• Friday, October 24 2014
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NATASHA MARRIAN: amplify ideological differences

12 hour(s) ago

Upcoming wage talks will be coloured by political factors and will reflect the deepening divide between the government and its labour allies, writes Natasha Marrian

Nene would be wise to go to his roots over taxation

Anthony Butler promo
14 hour(s) ago

Nene must build culture of regulatory compliance and maintain state’s legitimacy among citizens when the tax system begins to make deeper demands upon them, writes Anthony Butler

Pietersen’s book damages integrity of cricket

14 hour(s) ago

By naming alleged ‘bullies’, Kevin Pietersen has provoked a storm of denials and counter-allegations, the most serious coming from English captain Alistair Cook, writes Simon Lincoln Reader

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Presidential unaccountability

14 hour(s) ago

The ANC can lock the EFF up in jail for all the good it will do them. The questions remain, writes Gareth van Onselen

THICK END OF THE WEDGE: Zuma: the one button Nene can’t press

Peter Bruce promo
14 hour(s) ago

South Africa’s slow growth and the ‘Zuma Effect’ will ultimately overwhelm even the best fiscal intentions, writes Peter Bruce

STREET DOGS: Reversification

12 hour(s) ago

Reversification is a process in finance by which words take on a meaning that is the opposite of, or at least very different from, their initial sense, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Government seems to warm to private sector

12 hour(s) ago

It’s nice to see the private sector being so warmly welcomed by the government. With some tender loving care, perhaps the relationship will blossom

WINE: Winner conundrum

Michael Fridjhon promo
12 hour(s) ago

It may have something to do with panel dynamics: the larger the number of judges, and the less discussion between them, the more the outcome is likely to gravitate to the safe, middle-of-the-road choice, writes Michael Fridjhon

Previous columns

LAW MATTERS: Gender transformation

1 day(s) ago

The long-term consequences for the JSC’s appointment process and its constitutionally mandated project to get more women on the bench are worrying, writes Franny Rabkin

Ebola stories divide people into ‘others’ and US

1 day(s) ago

Anton Harber: There is often debate about whether western coverage of our continent is relentlessly negative, built on stereotypes and quick to report on conflict and disease

Nene spreads pain between spending cuts and tax moves

1 day(s) ago

Cabinet support or not, one of the biggest risks to the budget framework might well be ‘number one’ himself, writes Hilary Joffe

STREET DOGS: Advice from a champion checkers player

2 day(s) ago

Sound advice for checkers players that could just as easily have been written for the equity markets

JAZZ: Kesivan Naidoo and Brotherhood

Gwen Ansell promo
2 day(s) ago

Naidoo has never much cared about labels, but Brotherhood is certainly jazz, writes Gwen Ansell

The DA’s statements reveal how uninfluential it really is

2 day(s) ago

DA’s ‘must’ infatuation highlights its great weakness as it fails to get results, writes Gareth van Onselen

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: For the love of hybrids

EFFICIENCY: Hybrid cars look likely to remain popular. The Renault Sandero. Picture: QUICKPIC
2 day(s) ago

It is not only high prices that make me think the hybrid will live on — the fact is, I enjoy filling up once a month, writes Alexander Parker

Rebasing GDP is set to boost SA’s financial ratios

2 day(s) ago

Every five years Stats SA rebases and rebenchmarks the national accounts figures to bring them up to date, writes Hilary Joffe

No protests over ‘selling the roof to pay the rent’ plan

3 day(s) ago

Government should examine other options to fix Eskom without selling dividend-yielding assets that also pay taxes, writes Phakamisa Ndzamela

STREET DOGS: Forex losses

1 day(s) ago

Most forex traders lose money; the most active learn nothing and see their losses mount over time, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Lekota’s debt clock would set off alarms

Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS
1 day(s) ago

Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota has a suggestion for keeping us all in low spirits — a digital national-debt clock on the internet

What has become of Boer racism?

A statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid.   Picture: AVUSA
2 day(s) ago

Despite disinformation to the contrary, Leon Louw finds Afrikaners transformed

Information must not be kept behind locked doors

server technology Picture: THINKSTOCK
2 day(s) ago

The high cost of the internet not only affects the economy, it disempowers young people who have grown up in a different world to that of previous generations, writes Zama Ndlovu

Rage, rage against the dying of the Wi-Fi

Penny Haw promo
2 day(s) ago

As with other rages, Wi-Fi rage can lead to outrageous behaviour, writes Penny Haw

SA needs hard bargaining rather than indabas

Steven Friedman
2 day(s) ago

When democracy arrived, our major actors ducked a key task — how to tackle the poverty and inequality our past had created without damaging the ability to create wealth, writes Steven Friedman

AT HOME AND ABROAD: Nene has no shortage of bad news to deliver to the nation

Allister Sparks masthead
2 day(s) ago

Finance minister will face the harsh fact that government expenditure is now greater than its income. And that can only mean misery, writes Allister Sparks

Quest for English robs our schools of language

Nomalanga Mkhize
3 day(s) ago

We must insist on all our schools providing quality African language instruction for all children, writes Nomalanga Mkhize

LETTER FROM NAIROBI: Mazrui taught what it meant to be truly African

3 day(s) ago

Ali Mazrui’s work opened one’s mind up to a new idea of what it truly means to be African — and not the Africa of colonial Europe, writes Muthoni Maingi

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