Julius Malema. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Julius Malema. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

A MAN that re-enters the political space in the wake of losing a house, a farm and other belongings because he was evading tax when times were good, should be so discredited that starting a new political party is out of the question.

But alas, Julius Malema is starting a new political party, despite the manner in which he fell from grace.

There is no doubt that Mr Malema had a big following when he was in the African National Congress, but evidently … he has lost that support significantly.

I am tempted to think Mr Malema has figured out he was not put on the ropes by fate. It is just the rough area of dirty politics he finds himself in.

So the way out is to contest the next elections and secure at least one parliamentary seat while people can still remember who he was. Then he will go to Cape Town and learn how to sleep through parliamentary proceedings.

If that is not why he is forming his own party, why did he say so many times that he would never leave the ANC? At one point he said if he were expelled from the ANC he would reapply for a new membership card as a new and ordinary member of the ANC. But he knows being an ordinary member will not come with a pay cheque.

Sutane Mayeza