• Monday, November 24 2014
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UNEMBARGOED: Deceit over credentials erodes trust in Brand SA

5 hour(s) ago

SA’s labour relations system has ‘recognition of prior learning’ whose purpose is to recognise the talents and track record of those who may not have formal qualifications, writes Songezo Zibi

ON THE MONEY: Corporate crooks fleece gullible in one scam and are free to start again

Stuart Theobald promo
5 hour(s) ago

Those who have destroyed people’s savings continue plying their trade in SA businesses, writes Stuart Theobald

ON WORK: Eavesdropping on others’ work talk will cure your itchy feet

Lucy Kellaway promo
3 hour(s) ago

White-collar work is a bit like an emasculated, heavily regulated game of Monopoly, writes Lucy Kellaway

Anatomy of an unaccountable reply from the president

5 hour(s) ago

Jacob Zuma’s disdain for accountability shows dishonesty at its core

STRAIGHT TALK: The central bank balancing act

Mark Barnes promo
3 hour(s) ago

It is all very well to provide medicine for an illness, but how can you tell if the patient is well enough to cope on his own?

Italy game shows Boks still far from closing gap on world’s undisputed best

Johannes Goosen.  Picture: AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACE
3 hour(s) ago

The obsession with the World Cup has allowed for a failure that ordinarily would not be glossed over or excused, writes Mark Keohane

Ending the economic imbalance with Nigeria begins at home

Dianna Games promo
5 hour(s) ago

Strong collaboration at leadership level will help to address lingering negativity among citizens, writes Dianna Games

Investor exit behind fall in commodity prices

Gavin Keeton
3 hour(s) ago

Global pension funds dwarfs that of global commodity markets so a small shift is noticeable, writes Gavin Keeton

Signs of a shifting political landscape

Aubrey Matshiqi promo
3 hour(s) ago

Opposition parties have become more united against the ruling party than at any point since 1994, writes Aubrey Matshiqi


4 hour(s) ago

Tony Rice Unit compilation of Rice’s choice from the Mar West and Still Inside albums hardly has a country bone in its body, writes Richard Haslop

ON THE WATER: The member’s guide to the galaxy, and how to save it

A panoramic view of Parliament, at the swearing-in ceremony of new members of Parliament in the National Assembly on Wednesday.  Picture: GCIS
3 hour(s) ago

The organising principle for phenomena in far away galaxies, such as Parliament, is their occurrence in the member’s inbox, writes Neels Blom

Greenspan unequivocal on pitfalls of quantitative easing

3 hour(s) ago

Former Fed chairman’s freshly burnished trust of gold shows he expects huge market volatility, writes Gillian Tett

Previous columns

SIGN POST: New phone system aims to set SA afire

23 hour(s) ago

Finally, there is an alternative for smartphone users who want their operating system free of business encumbrance, writes Arthur Goldstuck

Division caused Eskom crisis, but can save it too

3 day(s) ago

Few seem to appreciate that Eskom remains an apartheid construct, writes Simon Lincoln Reader

Regionalist dangers of Cosatu move on Numsa

Anthony Butler promo
3 day(s) ago

Numsa’s ejection, and the threatened action against Vavi may be the start of what is becoming a permanent ANC succession campaign, writes Anthony Butler

THE INSIDER: Chicken and egg puzzle of life and death

3 day(s) ago

Chickens, like cats, may have several lives

THICK END OF THE WEDGE: This is not a crisis. This is SA. Relax

Peter Bruce promo
3 day(s) ago

Let’s all calm down a little. Zuma’s not going anywhere. And we’re not falling apart, writes Peter Bruce

STREET DOGS: Altshuller’s Moneyball

4 day(s) ago

Good data may be cheaper than bad management, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Now we see the artist through a glass darkly ...

4 day(s) ago

Sculptor Michael Elion is missing a trick in the whole ‘Ray-Ban Island’ debacle

Time for government to throw in towel on SAA

Leon Louw promo
5 day(s) ago

State needs to terminate all support and allow SAA’s liquidators to maximise asset value by negotiating a compromise with creditors and selling assets to highest bidders, writes Leon Louw

Makro goes online locker, stock & barrel

23 hour(s) ago

Company’s aggressive moves into the e-commerce space could ruffle feathers among the internet pure-plays, writes Duncan McLeod

ANC’s Mr Fix-it finds some problems intractable

3 day(s) ago

Ramaphosa’s smooth diplomacy and affability fall flat in the face of the mediocrity and pettiness that have come to define our body politic, writes Natasha Marrian

TWEET OF THE WEEK: A giant parliamentary mess

3 day(s) ago

The ANC seemed eager to bully itself to a pulp while the DA made one tactical blunder after the other, writes Gareth van Onselen


3 day(s) ago

‘You can't do the big things in this world unless you have humility; the sort of humility that makes a fellow proud of a chance to work’

Is Russia putting the nuclear gun on the table?

Gideon Rachman promo
4 day(s) ago

We may now be returning to an era in which the threat of nuclear warfare can no longer be treated as the stuff of science fiction, writes Gideon Rachman

LAW MATTERS: Courts absorb pressure of political battles

A panoramic view of Parliament, at the swearing-in ceremony of new members of Parliament in the National Assembly on Wednesday.  Picture: GCIS
4 day(s) ago

Some of the biggest political battles have been fought in the courts rather than where they should be fought — in Parliament, writes Franny Rabkin

No bad taste to chocolate just yet

4 day(s) ago

The panic sparked by two of the world’s biggest chocolate producers is nothing short of fear-mongering, Bronwyn Nortje assures chocolate lovers

MPs more free in the street than in Parliament

4 day(s) ago

The successful functioning of Parliament is dependent on the conduct and attitude of the speaker, and how he or she uses the rulest, writes Anton Harber

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