A FORMULA made from medicinal mushrooms, traditional Chinese herbs and other natural ingredients inhibits aggressive, triple-negative breast cancer and breast-to-lung metastasis in an animal study.

It decreases metastasis, slows cancer growth and suppresses pro-cancer genes, with no signs of toxicity, say US researchers at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute, at Indiana University Health.

"Patients with triple-negative breast cancer often die from metastasis," says study co-author Dr Isaac Eliaz.

"This formula, taken as a health supplement, may offer new hope for patients who are struggling to overcome an invasive, deadly disease which has been so difficult to treat."

The formula hits cancer with a powerful combination therapy, Eliaz says.

It may be an important adjunct in treating the most aggressive type of breast cancer and other forms of this disease, he says, as it dramatically decreases the metastatic process, slows the growth of primary tumours and favourably alters oncogene expression.

"It achieves all this with no side effects," he says.

Preclinical research shows excellent results alone and in combination with other natural anti-cancer preparations. The first phase of human clinical trials may start as early as next year.