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STREET DOGS: Where new ideas are not always welcomed

Kris Venne: In finance new ideas are often no more than catchy stories about an investment told in order to sell it

LETTER FROM CAPE TOWN: Dual-medium schools offer admission solution

Dave Marrs promo

Governing bodies’ right to set admission policies and dual-medium schools are not necessarily mutually exclusive, writes Dave Marrs

We don’t need another populist panic about the rand

We don’t need another panic about the rand depreciating because someone is manipulating it, writes Hilary Joffe

Cell C seeks new users but must keep them

Cell C CEO Jose dos Santos. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

Something has been overlooked and it feels like it’s the data elephant in the room. Surely we need more innovation around data — a need that is fast affecting mobile growth, writes Suhana Gordhan

THE INSIDER: A closed-and-open case of rank incompetence

Water from a burst pipe shoots  into the air next to a road near Motherwell, Port Elizabeth.  Picture: THE HERALD

Even the Joburg Connect operator was confused by the Insider’s bill for almost R48,000 for water consumption

Government loves Africa — it is Africans it dislikes

Africa Day ceremonies and a show of enthusiasm for Africanness sound odd in a country obsessed with chasing away fellow Africans, writes Steven Friedman

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If cruelty excites you, consider a council job

Leon Louw promo

Ground-breaking case may stop councils looting and sweeping enterprising people off the streets, writes Leon Louw

THE INSIDER: Death is relative when facts are uncertain


The only thing established beyond doubt is that a young woman was murdered and therefore no longer with her family


A popular concept in SA’s democratic lexicon, the word ‘debate’ is abused and misunderstood, writes Gareth van Onselen

Corrosive emphasis on black victimhood

Black South Africans are buckling under the weight of stereotypes that threaten to be self-fulfilling, writes Trudi Makhaya

THE INSIDER: Masondo’s ghost roams the corridors of power

Amos Masondo.   Picture: SOWETAN

A documents attached to a notice board at the City of Johannesburg’s offices in Braamfontein still refers to Amos Masondo as the city’s executive mayor

STREET DOGS: Three movie quotes

Quotes you’ll either love or hate depending on whether you’re making or losing money right now, writes Michel Pireu

More black companies must tap into global markets

Africa is a good start but black-owned companies need to plant flags internationally, writes Phakamisa Ndzamela

PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Three actions to embrace the digital on-demand economy for every business

The ability to have what you want, when you want it, how you want it defines on-demand, writes Pavlo Phitidis

UNEMBARGOED: Eskom a symptom of SA’s deeper affliction

The lesson we fail to learn is that when expenditure is mostly on consumption rather than investment, the long-term financial future becomes bleak, writes Songezo Zibi

Ruling Nigeria may be a poisoned chalice for new president

Dianna Games promo

Inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari is expected to bring significant change to this large, complex nation, writes Dianna Games

ON WORK: Brushing up can bring a shine to the daily life of a city banker

Lucy Kellaway promo

The pay is terrible, but it appears the shoeshine man has a better quality of life than your average bank manager, writes Lucy Kellaway

STRAIGHT TALK: If state can’t do it, let us help it

Mark Barnes promo

Everyone is up in arms, objecting to privatisation. Well, you’re too late. It’s already happened in education, security…, writes Mark Barnes

Ten examples of public-funded self-indulgence

African National Congress government has delivered an excellent growth rate for the booming ego economy, writes Gareth van Onselen

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Mbalula’s thug life

International sport is, at its worst, much like Hollywood, which suits Fikile Mbalula — SA’s minister of bling, writes Gareth van Onselen

THE INSIDER: Hi-tech window dressing from boys in the bushes

Ekurhuleni metro police during a meeting in April to prepare for a strike. Picture: SOWETAN

Metro cops should monitor the roads and ensure compliance with the law before paying IT fundis millions to adjust the window dressing

STREET DOGS: Generally speaking …

In the 21st century, there is a good chance that most humans will lose, they are losing, their military and economic value, writes Michel Pireu

STREET DOGS: Study and practice

Michel Pireu: As Richard D Wyckoff pointed out in his 1925 classic, How I Trade and Invest In Stocks and Bonds, most of the fatalities in the stock market can be traced to a lack of knowledge and experience

Capitalists show little faith in free enterprise

Joseph Stiglitz. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

Companies, despite their own behaviour, are an important social construct for public good, writes Xhanti Payi

It surely cannot get any worse than Botswana beating Bafana … in SA nogal!

Mninawa Ntloko promo

Mninawa Ntloko: Does it make sense to leave the country when preparing for an event that is actually in SA?

LETTER FROM LONDON: Brexit could mean SA-Commonwealth renewal

While the Commonwealth is neither as sexy as Brics nor as important as the AU, membership might yet prove to be a privilege, writes Marvin Meintjies

The trader’s mind never sleeps

Watch every show, consult the oracles, read voraciously: but the truth is there’s no knowing what the future has in store, writes Michel Pireu

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: A car to take your mind off load shedding

BMW’s 435i Gran Coupé has a remarkable solution to load shedding’s terrible twin — traffic snarl-ups, writes Alexander Parker

In the age of Instagram, cricketers have to do more than work on their stats

England’s Kevin Pietersen. Picture: REUTERS

These days, Twitter and Instagram accounts mean the players don’t even need a middle man, writes Neil Manthorp

ON THE WATER: Resistance to e-tolling is not about the money

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa briefs the media on the new e-tolls dispensation on Wednesday.  Picture: GCIS

Resistance is about the obscenely cynical way Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, his boss and the rest of the government feed us ordure and expect us to like it, writes Neels Blom

Post office, Telkom, Eskom becoming obsolete

Gavin Keeton

Debate about privatising parts of Eskom may be overtaken by events and the choices of thousands of individual consumers, writes Gavin Keeton

Bismarck’s brilliant display and SA’s poor Super Rugby season is good news

Bismarck du Plessis. Picture: GALLO IMAGES/STEVE HAAG

Bismarck du Plessis’s performance against the Reds is his best of the year and proof of why the Springboks will always be a World Cup threat, writes Mark Keohane

ON THE MONEY: Oddities of foreign exchange probe

Stuart Theobald promo

The commission is a soft touch and restricted in what fines it can apply, writes Stuart Theobald

THICK END OF THE WEDGE: How the JSE can unite business in SA

Peter Bruce promo

If the business establishment wants rid of BEE then it should invent a new, inclusive game all of its own and save its balance sheets, writes Peter Bruce

LIQUID INVESTMENTS: More marketing than craft as winemakers get on bandwagon

Michael Fridjhon promo

Winemakers are keeping up with craft liquor trend to maintain their revenue stream, writes Michael Fridjhon

Tory victory is one for all right-thinking people

Simon Lincoln Reader: Lib Dems believed the pursuit of greater representation relied upon impeding energy development — and they have paid at the polls for this foolishness

HALF-ART: Narcissistic Venice piece lacking in nuance and intellect

Willem Boshoff, Racist in South Africa, 2011 Anodised aluminium panel, engraved and filled with ink. This is Boshoff’s contribution to the South African Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, a work he says speaks for itself. Picture: WILLEM BOSHOFF

When I look to SA’s artists, I expect to see nuanced and not narcissistic responses to our social and political challenges, writes Chris Thurman

No Eskom solution without deep reform

Anthony Butler promo

The state faces a big challenge: Anthony Butler asks how it can ensure that recapitalisation goes hand in hand with governance reforms and an end to patronage

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