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LAW MATTERS: Judge Nkola Motata’s challenge a threat to accountability of judges

The judge’s ill-timed challenge threatens to stall processes at the JSC and Judicial Conduct Committee, writes Franny Rabkin

Players of genius such as AB slice through tired adages to define own rules

Great players often become great players because they make their own rules rather than try to perfect the rules and techniques passed on to them, writes Neil Manthorp

ArcelorMittal settlement is new and tricky territory for competition authorities

But the end of the long-running David and Goliath battle suggests the steel giant and the state may have found a way to forge a symbiotic future, writes Trudi Makhaya

ANC weighs risk of calling early elective conference

The popular call is for an early conference, but ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe’s instinct is to avoid a ‘blood on the floor’ fight, writes Natasha Marrian

THE INSIDER: Mashaba must aim high to beat competition

Herman Mashaba. Picture: SUPPLIED

It seems the new Johannesburg mayor has a mountain to climb to hold the nation’s attention

STREET DOGS: Why you should invest in horses rather than Zebras

Horses are obvious and reliable, while Zebras' promises are too good to be true — such as collateralised debt obligations, writes Michel Pireu

Animals teach investing lessons

Know before entering a trade how you will minimise losses and lock in profits, writes Michel Pireu

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Green warrior gets smarter and more practical

Toyota is staying well ahead of the game while competition rises, writes Alexander Parker

Previous columns

Businessmen go down in history as society’s doers

Stories of Victorian thrift and perseverance bootstrapping people out of poverty are an antidote to modern day whiny victimhood, writes Robert Laing

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON: Republicans deft at exploiting ticket to power

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Picture: EPA

Hillary Clinton could win on November 8 only to face a Congress with a rabid Republican majority itching to impeach her, writes Simon Barber

What is state medical aid hiding?

Gems has been unwilling to put rumours to bed, writes Bronwyn Nortje

AT HOME AND ABROAD: ANC mute as arrogant Zuma grabs the reins

President Jacob Zuma. Picture:  REUTERS/SIPHIWE SIBEKO

Jacob Zuma executes personal coup d’etat in seizing the entire public sector economy, writes Allister Sparks

EDITORIAL NOTE: Even metro cops need to buckle up


Nobody is exempt from wearing their seatbelts, not even those who are placed to uphold such road laws, writes Lerato Matebese

THE INSIDER: What’s loud, brash and wears no Speedo?

A poster showing a likeness of disgraced US swimmer Ryan Lochte in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Picture: REUTERS/PHIL NOBLE

US swimmer Ryan Lochte loses all his sponsors after faking a robbery in Rio to cover up for vandalism

What the choice of protector will say of the ANC

One of the great myths the election exposed is that corruption is a middle-class hang-up, writes Steven Friedman

STREET DOGS: A survivor’s guide to investment principles

There’s scary but not dangerous, dangerous but not Scary and dangerous and scary, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Wind of change already setting jocks adrift

Picture: REUTERS

A weather-hit rafting event sends scores of unlikely American refugees to Canada’s shores

STREET DOGS: Sleep deprived

Besides the health issue, there’s another potential cost to not sleeping properly

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Is Eskom in breach of government policy?

Cape Town International’s runway project on track, Gidani resumes its fight and woman sends media more flattering photos to accompany jail break story

The DA’s road to metro victories

Like Usain Bolt’s relay gold medal, the DA’s election glory is the finale of a story told in stages, with the most damaging leg run in 2011, writes Gareth van Onselen

Will the right to vote become an obligation?

Leon Louw promo

The creeping conversion of rights into obligations struck its first blow against democracy on Monday when secrecy became obligatory, writes Leon Louw

EDITORS’ LUNCHBOX: Is this a case of the fox guarding the henhouse?

One can’t help but think that the move to give Jacob Zuma oversight of parastatals is meant to bypass the Treasury

Vital to question financial data

In this business, everyone you talk to is an expert, even if they’ve never traded a stock, writes Michel Pireu

Cricket seems impervious to that thing called common sense

The Durban Test match is the latest casualty as umpires alone rule on surface safety, writes Neil Manthorp

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