Tokyo Sexwale. Picture: TIMES MEDIA LIMITED
Tokyo Sexwale. Picture: TIMES MEDIA LIMITED

BUSINESSMAN Tokyo Sexwale has opened up about how he was recalled from his position as minister of human settlements.

Sexwale along with former communications minister Dina Pule were left out in the cold when President Jacob Zuma reshuffled his Cabinet in 2013.

That was Zuma’s fourth Cabinet reshuffle in four years, since taking office in 2009.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on Touch Central, Sexwale said that it was called a reshuffle at the time but he was actually fired.

"Well I was fired. They call it ‘reshuffle’. President calls and says ‘chief, I think I would like to try somebody else in this’," said Sexwale.

Recalling the actual day he was informed of the reshuffle, Sexwale said he met Zuma in a "nice meeting" where the President told him that he wants him to do "other things".

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