Drought. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Drought. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

THE Western Cape has received more relief from the drought, with dam levels increasing to an average of 42.2% in the past two weeks.

At the same time last year, levels were on average 62.5%.The Western Cape, which gets most of its rainfall in winter, has experienced a cold and wet spell in recent weeks, at a time when the rest of SA is suffering the effects of the worst drought since 1992.

Western Cape Environmental Affairs MEC Anton Bredell said on Tuesday the province is not out of the woods yet.

"We are very happy about the rain, but we still have some way to go for dams to reach more comfortable levels. We are also glad about the snowfall we have seen in the province. The snow plays an important role in supplying the system with water once it starts melting," said Bredell.

The South African Weather Service is forecasting more rain for the Western Cape over the coming month, with good rainfall expected for Cape Town over the next two weeks.

Earlier this year, the Western Cape Disaster Management Centre recommended that water restrictions be implemented across the province over winter until dam levels had risen to acceptable levels.