• Wednesday, August 20 2014
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Little evidence that Marikana changed anything

7 hour(s) ago

The test of a watershed event is whether it changes behaviour or opinions among key actors, writes Steven Friedman

Politicising e-tolls takes us on futile detour

Thami Mazwai promo
7 hour(s) ago

Efforts to address the e-tolls issue are perfectly understandable but we cannot be taken by loudmouths with nothing to offer, writes Thami Mazwai

Feuding means soccer will continue to suffer

Mninawa Ntloko promo
5 hour(s) ago

If things do not change, domestic soccer will still be stuck in the starting block four years from now, writes Mninawa Ntloko

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Force is with us in spades

BIG, BRASH AMERICAN:  But the Chrysler 300C now boasts a little Euro interior improvement.  Picture: QUICKPIC
7 hour(s) ago

We should all, from time to time, conduct an audit, writes Alexander Parker

Time to put theory on failed banks into practice

7 hour(s) ago

Reserve Bank's African Bank rescue is, in a sense, a watershed moment for SA’s financial system, writes Hilary Joffe

DA misunderstands EFF’s purpose

7 hour(s) ago

The more chaos the Economic Freedom Fighters creates, the more its constituents see it as challenging the natural order of things, writes Gareth van Onselen

Inflation is the way governments plunder

Leon Louw promo
7 hour(s) ago

Leon Louw asks why governments, including ours, inflate

THE INSIDER: Verbal battle to lay claim to bottom of poverty pile

7 hour(s) ago

The ‘richest of the rich’ don’t really care a dime who the ‘poorest of the poor’ are

Hearing aid does little for listening

Penny Haw promo
7 hour(s) ago

Hearing aids have come a long way since ear trumpets were introduced in the 17th century but just because you can hear doesn’t mean you have to listen, writes Penny Haw

Transformation is about more than just black CEOs

1 day(s) ago

If we are serious about real transformation, people need to be thinking of how to transform the credit committees, writes Phakamisa Ndzamela

Previous columns

Africa needs ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ projects

1 day(s) ago

By 2040, the continent is expected to have the biggest labour force and experience faster economic growth than any other region, writes Michel Pireu

LETTER FROM CAPE TOWN: Stiglitz’s sympathy for Argentina is ill founded

Dave Marrs promo
1 day(s) ago

Even if Stiglitz is justified in condemning ‘vulture’ funds, it is not for the judge to make value judgments based on emotion, writes Dave Marrs

SA needs meaningful economic journalism

1 day(s) ago

Economic and business reporting in SA has been hollowed out into a recitation of indicators and personalities, writes Trudi Makhaya

Ebola shines a spotlight on Africa’s poor healthcare systems

Dianna Games promo
2 day(s) ago

Getting ill in most African countries is not for the faint-hearted unless you can afford private healthcare, which most cannot, writes Dianna Games

Revenue shortfalls just part of Eskom’s troubles

Gavin Keeton
2 day(s) ago

The delays in bringing Medupi online have increased pressure on Eskom’s already vulnerable cash flow, writes Gavin Keeton

Steyn versus Anderson: argument over

2 day(s) ago

England’s James Anderson can swing it any way he wants to, but the stats stack up high in favour of the peerless Dale Steyn, writes Gareth van Onselen

ON THE MONEY: Accountants at Abil lack Kirkinis’s exuberance

Stuart Theobald promo
2 day(s) ago

Stuart Theobald: The fuel that kept Abil moving was CEO Leon Kirkinis’ energy and exuberance, a culture that will seem very strange to the accountants now in charge

RANTS AND SENSE: Do CEOs have a limited shelf life?

Leon Kirkinis. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL
3 day(s) ago

African Bank CEO Leon Kirkinis' 21 years at the helm is a warning to CEOs not to overstay their welcome, writes Bruce Whitfield

THE CHATTER: Ebola also threatens economies, says Moody's

3 day(s) ago

Ebola virus could wreak ‘significant’ economic and fiscal damage on the West African countries worst affected by the disease

Democracy in SA will not be shaped by a fork in road

Anthony Butler promo
5 day(s) ago

Anthony Butler: Faced with two different scenarios, which path will SA follow?

STOCK TALK: Naspers uses its cents to keep in Beijing's good books

3 day(s) ago

Strong results from Tencent shows just how much money you can make in that Asian country when you stay on the government's right side, writes Ann Crotty

The long and the short of Abil's fall

3 day(s) ago

The African Bank debacle highlights fundamental flaws in our corporate ownership model, writes Ann Crotty

WINE: Sight could be a blight at tastings

Michael Fridjhon promo
5 day(s) ago

When wine lovers are confronted by the world’s best known brands the strength of the brand will carry it even if the wine is not showing at its best, writes Michael Fridjhon

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Vavi’s media death

5 day(s) ago

Zwelinzima Vavi is still quoted in page 6 stories but, to all intents and purposes, he is a bystander, writes Gareth van Onselen

