• Thursday, July 31 2014
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Top Companies 2014
Irvin Jim. Picture: PUXLEY MAKGATHO

LETTER: SA the biggest loser in steel strike

Who can estimate the longer-term damage in terms of companies closing, jobs lost and future investors having been scared away

LETTER: Keep cool heads on land reform

Picture: THE TIMES
1 day(s) ago

It is crucial that the history of forced removals and land dispossession as a result of colonialism and apartheid be reversed

LETTER: Scrap sports pages

1 day(s) ago

Business Day should abandon the SportsDay section and replace it with more business and/or economics analysis and news

LETTER: Callous over Hoffman

IN CHARGE: Judge Willie Seriti chairs the commission of inquiry into the arms deal. Picture: PUXLEY MAKGATHO
1 day(s) ago

Franny Rabkin’s comments must rank in terms of callousness and insensitivity with the remarks made by Jimmy Kruger at the time of Steve Biko’s death

LETTER: Academics chide Israel

Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on Sunday. Picture: REUTERS
2 day(s) ago

What is going on in Gaza is a massacre and academics are speaking out too

LETTER: Bias clouds reasoning

The mother of a Palestinian child reacts following his death at a hospital in Gaza City on Monday.  Picture: REUTERS
2 day(s) ago

Israel is totally justified in taking measures to prevent Hamas from terrorising the Israeli population

LETTER: Punish the EFF

Economic Freedom Fighters leader and a group of EFF members march to the Gauteng legislature on Tuesday.  Picture: PUXLEY MAKGATHO
2 day(s) ago

You know the old saying that the only thing that we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history?

LETTER: Rethinking leadership

12 hour(s) ago

It’s time to fundamentally rethink what the work of leadership is — and how to equip more people to do it

LETTER: Strange funding call

Stone Sizani.  Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
12 hour(s) ago

It is strange that the call should come from the ANC as it has donors and sponsors aplenty, as is the case with most ruling parties

LETTER: Disclose level of course

12 hour(s) ago

Do all of these courses lead to qualifications that are registered on the National Qualifications Framework?

LETTER: Living in Wonderland

1 day(s) ago

The ruling party keeps passing more and more onerous legislation but at the same time decreases the department ’s ability to enforce even the legislation we have

LETTER: Vote on Facebook?

Picture: REUTERS
1 day(s) ago

Members join a voting group for the sole purpose of proposing ideas and voting on other people’s ideas

LETTER: Anti-Semitism

Mourners carry the bodies of Palestinian children, whom medics said were killed in an Israeli air strike that destroyed a house they were staying at, during their funeral in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Picture: REUTERS
1 day(s) ago

Why does the world only demonstrate for Gaza, when people are dying everywhere?

LETTER: Vouchers a solution

1 day(s) ago

Under a voucher system, teachers will become accountable to the school proprietors, who will want to run a good ship in order to attract (pupils)

LETTER: Falling on deaf ears

Picture: SOWETAN
2 day(s) ago

The people have spoken, but no one’s listening

LETTER: Incompetent ministry

Malusi Gigaba. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS
3 day(s) ago

It will be interesting to see how Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba reacts when he comes face to face with the incompetence of his ministry

LETTER: Graphic incorrect

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
3 day(s) ago

Graphic not only accompanies incorrect story, but also contains inaccuracies

LETTER: Expensive electricity

Eskom's Medupi station. Picture: ARNOLD PRONTO
3 day(s) ago

We have nothing against nuclear power except that it is expensive, with huge up-front costs

LETTER: Article contains inaccuracies

Julius Malema. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
6 day(s) ago

The article EFF objects to being compared to Nazis contains incorrect information concerning the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Lechesa Tsenoli


LETTER: No critical thinking

The wage/wealth gap can be reduced first of all with appropriate education that meets the real needs of our people

LETTER: Unions are a school for socialism

Members of the Congress of South African Trade Unions at the ANC's Mangaung conference in December 2012. Picture: SOWETAN
6 day(s) ago

Workers who are organised in a trade union are a very real threat to bosses as it upsets the divide-and-rule strategy

LETTER: Who is wrong in Gaza?

6 day(s) ago

The real hard question Tony Leon should be asking is: ‘Who, ultimately, is on the wrong side of history in this conflict?’

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The Third Umpire

PIC chief investment officer Daniel Matjila. A more proactive PIC investing in line with the state’s strategic objectives makes sense as long as he never forgets that this is pensioners’ money he is playing with.

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ANC Western Cape chairman Marius Fransman. It should not be necessary for the DA to go to court to force the ANC to give up power in Oudtshoorn after it lost its council majority. SA is a democracy, remember?

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Judge Colin Lamont, who is presiding over the Radovan Krejcir trial, escaped unscathed after a suspected drive-by shooting at his home on Monday night. This dispensing justice business is clearly not for sissies.

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