President Jacob Zuma. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

I AM white. And I don’t respect President Jacob Zuma. Until Blade Nzimande pointed out that this is because I am racist, I believed it was because I don’t respect the way Mr Zuma conducts himself.

I don’t respect how he spends more time jostling for his personal position than governing South Africa.

I don’t respect how he spends R240m on his private homestead while most of South Africa lives in dire poverty. I don’t respect his personal morality. I don’t respect his condoning of corruption. And I don’t respect his disregard for the courts.

As well as not respecting him, I am angry with him. He and his followers are bringing our beloved country into disrepute — not those who criticise him whose censure Mr Nzimande attempts to neutralise with the slur of racist.

Another thing. I don’t respect Mr Nzimande either. To borrow from Margaret Carlson’s news analysis on David Petraeus’s resignation (What’s in the water at the Pentagon? Stupid juice?, November 15), what do they put in Mr Nzimande’s water? If Mr Nzimande feels that I have insulted his intelligence, I will consider apologising after he has apologised for insulting mine.

Judith Hawarden