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A general view of buildings is seen in Lesotho's capital Maseru. Picture: REUTERS

There is a way to put paid to Lesotho’s political troubles

New thinking is now required to rearrange the political, social, economic and cultural geography of this mountain kingdom, writes Tito Mboweni

Millennium villages are taking root

Bill Gates. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Project shows low-cost health systems work well, writes Jeffrey Sachs

Perceptions proliferate of elitist, winner-takes-all economies


The backlash against globalisation — and the freer movement of goods, services, capital, labour and technology that came with it — has arrived, writes Nouriel Roubini.

World Bank paints rosy picture of accounting and auditing in South Africa

A man is silhouetted against the logo of the World Bank at the main venue for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meeting in Tokyo in October 2012. Picture: REUTERS

Report says country is a global leader in adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards, writes Chantyl Mulder

Strong foundation, hard work essential before living the dream


To make the country a better place you have to realise that you can’t help anybody if you can’t help yourself, writes Alan Knott-Craig Jr

Common standards will improve mobility of Africa’s CAs

Uniformity of standards in African accountancy is important for multinationals that consider our continent an investment destination, writes Vickson Ncube

Leadership and skills deficits must be addressed


We must recapture openness to change we had in 1990s to put educational tools in place to ensure responsible governance within next 20 years, writes Suresh Kana

Japan will disappoint ’80s experts


Economy now 40% smaller than forecast, writes J Bradford DeLong

VOICE OF MINING: Transforming mine sector is reason to celebrate

Picture: ARDBEL

The year 2014 is a milestone on the transformation agenda of the mining industry, writes Mike Teke

VOICE OF MINING: Mines can benefit all — if allowed to operate

Picture: ARDBEL

We have a joint responsibility to deal with the specific issues that undermine SA’s rating as a prime mining investment destination, writes Mike Teke

A silent coup on the streets of Thailand

An anti-government protester blows a whistle during a rally in central Bangkok. Picture: REUTERS

Thailand is once again being convulsed by extreme partisan politics, writes Sin-ming Shaw

VOICE OF MINING: Worker safety a mammoth task for SA’s mining sector


As we mourn the passing of our country’s greatest leader, the mining sector takes this time to reflect on his ideals and the principles he lived and gave his life for, writes Mike Teke

Transformation should not be written in black and white


But you need to acknowledge imbalances in SA and include developmental intervention in everyone’s career path to level playing fields, writes Moses Kgosana

Drastic action is needed to save the world’s high seas

Picture: REUTERS

No government in the world and no business can afford to neglect the much wider sustainability challenge posed by a world of 7-billion people, writes Trevor Manuel

From San Francisco to the South China Sea


US and other extra-regional powers should invoke San Francisco Treaty to internationalise diplomatic processes over claims to disputed islands, writes Masahiro Matsumura

OPCW needs more support from world leaders

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) director-general Ahmet Uzumcu. Picture: REUTERS

Chemical attacks in Syria brought attention to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, but not it clear it needs more support to fulfil mandate

US-Russian solution uses a poor definition of Syria’s civil war and will prolong it

TALKING POINT: A 3D artwork by artist Eduardo Relero, showing Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama sitting over a map of Syria, is displayed near the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Picture: REUTERS

Allowing groups the regime claims to represent to represent themselves directly, could persuade them to withdraw support for the regime, writes Sami Mahroum

A man walks past the official logo of the World Economic Forum outside the Congress Hall in the Swiss Alpine resort of Davos. Picture: REUTERS

Davos theme recognises changed, post-crisis world

Richard Quest asks if those attending the WEF meeting in Davos can set aside their agendas to consider new role of government, social media, traditional media and business

Ian Farmer: apologies for Marikana

Ian Farmer. Picture: SOWETAN

For the first time the former Lonmin CE, in charge at the time of the Marikana shootings, talks about the week that changed his life and the course of history of a nation, and apologises for the tragedy

In 21st century education has become a security issue


We need to teach young people there are more meaningful ways to engage with world, be heard than through religious extremism, writes Tony Blair

Time to honour Nelson Mandela’s passion for education

South Africa needs radical plan to transform education system with support from civil society organisations, private sector, writes Mamphela Ramphele

SA crying out for leaders it can trust


If SA is to succeed, says EY Africa CEO Ajen Sita, it needs to produce more leaders able to question and define that purpose, both in business and in society

Asia’s emerging community must keep in check the might of China

The Great Wall of China.

Southeast Asia’s pursuit of deeper integration is in keeping with a global trend — but also reflects growing anxiety over China, writes Fidel V Ramos

SA must tread carefully as Africa opens for business


South Africa presents itself as a conduit for foreign investment in Africa — or a final destination, says Tito Mboweni

Standard Bank

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