Sarel van der Merwe (Ford Galaxie), Paolo Cavalieri (Ford Galaxie) and Hennie Groenewald (Plymouth Fury) get up close and personal during Saturday’s opening Pre-1966 Legend Saloon Car race at Zwartkops. Picture: RACEPICS


In the office — after all, Motor News does not put itself together you know. The team also did their usual stint anchoring the Ignition Live motoring radio show. You can catch the podcast every week on IgnitionLive.co.za.


Lerato headed to Mpumalanga for the first of three launches taking place during the week. First up it was the Lexus RX, a vehicle which has regenerated in a bid to take on major German rivals. Lerato seemed impressed but ze Germans definitely have the edge. Then the list of finalists for the World Car of the Year arrived in our inbox. It’s going to be a tough decision for the jury to choose between the Audi A4, BMW X1, Hyundai Tucson, Jaguar XE, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Mazda CX-3, Mazda MX-5, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Skoda Superb and the new Toyota Prius.


Lerato was still bashing around Mpumalanga in the RX while Mark was chatting to a member of the global sustainability solutions team at truck maker Scania before sitting through a fascinating presentation by the Times Media online team on metrics and analytics — in layman’s terms, how you see who is visiting your website. We have to know this stuff now.


Early start for Mark as he jetted down to Cape Town for the launch of the new Honda Civic Type-R. Yes, it involved a racetrack, this time Killarney where the new Type-R proved to be a superb track car. Expensive, but the true Type-R fans will sell their grandmothers to get their hands on it. Lerato also headed to Cape Town for a rather different vehicle, the BMW 7 Series, where he enjoyed plenty of luxury and more than his fair share of tech gadgets. Meanwhile, the Kia Sedona arrived in the car park to test. It’s going to be a great solution for the school run over the next week.


Lerato was still having a tough time in Cape Town in the 7 Series, while Mark was in the office getting started on this very issue. Interesting news filtered through from India, though. Just as the Zika virus was being considered a global emergency, Tata announced it was about to launch its new car — the Zica. Talk about terrible timing.


Mark packed the family into the Sedona and headed to the Zwartkops circuit for the annual Passion for Speed historic racing event. As always the circuit was packed with spectators and provided some of the best racing of the year. Watching the likes of Sarel van der Merwe trading paintwork with Hennie Groenewald and Paolo Cavalieri is a fantastic way to spend a day. Even former Motor News editor Patrick Gearing was there sliding the back end of his Alfa around the track. If you haven’t been to the historic races before then you should — it’s proper racing.