Your front page article (Eskom seeks ‘coal pact’ to avert extra tariff hikes, November 28) about how Eskom is trying to keep price increases for coal down to 10% a year so that we won’t be charged even more swingeing increases for electricity than those already planned, warmed the cockles of my heart.

South African Coal Road Map steering committee chairman Ian Hall says "current supplies are sourced from mines constructed in the ’80s which are close to depletion. Additional coal needs to be sourced from deposits further away requiring new capital investment."

Does anyone at Eskom or Mr Hall read your paper, I wonder ? Because on page 21 you tell us "Indian investors flock to Mozambique’s coalfields".

Apparently they have 200-million tons of the stuff — enough to last 50 years — and our Indian, Brazilian and Australian pals can’t get their hands on it fast enough.

Now the last time I looked, India and Brazil were on the other side of the world and Mozambique was next door.

Bernard Benson