Chrysler CEO Trent Barcroft
Chrysler CEO Trent Barcroft

CHRYSLER South Africa CEO Trent Barcroft was still recovering in an intensive care unit on Wednesday after being shot in a robbery on Saturday afternoon in Midrand, Chrysler spokesman Richard Sloman confirmed on Wednesday.

Mr Sloman said Mr Barcroft, a US citizen, was "still in ICU" but was "going to be fine".

"He’s fine, he’s going to pull through," Mr Sloman said. "They operated on Saturday to sort everything out."

He added: "The head of security from the US arrived on Monday, and it’s possible we’ll improve security at his home and maybe organise him a driver," Mr Sloman said.

Mr Sloman said details of the incident were still unclear, but that the robbers "caused an accident" while Mr Barcroft was driving and during the robbery, Mr Barcroft "took a bullet".

Mr Sloman said that Mr Barcroft’s wife, Cathy, who was present during the incident, was "bearing up well under the circumstances".

"She’s been amazing," he said.

Mr Sloman said the event "appeared to be a random thing".