• Wednesday, August 27 2014
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Track sold stocks to learn your real losses

11 hour(s) ago

‘You never go broke taking a profit’ is a thoughtless aphorism, warns Michel Pireu

AT HOME AND ABROAD: Zuma is reaping what he sowed as Malema revolts

Julius Malema, centre, and EFF members return to the party's offices.  Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
11 hour(s) ago

It was dismaying for those who care about the dignity and integrity of democratic institutions to see riot police called in to Parliament to evict an entire party, writes Allister Sparks

A plea to the powers that be to shield Mashaba from the madding crowd

Mninawa Ntloko promo
8 hour(s) ago

Mashaba has been Bafana coach for only a month but, astonishingly, he is already under pressure from those who have trouble accepting him as outgoing mentor Gordon Igesund’s successor, writes Mninawa Ntloko

SA can follow US lead in studying labour dynamics

9 hour(s) ago

Understanding labour market dynamics could help our central bank improve the way it implements monetary policy, writes Hilary Joffe

THE INSIDER: Perk for North West number-plate makers

Increasingly crowded roads requires more vigilance and patience from drivers.  Picture: THINKSTOCK
7 hour(s) ago

While the province’s platinum mining business suffers from strikes and lower production, its number-plate manufacturers and embossers could soon be on a roll

Soon water will have to be taxed as dangerous

Leon Louw promo
11 hour(s) ago

Congratulations! You are alive. According to Wits University health and safety academics and others, everything is unsafe. You should be dead, writes Leon Louw

Time off from the nets is a good idea for modern Test cricketers

1 day(s) ago

Cricket is a sport where repetitive practice can be as harmful as it can be beneficial, writes Neil Manthorp

JSE’s top 40 companies still a male-dominated kraal

1 day(s) ago

I have been wondering what useful thing I can say to emphasise the need for women to intensify their fight in the boardrooms, writes Phakamisa Ndzamela

Previous columns

THE INSIDER: The party is over for 21 of SA’s political parties

1 day(s) ago

Twenty-one of South Africa’s 211 political parties will be deregistered soon if they fail to renew their annual registration

Parliament can bridge Generations gap in SA

Aubrey Matshiqi promo
2 day(s) ago

EFF’s antics in Parliament provide the perfect solution to our Generations conundrum, writes Aubrey Matshiqi

Fantasies, fun and the mass production of black millionaires

2 day(s) ago

The government’s latest fantasy is that it will be able to mass-produce black industrialists and black farmers, writes John-Kane Berman

Sadc needs to overcome flaws to benefit region

2 day(s) ago

There are leadership and resource challenges that the Southern African Development Community still needs to address, writes Adekeye Adebajo

ON THE MONEY: Moody’s mistakes Bank’s policy on African Bank

Stuart Theobald promo
2 day(s) ago

When African Bank’s case is carefully considered, it is clear that Moody’s should go back on its downgrade of South Africa’s big four banks, writes Stuart Theobald

Julius Malema: the real leader of the opposition

2 day(s) ago

The EFF knows the rules of street and the party plays by them, writes Gareth van Onselen

EFF did not invent chaos in our politics

2 day(s) ago

South Africa has been in political chaos for years but the chickens have now come home to roost for the governing party, writes Songezo Zibi

Challenges are needed to question referees’ poor decision-making

2 day(s) ago

Referees, by way of interpretation, have too much power, writes Mark Keohane

MUSIC: PJ Powers

INDOMITABLE: PJ Powers has been sober for five years and intends to stay that way. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
2 day(s) ago

What is remarkable about PJ Powers is that her audience is borderless and ageless, writes Blaise Hopkinson

THE LAST WORD: Sorry folks, but we did warn you about Abil

3 day(s) ago

The media did its job diligently in terms of reporting on African Bank, which is more than you can say for the National Credit Regulator, writes Rob Rose

Agitators are on a precarious path to a better life

5 day(s) ago

People are living new lives surrounded by things that were not around in their parents’ time, writes Jonny Steinberg

Ghosts are feeding on SA’s living taxpayers …

Anthony Butler promo
5 day(s) ago

Anthony Butler: It is widely believed that such malign spirits can be pacified only by means of a ritual feeding of government tenders

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Zuma vs Malema: A Question Time circus

5 day(s) ago

Unruly behaviour from the firebrand EFF combined with disdain from the ruling ANC to create the perfect storm in Parliament, writes Gareth van Onselen

THE INSIDER: Whipping up a storm in order to go home

Parliament in Cape Town. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
5 day(s) ago

Public Service Commission chairman Ben Mthembu and the five members of his executive team on the receiving end of a 30-minute tongue-lashing

No renewal for ANC unless it accepts responsibility

5 day(s) ago

Renewal is very difficult in an organisation so heavily tainted at the top, writes Natasha Marrian

Eskom CE choice is the perfect meddle

Peter Bruce promo
5 day(s) ago

Tshediso Matona is arguably the most experienced of government’s directors-general, but compared to Brian Dames, his experience of Eskom is a mere glancing blow, writes Peter Bruce

Investing on autopilot: pros and cons

6 day(s) ago

Because SA’s market is so concentrated, investing in a tracker fund means you are in effect taking some active bets, writes Bronwyn Nortje

LAW MATTERS: Legal and political battleground

6 day(s) ago

It’s fitting for Cyril Ramaphosa to come and account, to be uncomfortably cross-examined and to be heckled, writes Franny Rabkin

