FIVE reasons the Soweto derby is not as good as we think it is:

• Too many draws. Since 2010, 22 derbies have been played. Of those, 13 (or 59%) have ended in draws. Compare that to the El Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid where seven matches out of 24 (29%) have been drawn since 2010.

• Worse still, too many goalless draws, or six of those 13.

• There are better matches. Regularly games involving Chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns, or Pirates and Downs, have provided better action.

• Too much huff, not enough puff. The players certainly put everything into trying to beat each other. But too often, it is about the challenges flying in and number of kilometres covered.

• It is a bling thing. The derby has become a place to be seen. Where once it was the source of pleasure to the working class football fan, now it is the haven of VVIPs sipping expensive booze.