EFF leader Julius Malema addressing his supporters on February 9 2016. Picture: Shenaaz Jamal
EFF leader Julius Malema addressing his supporters on Tuesday. Picture: SHENAAZ JAMAL

THE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Wednesday released the full list of the "25 reasons why the Guptas must leave or be made to leave the country immediately #Guptasmustgo".

The party had launched the campaign on Tuesday night‚ hours after it and its leader‚ Julius Malema‚ were indicted by the North Gauteng High Court from inciting acts of violence against the Gupta family‚ Oakbay Investments‚ The New Age‚ ANN7 and other of the family’s subsidiary company’s shareholders‚ staff and property.

By Tuesday night‚ the EFF had shared the first three reasons on its Instagram account‚ and on Wednesday morning released the full list.

A defiant Mr Malema had‚ in reaction to the High Court ruling‚ said: "We must respect the courts. But the courts can’t stop us from saying that we don’t love the Guptas. We don’t want their curry."

The court case followed the "get out Gupta" statements made by Mr Malema and the Gauteng region of the party last week‚ which the Gupta brothers and their lawyers say they "have interpreted as an incitement to violence".

The court document stated that some of the Gupta business executives had begun receiving threatening phone calls on Monday. One had received these calls in the early hours of the morning‚ between 2.30am and 3.50am.

The lawyers‚ noting that the Guptas were South African citizens and entitled to protection under the law‚ stated that the EFF threats were "xenophobic threats of violence and in direct conflict with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution".

But Mr Malema‚ speaking after this court ruling‚ said: "We’re appealing that judgment. The better option is for them to go. I had planned a surprise for them.

"Because we respect the courts‚ we will postpone the surprise for the Guptas. Once we appeal‚ we’ll give them their surprise."

Here are some of the items on the EFF’s list:

• The Guptas are influencing President Jacob Zuma on the nuclear deal. "After they acquired uranium mines‚ they stand to benefit greatly from the deal through supplying uranium. Zuma has been advised that the country cannot afford this nuclear deal‚ but because the Guptas family stands to benefit‚ it is being forced through. The nuclear deal will plunge SA into a massive fiscal crisis‚ collapsing SA’s currency‚ ratings and ability to provide basic services to its people."

• Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was removed and replaced with David van Rooyen, according to the EFF, because the Guptas said so. "The thoughtless action of removing a minister of finance weakened SA’s currency‚ making it more expensive for SA to import goods and services from outside the country‚ and making life of ordinary South Africans more oppressive. A weakened currency has a tendency to increase inflation‚ further burdening ordinary South Africans."

• The EFF said that the Guptas were exploiting SA’s resources and " enriching themselves through corruption‚ under the guise of freedom".

"They illegally influence the issuing of mining rights‚ and have effectively taken control of key parastatals such as the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation)‚ Transnet‚ Eskom‚ SAA (South African Airways) and now Denel."

• The party said the Guptas had the premiers of the Free State and North West provinces‚ ministers‚ chairpersons and CEOs of state-owned enterprises in "their network of influence".

"They also have control over many critical decisions that they‚ and the puppets they control‚ financially benefit from."

• They call members of the African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee to tell them which ministerial position they have been awarded before Mr Zuma’s official announcement. "Fikile Mbalula was told by Atul Gupta that he was going to be minister of sports before Zuma announced the decision."

• The EFF said the Guptas had taken over key decisions of the ruling party‚ "including bankrolling the re-election of Zuma as president of the ANC in the 2012 national conference".

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