SA must put pressure on Swaziland to open society

6 day(s) ago

We need to put more pressure on our neighbour to start taking its own constitution seriously and show respect for human rights, writes Anton Harber

Little evidence that Marikana changed anything

7 day(s) ago

The test of a watershed event is whether it changes behaviour or opinions among key actors, writes Steven Friedman

Politicising e-tolls takes us on futile detour

Thami Mazwai promo
7 day(s) ago

Efforts to address the e-tolls issue are perfectly understandable but we cannot be taken by loudmouths with nothing to offer, writes Thami Mazwai

Feuding means soccer will continue to suffer

Mninawa Ntloko promo
7 day(s) ago

If things do not change, domestic soccer will still be stuck in the starting block four years from now, writes Mninawa Ntloko

LETTER FROM NAIROBI: Ebola outbreak sparks political controversies

1 day(s) ago

Muthoni Maingi looks at the politics and economics of Ebola

Non-Anglos will not let us speak their languages

Michael Skapinker promo
1 day(s) ago

English has become lingua franca of business, academia, so people reserve mother tongue for friends, family, writes Michael Skapinker

Mystique of investment advice

1 day(s) ago

You can’t really trust the media’s explanations for the daily gyrations in the market as they often get it wrong, writes Michel Pireu

STRAIGHT TALK: Moody’s proffers ‘junk’ opinion

Mark Barnes promo
2 day(s) ago

Moody’s decision was ridiculous, unfounded and without proper consideration of their context in relation to the collapse of African Bank, writes Mark Barnes

ON WORK: Why I would employ someone despite a typo in their resume

Lucy Kellaway promo
2 day(s) ago

Typos don’t necessarily mean we are sloppy, more that we are ill-equipped to do our own proofreading, writes Lucy Kellaway

Upstarts prepare to ambush the lords of finance

2 day(s) ago

After almost 10 years during which ‘innovation’ has been dirty word in finance, it would be cheering to see some genuine business creativity, writes Gillian Tett

ON THE WATER: The favours Steve and Julius do us

2 day(s) ago

It seems that whenever the nation hits rock bottom, our favourite pair will be there to remind us how insignificant we are as citizens, writes Neels Blom

BULL'S EYE: Analysts, make way for Henry

Jeremy Thomas promo
3 day(s) ago

Jeremy Thomas ask what Henry, the 'High Earner, Not Rich Yet', invests in

All eyes on Icasa as rates ruling approaches

3 day(s) ago

Expect high drama in SA's mobile industry in coming weeks as Icasa readies new regulations governing call termination rates, warns Duncan McLeod

SIGN POST: South African tech team reinvents the desktop

3 day(s) ago

The traditional desktop computer has been reinvented by South Africans, writes Arthur Goldstuck

RANTS AND SENSE: Invest, it's the only way to grow a bit of wealth

3 day(s) ago

The headlines and stories are off-putting, but history shows that the only way for working people to generate any wealth is by investing wisely in markets, advises Bruce Whitfield

WINE: Nederburg Auction

Michael Fridjhon promo
5 day(s) ago

Forty years may not sound like much in the history of wine auctions but it is a claim of some significance in the New World, writes Michael Fridjhon

Eskom needs to confront its failures to facilitate its success

6 day(s) ago

Negative results, assessed honestly, are a supreme catalyst to progress and ultimately, success, writes Simon Lincoln Reader

Von Zeuner has passion and drive to turn Saru around

6 day(s) ago

Look out for a subtle but seismic improvement in the quality of South African rugby administration over the next year or two, writes Liz McGregor

THE INSIDER: Department committed to servicing summiteers

Lindiwe Sisulu. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
6 day(s) ago

One opportunity a ‘housing opportunity’ does present is the opportunity to host a summit and get plastered at taxpayers’ expense

DA misunderstands EFF’s purpose

7 day(s) ago

The more chaos the Economic Freedom Fighters creates, the more its constituents see it as challenging the natural order of things, writes Gareth van Onselen

Inflation is the way governments plunder

Leon Louw promo
7 day(s) ago

Leon Louw asks why governments, including ours, inflate

THE INSIDER: Verbal battle to lay claim to bottom of poverty pile

7 day(s) ago

The ‘richest of the rich’ don’t really care a dime who the ‘poorest of the poor’ are

Hearing aid does little for listening

Penny Haw promo
7 day(s) ago

Hearing aids have come a long way since ear trumpets were introduced in the 17th century but just because you can hear doesn’t mean you have to listen, writes Penny Haw

Transformation is about more than just black CEOs

8 day(s) ago

If we are serious about real transformation, people need to be thinking of how to transform the credit committees, writes Phakamisa Ndzamela

LETTER FROM LONDON: British army’s adverts sell dreams of adventure

8 day(s) ago

Recruitment adverts make military life in the UK look like a scene from a video game, writes Marvin Meintjies

Give Zimbabwe real support, or cut them loose

8 day(s) ago

It is time to decide about Zimbabwe’s future as an international cricketing nation, writes Neil Manthorp

THE INSIDER: Wits: home of lobbyists and business leaders

HIGHER LEARNING: Students stroll past the University of the Witwatersrand's Great Hall. Picture: THE TIMES
8 day(s) ago

University of the Witwatersrand vice-chancellor Adam Habib is an expert at ‘flipping the script’ in his favour

SA needs meaningful economic journalism

8 day(s) ago

Economic and business reporting in SA has been hollowed out into a recitation of indicators and personalities, writes Trudi Makhaya

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