• Friday, October 31 2014
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View that the poor are lazy is totally misguided

16 hour(s) ago

Calling the poor lazy is less an insight into their condition than an act of aggression against them, writes Jonny Steinberg

A world-class regulatory regime is within our grasp

Picture: ARDBEL
16 hour(s) ago

By following international best-practice principles, SA can create an environment of certainty, predictability and stability for the mining industry, writes Peter Leon

STREET DOGS: Regretting the right choice

16 hour(s) ago

The problem with rational decisions is that they easily lead to painful regret, writes Michel Pireu

Homegrown altruists can alter destiny of Africa

16 hour(s) ago

Africa’s wealthy can learn a lot from the western tradition of philanthropy, writes Mzukisi Qobo

WINE: Platter plaudits too plentiful

Michael Fridjhon promo
16 hour(s) ago

For most wine producers a Platter Guide five star is right up there with winning a Nobel prize, writes Michael Fridjhon

THICK END OF THE WEDGE: Just one call and you’re free no more

Peter Bruce promo
16 hour(s) ago

Peter Bruce on the boardroom saga at cement producer PPC and the riveting row at HCI

Previous columns

‘Shaved’ celebrities fail to cut to the truth

1 day(s) ago

The problem lies in lazy marketing, the declarations of bravery and the narcissism of celebrities, writes Suhana Gordhan

Snap up black players who have made it against all odds, urges Tutu

1 day(s) ago

Tutu’s credentials for this debate are impeccable: not only did he play rugby but he is also intimately acquainted with the hardships of growing up black and poor under apartheid, writes Liz McGregor

STREET DOGS: Corporations are people

1 day(s) ago

Recent National Bureau of Economic Research papers show Mitt Romney may be right, writes Michel Pireu

Ukraine collapse could start a bloody border shifting

Gideon Rachman promo
2 day(s) ago

There is a deep and justified fear in Europe that national boundaries might shift once again, writes Gideon Rachman

More than parastatals should be privatised

Leon Louw promo
2 day(s) ago

Everything the private sector does better than the government should be outsourced, writes Leon Louw

Tough economic times require tough decisions

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene delivers his medium-term budget statement.  Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
2 day(s) ago

The fiscal fragility of African economies must be attended to, but a strong resolve to do something about growth is still needed, writes Xhanti Payi

If Cosatu splits, labour relations may get boost it needs

Steven Friedman
2 day(s) ago

If Cosatu does throw Numsa out, the result could shake up politics and labour relations, writes Steven Friedman

THE INSIDER: Art of diplomacy is lost on Thomas-Greenfield

2 day(s) ago

With no embarrassing incidents so far, the Americans must be happy with their hearts-and-minds programme for young African stars

Brazil election a lesson for ANC

1 day(s) ago

Dilma Rousseff’s victory is particularly surprising as she managed it despite a rapidly deteriorating economic position and increasingly poor outlook, writes Bronwyn Nortje

THE INSIDER: Steers client finds slow service hard to swallow

Julius Malema pauses while delivering his first speech in Parliament during a debate on President Jacob Zuma's state of the nation address in Parliament, Cape Town. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
1 day(s) ago

Julius Malema arrived to protect the workers and shoving ensued

LETTER FROM CAPE TOWN: Criminals win when crime intelligence is politics

Dave Marrs promo
1 day(s) ago

Until people use their votes to demand political accountability, there will be little incentive for the police to get their act together, writes Dave Marrs

JAZZ: Orbit a platform for new jazz

Gwen Ansell promo
2 day(s) ago

Braamfontein’s Orbit jazz club is a substantial anchor for what is becoming almost a city circuit of viable club venues, writes Gwen Ansell

VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Forgo the festive toll

2 day(s) ago

Christmas road carnage is an annual topic for media and officials, but policing should be year-round, writes Alexander Parker

For laughing out loud — tech is total

2 day(s) ago

Technology has made it possible to be more online than offline these days but sometimes the planets collide, writes Penny Haw

STREET DOGS: The right mind-set

3 day(s) ago

Some of the things successful traders learn to focus on in order in to deal with market realities, writes Michel Pireu

THE INSIDER: Time for SA to pay up for its doctors’ bills

President Jacob Zuma addresses the US-SA Business and Investment Forum hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce on Monday, ahead of the US-Africa Leaders Summit.  Picture: GCIS
3 day(s) ago

Before the Insider complains of belated revanchism, more than 420 South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds have graduated as medical doctors in Cuba

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