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THICK END OF THE WEDGE: Apartheid relic Eskom holds back transformation

Peter Bruce promo

Monopolies have the same effect on economies as cartels: they charge what they like and inhibit competition, writes Peter Bruce

STREET DOGS: Life in an incomprehensible world

Like a shuffled deck we no longer know where we come from, where we are going, or why, writes Michel Pireu

Little kings rule alike in splendid, quiet towers

Anthony Butler promo

Despite the apparent parallels, Hlaudi Motsoeneng is reportedly outraged that critics have likened him to Max Price, writes Anthony Butler

THE INSIDER: Today is the last day of your life — yes, again


The good news: we can stop worrying that The Donald and The Julius will be the next presidents of their respective countries

Hlaudi’s hellish future apes fellow spin doctors

If this is true, Motsoeneng was appointed because his dad is or was Number One’s personal druid, writes Simon Lincoln Reader

TWEET OF THE WEEK: The internet doesn’t let you off the hook

SA’s politicians are in the grip of tweet delete fever, but the internet — as ugly as it is beautiful — never forgets, writes Gareth van Onselen

HALF ART: Exhuming the imagery around Duiker’s words

Penny Siopis’s art works are the most direct manifestations of a commission to translate Duiker’s text into a visual arts idiom, writes Chris Thurman

LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Raising wine price will sustain quality

Michael Fridjhon promo

If prices don’t rise, vineyards in the lower yielding, higher quality appellations won’t be replaced, wites Michael Fridjhon

Previous columns

You can’t do too badly with any exchange-traded funds long term

You don’t have to keep most of your money at home, which good investment textbooks explain is dangerous no matter which country you live in, writes Robert Laing

‘Rhino war’ a colonial narrative of violence

The 'rhino wars' come at the confluence of a series of global and local racist and xenophobic narratives that seek to legitimise the erasure of human life, writes Kelly-Jo Bluen

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON: Was Democratic hack a Russian Trump card?

Simon Barber wonders if the data drop grenade, courtesy of the Russians, will still explode in Donald Trump’s face

THE INSIDER: Breaking noodle treaty lands man in hot water

A Chinese man enjoys a bowl of noodles. Picture; REUTERS

A Shanghai businessman rocks the boat by violating a Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia treaty that keeps rival noodle makers 400m apart

Economy bridled by high number of excluded

Simply improving the formal economy will not solve the problem, writes Steven Friedman

Inclusion about opening up economy to new entrants

Inclusiveness that makes economies dynamic and creates jobs is about opening up the playing field, not just levelling, writes Hilary Joffe

Leon Louw slipped date rape drug at conference banquet

Leon Louw promo

I needed to call for help but standing and walking caused me to deteriorate so rapidly that I never reached the telephone on the far side of the bed, Louw writes

What is behind the ANC’s displays of odd behaviour?

The unfolding drama in our body politic is a clear indication that the organisation that dominates it is in serious decline, writes Natasha Marrian

Right energy mix is what matters

Eskom doesn’t want you to know a mix of new-build renewables and gas is now cheaper than the proposed mix of existing coal and new coal and nuclear builds, writes Bronwyn Nortje

STREET DOGS: Could it be indifference that’s driving the markets?

According to Barry Ritholtz, the lack of enthusiasm for equities highlights a number of truths, writesMichel Pireu:

THE INSIDER: Pokémon’s unintendo consequences

A gamer sporting a shirt with an image of fictional creature Pikachu plays Pokemon Go on his mobile phone. Picture: EPA/DAVID MOIR

Nintendo shares take a beating after the Japanese giant admits it neither makes nor owns Pokémon Go

STREET DOGS: When market participants can’t see the bigger picture

Market myopia - when market participants either ignore the implications of their investment decisions or can’t see the bigger picture, writes Michel Pireu

EDITORS’ LUNCHBOX: Michelle Obama fires up Democrats for US election

Meanwhile in SA, talk is of the GDP growth implications of a national minimum wage and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s vote of no confidence in the SAA board

Expect Molefe to sell us the nuke line

Carol Paton promo

As Eskom prepares to lay the basis for the nuclear build, the propaganda war is going to be critical, writes Carol Paton

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