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World keen to know if megabrew will clear hurdles

Delay in SABMiller-Coca-Cola-Gutsche megadeal fuels investors’ concern, writes Hilary Joffe

The system works for those who can work it

If court action can achieve what political theatre cannot, the system does work and the question is how to make it work better, not how to disrupt it, writes Steven Friedman

Born-frees show time doesn’t heal all wounds

The past two decades have introduced an intergenerational complexity to how this nation moves past any defining moment, writes Zama Ndlovu

Land dispossession lives on, even a generation after apartheid has ended

Leon Louw promo

But an initiative is driving a nail into the apartheid coffin by ensuring that residents of Tumahole become owners of land and homes, writes Leon Louw

Testifying witnesses often bear the brunt

Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo. Picture: REUTERS

The ICC has put precautions in place to protect witnesses and victims but it cannot excuse potentially life-threatening aberrations, writes Kelly-Jo Bluen

Defiant Ajax in line for red card from Safa for avoiding Angolan commitment

Mninawa Ntloko promo

Mninawa Ntloko: It seems Ajax are intent on standing their ground in this game of chicken but who will blink first?

STREET DOGS: Three Ls to succeed in the market

Luck, loot and longevity. By far the most important is luck, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: The purple have spoken to calm violet debate


It seems that purpleface-with-glitter is as offensive as blackface

Previous columns

Alexander Forbes shuffle leaves questions hanging

Phakamisa Ndzamela examines changes in Alexander Forbes’ leadership and what drove CEO Edward Kieswetter to resign so suddenly

Elites abuse traditions to entrench their power

Nomalanga Mkhize

'Maiden bursary' should be challenged in court as the neotraditionalist hijacking it is, writes Nomalanga Mkhize

Huge opportunities in pipeline

We are working on how we will market Huge Group to the investment community, writes Michel Pireu

Fifteen misconduct cases damaging ANC’s brand

Jacob Zuma heads long list of party members in office under nefarious cloud of crime and corruption, writes Gareth van Onselen

UNEMBARGOED: Zuma must set the frame for Gordhan's budget

Key question is whether Jacob Zuma will be honest in his appraisal of South Africa’s economy and finances, writes Songezo Zibi

STRAIGHT TALK: Ever had that deflated feeling?

Mark Barnes promo

Even stock markets are experiencing year-on-year negative returns. Unheard of, it won’t last! But it could, writes Mark Barnes

STREET DOGS: A warning from Investopedia on penny stocks

Some penny stocks might be of a good quality, but then there are also many good opportunities in stocks that aren’t trading for pennies, writes Michel Pireu

Guptas are just tip of iceberg of political patronage

Aubrey Matshiqi promo

Devil in a business suit usually colludes with Faustian elements in ANC, private sector and hidden policy communities, writes Aubrey Matshiqi

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: A decade of messing about in cars

Cars will change beyond all recognition over the coming years, but will remain at heart of very human urge to explore, writes Alexander Parker

Cricket SA’s lack of reassurance amid extensive corruption probe is corrosive

It is an indictment that there appears to be neither the will nor skill to offer immediate reassurance that all is in order, writes Neil Manthorp

THE INSIDER: Nice work if you can get it (or don’t need it)

Masked revellers attend the Wey parade in Lucerne, Switzerland, on Monday. Citizens will vote in a June referendum on a R40,400 state basic income grant. Picture: EPA/ALEXANDRA WEY

Basic income grant in Switzerland will buy a life of genteel desperation

ON WORK: Liberating gloves-off retort to advertiser’s threat after column

Lucy Kellaway promo

Whiff of whiplash-smart Whitman behind marketing and communications at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, writes Lucy Kellaway

AU summit of ghosts, guns and Mugabe’s angels

African Union summit of lame ducks continues ineffectual sniping and griping, writes Adekeye Adebajo

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