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Why Zuma sits on the backs of the oppressed

President Zuma still holds power not just because he is wily and clever, but because he is winning a battle of ideas in the ANC’s heartland, writes Jonny Steinberg

Some say the most likely beneficiary of Mbalula’s hosting ban is himself

Anthony Butler promo

SA is taking almost no action to widen opportunities for sports participation in public schools, and councils are slow to provide such facilities, writes Anthony Butler

HALF ART: Humboldt’s legacy and counter-action

Rejection of the Humboldt Forum targets a deeply embedded history of ‘European’ and ‘non-European’ in separate categories, writes Chris Thurman

LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Sanity prevails — new-look range is clearly branded Bellingham

Michael Fridjhon promo

Bellingham’s history since the Podlashuk era has been a little like the Proteas cricket team, writes Michael Fridjhon

STREET DOGS: From Jill Lepore at The New Yorker

The rand has recently experienced an unprecedented level of volatility — more so than most, if not all, emerging-market currencies.

THE INSIDER: No, you don’t get rich by Robin and cheatin’


It turns out that Batman’s wealthy and ‘we can learn from his success’

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ANC hides behind ‘unity’ facade while SA crumbles

'Unity' is part of Jacob Zuma's arsenal of weaponry to force the party faithful to toe the line, writes Natasha Marrian

How political hate speech can be a Nazi business

As political insults fly in the US and SA we should recall Hitler’s anti-Semitic rhetoric was dismissed as being ‘not so genuine or violent as it sounded’, writes Lindiwe Mazibuko

The energy paradigm is shifting

The success of the renewable energy sector has left existing energy models outdated and increasingly irrelevant, writes Bronwyn Nortje

Culture of law and constitutionalism must show successes to stick

The failures in South Africa in respect of the law are cultural and will change only when successes are proven and meaningful, writes Xhanti Payi

SA courts make popular judgments at the expense of law

Leon Louw promo

Regardless of opinions about President Jacob Zuma, people should ask if they want executive officials making judicial and public policy decisions, writes Leon Louw

Policy must break the cycle of lost generations

Youth jobless statistics underline the true cost of corruption, weak governance and incompetent administration, writes Trudi Makhaya

LAW MATTERS: That judge refused leave to appeal is astounding

High court judge fails to explain adequately what was so desperately unreasonable about the justice minister’s decision in denying Janusz Walus parole, writes Franny Rabkin

When advertising sells Brand Human

Powerfully simple #IamMuslim campaign cuts through all the floss and diatribe and bring people back to ground zero — we are all human, writes Suhana Gordhan

‘Cautionaries’ do just the opposite, spurring reckless trading

Cautionary rules are vague and have led to spats, particularly in the case of hostile takeovers, writes Robert Laing

EDITOR’S NOTE: Time for the real world

Authorities and the auto industry are finally planning to report on real world figures, writes Mark Smyth

STREET DOGS: Advice from the book ‘Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?

On the use of statistics, on investment theories, on forecasting, on studying history, and more, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Blowing the whistle in the men’s locker room


Icelandic pool authority clamps down on the growing trend of men using public hairdryers on their crotch

Rally pulling power no predictor of actual support at the polls

Steven Friedman

Citizens are most likely to know how election campaigns are really panning out if they don’t take punditry at face value, writes Steven Friedman

AT HOME AND ABROAD: Zuma on the same constitutional route as old Nat leaders

Allister Sparks masthead

Both have used the ‘sovereignty of Parliament’ to contend that no court should have the right to overrule any law passed by the legislature, writes Allister Sparks

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