• Friday, August 28 2015
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THICK END OF THE WEDGE: When a recession is really a revolution

Peter Bruce promo
9 hour(s) ago

What manufactured products, or technologies, does China buy from us? The Americans import 60,000 cars made in SA a year, writes Peter Bruce


8 hour(s) ago

A lot? Not really. And, like it or not, we’re all related, writes Michel Pireu

Battling lay-offs is a matter of survival for Numsa

9 hour(s) ago

Organised labour shows maturity with undercurrent of expediency as membership numbers come under threat, writes Natasha Marrian

THE INSIDER: Vintage law is just what the doctor ordered

Wine glass
8 hour(s) ago

Pennsylvanian judge to rule on use of hospital wine donations

It suits ANC to push openness in funding

Anthony Butler promo
8 hour(s) ago

Transparency in party funding could make contributors to opposition groups more vulnerable, writes Anthony Butler

Will proactive political citizens please stand up?

9 hour(s) ago

Those mired in overtaxed complaints peddling half-truths on social media are not part of proactive political citizenry, writes Simon Lincoln Reader

HALF-ART: Patterns of waste in politics and art

Lehlohonolo Mkhasibe with artworks made from rubber tyres. Picture: SUPPLIED
8 hour(s) ago

Patternality has been vital to evolution and is a prerequisite for ontogenetic development, the growth of each individual, possibily not for a politician

LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Different sites embody a common aesthetic

Michael Fridjhon promo
8 hour(s) ago

Griers of Villiera, with vineyards on either side of the equator, show formula holds the key to ‘house personality’, writes Michael Fridjhon

Previous columns

UNEMBARGOED: Timing of Treasury ‘intelligence report’ curious

4 day(s) ago

Treasury smear campaign’s context is the nuclear procurement programme that has been shrouded in secrecy and the dodging of due process, writes Songezo Zibi

STREET DOGS: Where’s the Dow going?

3 day(s) ago

The better answer to that question for TV may not be the best answer for investors, writes Michel Pireu

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Cavernous Volvo XC90 leads suburban SUV pack

3 day(s) ago

Masterpiece of Swedish design and simplicity that manages to be absolutely vast and tame at the same time, writes Alexander Parker

STRAIGHT TALK: Laws must regulate migrants

Mark Barnes promo
4 day(s) ago

Unnatural, often illegal flow of people causes extraordinary disruptions in the host countries, writes Mark Barnes

Our octopus state is strangling economy by refusing to let go

4 day(s) ago

There's little evidence of any new thinking needed to reverse the country’s downward slide, writes John Kane-Berman

ON THE WATER: Power cuts are bad? Go smell the water

4 day(s) ago

Dysfunctional sewerage works have killed the Vaal River in yet another sign the state has failed us in a fundamental obligation, writes Neels Blom

THICK END OF THE WEDGE: It’s crunch time on Friday for steel in SA

Peter Bruce promo
7 day(s) ago

The fate of ArcelorMittal’s huge Vanderbijlpark integrated mill is on the table, writes Peter Bruce

With ANC in the room, elephants will set the pace

7 day(s) ago

Lithe agility of a cheetah better suited to reverse ruling party's slide, as it finally admits entrenched corruption and arrogance by leaders is ‘directly affecting social delivery’, writes Natasha Marrian

STREET DOGS: It’s the culture dummy

7 day(s) ago

May be missing the wood for the trees to concentrate on individual brains as the key to human intelligence, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Mercilessly making a difference

7 day(s) ago

As special recognition of its female members, the Joburg metro police have put women officers 'in charge and on top of crime prevention initiatives in the city'

Melbourne’s link with SA wages

8 day(s) ago

Melbourne taking top spot as most liveable city and Reserve Bank’s warning about above-inflation wage increases are linked to a ratings downgrade, writes Bronwyn Nortje

STREET DOGS: Broken window fallacy

8 day(s) ago

Michel Pireu on why a broken window doesn’t really benefit anyone other than the glazier who comes to fix it

Do not trust all the advice given by professionals

8 day(s) ago

Financial advisers presumably know people contributing to a pension fund are volunteering for double taxation by signing up for RAs, writes Robert Laing

Saru should put funds to good use and develop rugby at grassroots

1 day(s) ago

Furore over paucity of black players in Bok squad has been dismissed in some quarters as par for course in a World Cup year. This is nonsense, writes Liz McGregor

STREET DOGS: Corrections

1 day(s) ago

You don’t need analysts in a bull market, and you don’t want them in a bear market, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Edgy young communists tilt at archives windmill

SABC television studios in Auckland Park. The uptake of digital broadcasting technology will see an increase from three SABC channels to more than 10 channels. Picture: KEVIN SUTHERLAND
1 day(s) ago

It's unclear why fire sale of South African Broadcasting Corporation's apartheid programming archives riles young reds

Looking after family is not a tax, black or otherwise

3 day(s) ago

Revisionist concept of a black tax is nonsense, pejorative and a dangerous narrative, writes Phakamisa Ndzamela

Determination required for African integration

4 day(s) ago

African leaders are not engaged enough with one another to discuss removing obstacles to regional integration, writes Adekeye Adebajo

THE INSIDER: Dopey smugglers not thinking straight

3 day(s) ago

Imported ironing board sent through the post piqued suspicions

Looking beyond the bad news

3 day(s) ago

It might help to remind ourselves that five years ago the JSE all share was still below 27,000, which means at the end of last week it was still up more than 80%, writes Michel Pireu

ON THE MONEY: Racism in banking remains an issue

Stuart Theobald promo
4 day(s) ago

Transformation in the industry is in a worse position than it was 10 years ago, writes Stuart Theobald

Uncertainty over Bok World Cup squad doing SA no favours

4 day(s) ago

Leading World Cup candidates seem in a state of calm — not so the South African public, writes Mark Keohane

ON WORK: Amazon is now at the head of an outbreak of good sense

Lucy Kellaway promo
4 day(s) ago

Too many companies have started to talk as if being wrong were superior to being right, writes Lucy Kellaway

Why people jump lives, and confuse politicians

7 day(s) ago

Jump syndrome has become a diaspora hard-wired into a global culture driven by economic necessity, writes Jonny Steinberg

Miners and state need to show real leadership

Mzukisi Qobo promo
7 day(s) ago

Failure of SA’s mining sector will have a snowball effect on the rest of the economy, and the clock is ticking, writes Mzukizi Qobo

HALF ART: Into dark heart of race debate

7 day(s) ago

South Africans can’t afford to avoid the difficult conversations about race, writes Chris Thurman

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