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Stats SA will do the GDP job, but let’s be vigilant

Changes at Stats SA are in line with international practice and the agency remains under the watchful eye of the Reserve Bank, writes Hilary Joffe

The top 10 bogus ANC conspiracy theories

The ANC has deliberately created an environment in which any threat to its rule is blamed on "outside forces", writes Gareth van Onselen

AT HOME AND ABROAD: A scary right-wing wave is sweeping a fractured world

Allister Sparks masthead

Don’t imagine you would be better off leaving the country, for the wider world seems also to be undergoing a spasm of political lunacy, writes Allister Sparks

SA needs a crisis to spur societal change

The lack of a real sense of crisis has put on hold the difficult discussions that could lead SA out of a cul de sac, writes Steven Friedman

Stress-eating, self-medicating nation needs rehab

Our failure to binge to lift the economy suggests a desperate need to do something different to turn around the economy, writes Xhanti Payi

League’s playoffs for top flight have too few payoffs

Mninawa Ntloko promo

It helps that this is an Olympic year and PSL will kickoff later than usual, but still, whoever wins the playoffs will have less time to recharge the old batteries, writes Mninawa Ntloko

Later Tax Freedom Day sounds a warning

Leon Louw promo

There are many reasons for the government to cut spending and reverse the trend towards an ever-later Tax Freedom Day, writes Leon Louw

THE INSIDER: Juries may be beamed up to crime scenes


A project has experimented with technology and techniques to ‘transport’ jurors to virtual crime scene

STREET DOGS: Two basic problems

The ongoing search for skills that don’t exist and investing for the long-term, but reacting to short-term swings

LAW MATTERS: Moseneke’s gracious farewell puts the judiciary first

Strong, effective institutions are absolutely crucial to building democracy, writes Franny Rabkin

Previous columns

Business must do more to spread benefits

Not enough is said of how the private sector can further the goals of inclusive growth, writes Trudi Makhaya

Investing is a box of chocolates

Film characters offer worthy information. Take a look at Forrest Gump or Master Yoda, writes Michel Pireu

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Passat is a vote in the right direction

In an era of political madness and tough times Volkswagen offers a stylish new Passat that makes sense, writes Alexander Parker

Sponsor banks on unifying power of cricket in the land

Standard Bank insists it never lost its passion for cricket but that a realignment of priorities was necessary to make a return possible, writes Neil Manthorp

Rapid increase of indebtedness is the problem

Gavin Keeton

The credit ratings agencies are concerned our debt has risen so rapidly in such a short period, writes Gavin Keeton

ON THE WATER: The people are rightful owners of knowledge

To show he means business Blade Nzimande could begin by dismantling the collusive control exercised by public universities and academic publishers over knowledge generated at public expense, writes Neels Blom

Coetzee can put down a marker that silences talk of quotas and inferiority

The form of black players in this year’s Super Rugby warrants selection simply because they are the outstanding players in their respective positions, writes Mark Keohane

STREET DOGS: Gym attendance offers clues

Neal Frankle believes you can learn a great deal about investing from going to the gym, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: When in Rome, do as the Chinese do

ARMED: Paramilitary police officers take part in a gathering to mobilise security operations in Urumqi, Xinjiang, on Saturday. Picture: REUTERS

Chinese police deployment is ‘a leap forward’ for crime-fighting — in Italy

POINT OF ORDER: Modern politics provides much comedy in tragedy

Tim Cohen promo

Meanwhile, after being named the first female director of the World Rugby board, Wendy Luhabe had a great response, writes Tim Cohen

STRAIGHT TALK: Easy physics lessons for growth

Mark Barnes promo

Companies that survive, even flourish, in a world of competition and change do so because they embrace change, writes Mark Barnes

ON THE MONEY: Barclays separation more than a sale

Stuart Theobald promo

In the decade Absa has been part of Barclays, the two entities have integrated at many levels, writes Stuart Theobald

Mmusi brings good intentions to a mud fight

The DA has the contested title ‘Leader of the Opposition’ on paper, but the unofficial mantle rests with EFF leader Julius Malema, writes Gareth van Onselen

Public-private sector mistrust undermining Africa’s progress

Dianna Games promo

At key institutions such as the African Union the state is treated as central with the private sector as an unreliable adjunct, writes Dianna Games

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