Once again, Ecowize MD Gareth Lloyd-Jones has asserted that South Africa "lacks the capacity and infrastructure to adequately check the safety of food imports" (Suspension of Brazilian beef to South Africa ‘won’t be noticed in market’, December 19).

After regularly making such claims, it is time for Mr Lloyd-Jones to put his money where his mouth is and provide proof of such claims.

We see daily evidence that South Africa maintains veterinary health checks on all food imports equivalent to the highest standard worldwide. In fact, health checks on imported meat and poultry appear to be policed more rigorously than those on local production.

Regarding the suspension of beef imports from Brazil, based upon one dead cow found on a farm in a remote province more than two years ago, it seems this is either a case of paranoia or an attempt at protectionism.

David Wolpert

CEO, Association of Meat Importers and Exporters of SA