• Tuesday, September 02 2014
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Eskom's Medupi station. Picture: ARNOLD PRONTO

LETTER: Eskom’s woes near to permanent

We need to decide immediately where the power needed to keep the reserve margin above 15% is going to come from

LETTER: UN’s safe haven Israel

13 hour(s) ago

If anyone is looking for a handy illustration of irony, look no further than United Nations ‘peacekeepers’ running for their lives from Syria to Israel

LETTER: Call to spurn ANC

13 hour(s) ago

A vote for the ANC is a vote for Jacob Zuma to continue on his downward path

LETTER: SOEs must be run by professionals

1 day(s) ago

At present, the highest echelons of our public enterprises are controlled by public-sector bureaucrats

LETTER: Honour for murderer

1 day(s) ago

Mao Zedong is known to have perpetuated the abuse of human rights and caused 40-million to 70-million deaths of his own people

LETTER: Minimum wages cause job losses

University of Cape Town professor Nicoli Nattrass. Picture: PUXLEY MAKGATHO
4 day(s) ago

I wish to expand on Neil Emerick’s excellent rebuttal of the assertion by Neil Coleman of Cosatu that increasing minimum wages will not harm jobs

LETTER: Bail-out unjustified

4 day(s) ago

I am deeply disappointed by the Reserve Bank’s decision to rescue African Bank

LETTER: Zuma must go

President Jacob Zuma. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
4 day(s) ago

The ANC must surely realise that, for the good of the nation as well as the party, Jacob Zuma must go

LETTER: Ferguson a step back

Protesters throw rocks and attempt to block the street after protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent near Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday.  Picture: REUTERS
4 day(s) ago

The shooting of a black youth in Ferguson in the US is proof of a society that has not fully embraced equality

LETTER: Zuma advancing dictatorship plans

President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS
5 day(s) ago

Does no one realise that we are having a coup by stealth?

LETTER: Odd fracking draft

windmills Karoo XXX  Picture: THINKSTOCK
13 hour(s) ago

What steps will be taken to ensure that each department’s mandate will be given effect to by the monitoring committee?

LETTER: Put MPs on Skype

Parliament in Cape Town. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
13 hour(s) ago

Cost-saving does not require moving our capital

LETTER: Extremes and excess

13 hour(s) ago

The problem in South Africa is that one party is unchallenged in power and has been for too long

LETTER: Talking trash

13 hour(s) ago

As one who cringes regularly at the abuses I hear of English, I am sorry to correct Raymond Phillips

LETTER: Hopes for land reform

Picture: THE TIMES
1 day(s) ago

The Land Holdings Bill will play a significant role in ensuring that our national asset remains in our hands

LETTER: E-cigarettes are safer

TAKING THE AIR: Gabor Kovacs smokes an e-cigarette, which his shop sells at Camden in London. Picture: REUTERS
1 day(s) ago

World Health Organisation report seeks to equate e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes when the difference couldn’t be starker

LETTER: Russian retirement?

President Jacob Zuma, right, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr Zuma was visiting Russia on Thursday to deepen bilateral ties between the Brics peers.   Picture: GCIS
1 day(s) ago

Has President Jacob Zuma gone to Russia to negotiate the terms of his exile in preparation for his soon-to-be-announced recall as president?

LETTER: Riddance to rubbishes

PROTECTION: A police car escorts a bus outside Lonmin’s Saffy shaft in Rustenburg on Thursday. The platinum producer said it was considering going to court to stop a 16-week mining strike. Picture: REUTERS/SIPHIWE SIBEKO
1 day(s) ago

It is no compliment to see language of such poor quality used by your journalists and published on the front page of your newspaper

LETTER: Hamas’s scorn shows

Palestinians sit on a couch as they return to the remains of their house, which witnesses said was destroyed in an Israeli offensive, after a ceasefire was declared, in the east of Gaza City on Wednesday. Picture: REUTERS
4 day(s) ago

Starting the war with Israel should be seen not as a resistance, but in the context of a last desperate attempt to remain relevant and to stay in business

LETTER: The plain truth

4 day(s) ago

There is little doubt our courts would uphold the constitutionality of a plain-packaging rule on cigarettes

LETTER: Recapitalise Eskom

5 day(s) ago

Eskom’s problem is a need to replace ageing assets and a need to increase its production

LETTER: Watergate in making

Thuli Madonsela. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
5 day(s) ago

Many of us are fully behind Public Protector Thuli Madonsela as she strives to do her job

LETTER: Ignorance at Marikana

MEMORIAL: Crosses planted on the koppie near the Nkaneng informal settlement in Marikana where 34 miners lost their lives at the hands of police during a protest in August 2012. Picture: THE TIMES
5 day(s) ago

Are we doomed to keep repeating our history because we are incapable of learning from it?

LETTER: Inquiry a red herring

Netcare. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL
5 day(s) ago

The problem is that when it comes to the healthcare sector, the government is both player and referee

LETTER: Zuma trip worrying

President Jacob Zuma and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during bilateral Talks in May 2013. Several rounds of discussions included the subject of nuclear energy. Picture: GCIS
5 day(s) ago

The report that President Jacob Zuma is paying ‘a notably lengthy visit’ to Russia this week should raise eyebrows, if not red flags

BRAINY MEAL: You don’t have to eat brains to keep your second brain — your colon — in good health. You need  to eat on schedule, and you need to eat a variety of foods that boost your gut health.  Picture: THINKSTOCK

LETTER: Health fascists lurking

South Africans have fought hard for their freedoms from an overbearing state and the health of individuals is certainly not the responsibility of the government

LETTER: ANC doing more harm

EFF leader Julius Malema gestures as he addresses the National Assembly on Thursday. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
5 day(s) ago

The EFF provides more entertainment, but the ANC does more harm by destroying the intellectual and ethical fabric of Parliament

LETTER: SABC case is about the rule of law

Faith Muthambi.  Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
7 day(s) ago

The callous disregard for the reports of the public protector by the Communications Minister Faith Muthambi is unconstitutional and illegal

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The Third Umpire

Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane, whose unilateral decision to dissolve parliament in an effort to avoid a no-confidence vote earlier in the year started the process that led to the past weekend’s military rebellion.

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ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe, for his paranoid response to the EFF’s “threat” to democracy. Either this is a “6% party” to be ridiculed and dismissed as irrelevant, or it is a real threat to SA. He can’t have it both ways.

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EU Council president Herman van Rompuy, whose response to Russian aggression in Ukraine must have President Vladimir Putin shaking in his boots: “I can assure you that everyone is assured we have to move quickly.”

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