After reading the article about the meteorite fossil — "Meteorite fossil ‘proof we are not alone’" (January 16) being linked to extraterrestrial life, I thought you might like to hear of my own UFO story here in San Diego especially as the 22nd Annual UFO Congress Convention rapidly approaches.

This armchair theorist won front-page coverage in every newspaper in San Diego for discovering a repeating pattern in numerous UFO photos that match countless ancient artifacts and the Nazca Lines in Peru.

On July 1 1990, while hiking with two friends in the backwoods of San Diego, California, I accidentally photographed 10 daylight UFOs hovering over the San Diego River Valley.

Numerous experts have examined the photo and claim the objects are "opaque and unidentifiable".

After having the photo professionally enlarged to grain, I discovered a unique pattern on one of the objects that I later found on numerous other UFO photos, as well as countless ancient artifacts and the Nazca Lines in Peru.

My front-page story also includes my groundbreaking discovery that the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico is in fact a purposefully designed giant human head.

Mike Orrell

California, US