• Tuesday, September 02 2014
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Picture: REUTERS

Rand marks time ahead of ECB meeting

10 hour(s) ago

Local currency holds steady in late trade on Monday as it marks time ahead of global event risk later in week


JSE buoyed by Bidvest’s London listing, but resources disappoint

7 hour(s) ago

Bidvest takes the lead as the best performing stock after announcing that it is eyeing a separate London listing for its international food business


Palladium hits 13-year high on Ukraine worries

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the youth forum 'Seliger-2014' at Seliger lake, northern Russia, on Friday. Putin insisted that Kiev must enter substantial talks with pro-Russian rebels amid a dramatic escalation of the fighting in Ukraine. Picture: AFP
7 hour(s) ago

Palladium rises on fears that possible Western sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis could hit supply from world’s top producer, while gold nudged higher


European investors look past Ukraine, focus on ECB

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi. Picture: REUTERS
7 hour(s) ago

European markets advance despite conflict in Ukraine, focusing on whether European Central Bank will announce plans for economic stimulus


Oil prices dip on faltering demand but Libya chaos threatens output

7 hour(s) ago

Brent crude oil prices drop as manufacturing growth falters in Europe and China at a time of ample supply


Trade deficit signals rand not helping exporters

21 hour(s) ago

Weak demand from South Africa’s main export markets is a major factor contributing to a slow pick up in export growth


Russia sanctions take toll as eurozone manufacturing slows further

European Central Bank building in Frankfurt, Germany.   Picture: THINKSTOCK
12 hour(s) ago

Concerns 18-nation bloc could enter deep slump raised as manufacturing slumps to 13-month low in August


Investec’s ‘One Place’ strategy pioneers banking and investing beyond borders

Investec Wealth and Investment South Africa head Henry Blumenthal and Investec Private Bank South Africa head Ryan Tholet. Picture: SUPPLIED BY INVESTEC
6 day(s) ago

Financial services company pioneers new way of doing business for clients that enables seamless, integrated access to banking, investment services

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at 03:49 on 02 Sep 2014
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The silver bugs were proven wrong when the price of silver barely blinked in response to the end of the 117-year-old London silver fix

No silver lining for fanatics

‘You never go broke taking a profit’ is a thoughtless aphorism

Track sold stocks to learn your real losses


Developing countries’ appetite supports gold

Gold is seen stacked in one-kilogram bars at a Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo KK store in Tokyo, Japan.  Picture: BLOOMBERG/KIYOSHI OTA

Russia has increased its official reserves, holds most since at least 1993, Kazakhstan, Ecuador have also boosted their holdings

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All Share 51113.870.30% up
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FTSE 100 6825.310.00% same
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All Share 51113.870.30% up
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USD/ZAR 10.69490.28% up
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AUD/ZAR 9.95850.04% up
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Gold 1283.6500-0.22% down
Platinum 1423.0000-0.07% down
Silver 19.4470-0.10% down
Palladium 906.50000.28% up
Brent Crude Oil 102.8000.01% up
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