Pallo Jordan and South Africa’s conspiracy sickness

7 day(s) ago

Many South Africans are showing signs of furious fever as evidence is used to obscure ‘real agenda’, reason, logic are denuded of their worth, writes Gareth van Onselen

Corruption is a public-private partnership

7 day(s) ago

A very unhealthy mix between private interests and public purposes is a key problem in South African society, writes Steven Friedman

JAZZ: Jazz is no joke

Gwen Ansell promo
7 day(s) ago

The cultural history of jazz is replete with instances of privileged racial elites persistently putting words into the mouths of artists of colour, writes Gwen Ansell

THE INSIDER: The road to sobriety is paved with temptations

Tony Yengeni. Picture: SUNDAY WORLD
7 day(s) ago

Tony Yengeni’s relationship with liquor, cars and driving is on the rocks

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: What’s right, or best, is complex

7 day(s) ago

I thought I preferred the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to the Audi A8. After another test session, I’m not so sure, writes Alexander Parker

LETTER FROM LONDON: British army’s adverts sell dreams of adventure

1 day(s) ago

Recruitment adverts make military life in the UK look like a scene from a video game, writes Marvin Meintjies

Give Zimbabwe real support, or cut them loose

1 day(s) ago

It is time to decide about Zimbabwe’s future as an international cricketing nation, writes Neil Manthorp

THE INSIDER: Wits: home of lobbyists and business leaders

HIGHER LEARNING: Students stroll past the University of the Witwatersrand's Great Hall. Picture: THE TIMES
1 day(s) ago

University of the Witwatersrand vice-chancellor Adam Habib is an expert at ‘flipping the script’ in his favour

Lily-white legal team undermines Ramaphosa

Aubrey Matshiqi promo
2 day(s) ago

Aubrey Matshiqi: The damage done to Cyril Ramaphosa is politically significant but will not lead to the kind of legal outcome desired by many in Marikana

ON THE WATER: SA pays ultimate price for Eskom

2 day(s) ago

When next Eskom fails to balance its books, know that it is the government that has failed, writes Neels Blom


2 day(s) ago

Between mid-1971 and the first day of 1974, Joni Mitchell unveiled three albums that were as brilliant as any three successive releases by anybody before or since

UNEMBARGOED: Zuma’s term may be lesson in how not to be a citizen

2 day(s) ago

If politicians are bad and there is no consequence for their evil, it is because the people like it to be so, writes Songezo Zibi

Message to self on holiday: ‘do not look at work messages’

Lucy Kellaway promo
2 day(s) ago

There is one thing about working life on which there is no agreement at all: whether it is okay to check your e-mails while on holiday, writes Lucy Kellaway

STRAIGHT TALK: Economics is new force of war

Mark Barnes promo
2 day(s) ago

While borders are still lines in sand, it is political ideology, religious belief, economics and strategic resource locations that are real divides, writes Mark Barnes

THE LAST WORD: Grovel, grovel, Telkom's in trouble

3 day(s) ago

There's a special place in corporate hell for companies that release crucial announcements late on Fridays, before public holidays or over Christmas, writes Rob Rose

No need for neutrality rules in SA just yet

3 day(s) ago

Duncan McLeod: The worry is that without net neutrality, big telecoms companies could use their broadband infrastructure in homes to block or impede certain types of content

SIGN POST: Smartphone taxi apps go Uber large

3 day(s) ago

Exactly a year after Uber arrived in SA to change the face of private taxi services, it is about to disrupt the world of metered taxis, writes Arthur Goldstuck

BULLS EYE: Cyber war against faceless foe is no fun

Jeremy Thomas promo
3 day(s) ago

Let us put aside quibbles about percentage points. It is just nitpicking, writes Jeremy Thomas

Past injustices and present failures a toxic blend

Itumeleng Mahabane promo
5 day(s) ago

Quality public conversation needs those who are driven by the desire not to be right but to add to the dimensions of a matter, writes Itumeleng Mahabane

THE INSIDER: Other kind of MP fights crime by confusing it

IN COURT: Members of the South African National Defence Force waiting for their trial — about a wages protest in 2009 — to begin at Heidelberg military base, earlier this month. Picture: PUXLEY MAKGATHO
5 day(s) ago

Delegates at a conference hosted by the Department of Defence’s military police division receive more than a mouthful in the opening speech

Was Abil’s tardy bail-out really necessary?

7 day(s) ago

The sensible thing to have done would have been to go to the market to announce the bad news and the rescue package at the same time, writes Hilary Joffe

‘Progressive’ forces take regressive Eskom stand

Leon Louw promo
7 day(s) ago

Privatisation denialism entails a curious blend of recognising and rejecting virtues, writes Leon Louw

AT HOME AND ABROAD: Slaughter in Gaza makes no difference to region’s politics

Allister Sparks promo
7 day(s) ago

Allister Sparks takes stock of the political realities as they now stand in troubled Gaza

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