YOUR article (Minister leaves door open to state participation in fracking, September 12) refers. For once the African National Congress (ANC) government has acted swiftly and decisively.

Days after the Cabinet decision to allow exploration for shale gas in the ecologically sensitive Karoo, Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu boldly steps up to the plate to announce that government has taken a "conscious decision about mining ... unless you say gas is not mined, it is mined".

This creates another opportunity for politically connected tenderprethieves to climb in and use their government connections to advance their offshore bank balances.

I do sometimes wish we could hark back to the times when troughs in the Karoo were built to feed and water goats and merino sheep. Now it looks like the only troughs that are being built are to fit the snouts of ANC politicians and their partners.

Jeremy Mansfield

Unathi Consulting