fight at pivotal point

5 day(s) ago

World has ‘small window’ to break epidemic for good, but failure to accelerate current momentum could see it worsen, UNAIDS says


Nato warns on ‘serious’ Russian troop build-up inside Ukraine

6 day(s) ago

Defence alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg issues stark warning to Moscow over the seven-month conflict


Ebola panic frames narrative of the fear driving US politics

The virulent spread of Ebola proves that once remote problems in Africa can no longer be ring-fenced from the affluent world


EDITORIAL: Republicans’ hollow victory

US President Barack Obama. Picture: REUTERS

Whether through gridlock or impotence, US policy paralysis seems likely to be with us for some time to come

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE: A protester throws a  flare during a rally against the unpopular Jobs Act in Rome last week. Picture: REUTERS

As a national strike looms, Italy is also beset by citizen protests

For dispirited Italians who have undergone three recessions, every new setback seems like the last straw, writes Gavin Jones


Assange loses appeal against Swedish prosecutors

3 day(s) ago

The Australian has been holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London for two years to avoid extradition


‘Massive expansions of iron ore are over,’ says BHP chief

Andrew Mackenzie. Picture: BLOOMBERG/IAN WALDIE
3 day(s) ago

In top metals consumer China, growth in its vast factory sector stalled in November


Biggest miner defends its plan to split the company

BHP Billiton’s signboard outside Richards Bay. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
3 day(s) ago

New entity — provisionally named NewCo — will be dual-listed in Sydney and London, with an additional listing in Johannesburg


SIGN POST: Is Huawei a sequel to Samsung’s rise?

Samsung might have seen a recent dip in profits and sales, but it remains the brand everyone else is chasing


France shocked to be a jihadist source

3 day(s) ago

As a proportion of their populations, Belgium and Denmark are the biggest contributors to the jihad in Iraq and Syria

Middle East

Spanish vote on Palestinian state unhelpful, says Israel

5 day(s) ago

MPs adopt a motion urging the conservative government in Madrid to recognise Palestine


EU rejects Britain’s bonus cap challenge

David Cameron. Picture: REUTERS
4 day(s) ago

EU court adviser rejects a barrage of British challenges against a cap on banking bonuses, dealing a blow to Prime Minister David Cameron’s government


South Korean court jails ferry operator CEO for 10 years

South Korean school girl Cho A-reum, far right, whose brother is one of the missing passengers onboard the ferry, looks at the sea as a Buddhist monk prays for missing passengers in Jindo on Monday.  Picture: REUTERS
4 day(s) ago

Head of company that operated ill-fated Sewol ferry is sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter over disaster that killed more than 300

African News

Ebola reopens debate about effects of IMF’s policies on Africa

4 day(s) ago

Structural adjustment programmes of the past have weakened capacity of developing world states to fight epidemics, say critics


UN officially condemns North Korean abuses

4 day(s) ago

A resolution asking the Security Council to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court passed by a resounding vote

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