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EDITORS’ LUNCHBOX: Fraud finances movie about fraud, and SAA ditches BnP

Does ANC head of elections Nomvula Mokonyane know something about the future of Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman that we do not?

THICK END OF THE WEDGE: IMF executive’s lecture a warning to change course

Peter Bruce promo

The lecture IMF deputy MD David Lipton delivers is a warning and a supplication. Change or die, writes Peter Bruce

TWEET OF THE WEEK: The ANC’s hate factory

The ANC has a production factory for hate and there is no line they are not willing to cross, writes Gareth van Onselen

THE INSIDER: A wee victory — and no sign of imminent arrest


A drunk man has used the ‘no notice’ defence after being caught peeing against a wall at a popular Joburg shopping mall

Abuse of government tenders by public servants may soon be curtailed

Anthony Butler promo

The danger is that nepotism, self-enrichment and cronyism are not going to end, but instead going to be monopolised by politicians, writes Anthony Butler

The tale of two blue-collar voters polls apart

The poor and marginal in Britain and SA are leading their nations down a path that fills the well-heeled with fear, writes Jonny Steinberg

STREET DOGS: The importance of saying no

Michel Pireu: According to Josh Billings half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying ‘yes’ too quickly and ‘no’ not soon enough

HALF ART: Beautiful truth of even the ugliest art

Irate artist Ayanda Mabulu launched the crusade to show our lecherous, treacherous leader is not wearing any clothes, writes Chris Thurman

Previous columns

LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Shiraz producers have pulled up their socks

Michael Fridjhon promo

Producers who rose above the morass of mediocrity were all adept at managing vineyards and producing appealingly refined reds, writes Michael Fridjhon

Commission should not be the ref of racist rants

Anger and reporting are understandable, but unsustainable responses to a generations-old conflict, writes Lindiwe Mazibuko

Intra-party conflict adds to IEC woes ahead of election

The IEC faces unprecedented challenges in the August 3 election of tests, writes Natasha Marrian

Beware the company that cannot tell it like it is

If management is not being candid about losses and sales drops, there are bound to be lots of things they are hoodwinking you on

Brands can brand their core values for all to see

SA brands reserve the right to speak out against American bigot Steven Anderson and make clear the values for which they stand, writes Suhana Gordhan

Pro-market miracle is not out of our reach

Leon Louw promo

Dear Rob Davies: The record shows prosperity can occur under most political systems. Make it happen, writes Leon Louw

THE INSIDER: Do SocGen words mean something different?

French bank Societe Generale. Picture: REUTERS/GONZALO FUENTES

The muppets at the Libyan Investment Authority try to break geek speak code

STREET DOGS: The dividend monk

Lessons learnt by Kanwal Sarai, The Dividend Monk

Maimane stakes DA campaign on Zuma

Scrutiny of DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s election messaging reveals a narrow focus and possibly a missed opportunity, writes Gareth van Onselen

STREET DOGS: Some of things you can’t afford to worry about when investing

For the investor given an abundance of free data, analysis and opinions, the problem is figuring out what to pay attention to

THE INSIDER: A snap poll social media won’t get to see

Picture: ISTOCK

Don’t go snapping ‘votelfies’ to prove your democratic credentials — they’re banned

EDITORS’ LUNCHBOX: Uber drivers as employees, and sandals and socks ok?

Meanwhile activist Terry Crawford-Browne approaches Constitutional Court to tackle Seriti Commission finding there is no evidence of malfeasance in the R70bn deal

Fight black apathy about black business

SA’s history makes the call to support black entrepreneurship both just and necessary, writes Trudi Makhaya

Recognising SA’s cricketing heroes 25 years after return to international game

There are retired players with very little or even nothing to show for a playing career full of devotion, commitment and sacrifice, writes Neil Manthorp

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