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Retreats and holiday spas based on detox therapies are a luxury option, provided you can afford to pay many thousands of rand and are prepared for a diet of birch sap, black coconut ash and broccoli smoothies. Picture: ISTOCK

Why purging is so bad for your mind

There’s no need for expensive treatments as the body has its own detoxification system which includes the liver and the kidneys

A buzzing economy helps keep malaria at bay

CARRIER: Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasites that are spread to people through the bites of infected anopheles mosquitoes, called 'malaria vectors', that bite mainly between dusk and dawn. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Socialist Venezuela, dirt poor and adrift, is an exception as the tide turns in the global war on malaria, writes Jasson Urbach

Study fails to close divide on statins

While a study claims the benefits of statins outweigh the risks of taking them, opponents of the drugs remain concerned about its serious side effects that include muscle, nerve, liver and cardiovascular damage, endocrine disruption, erectile dysfunction and an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and birth defects. Picture: ISTOCK

New British study claims finally to put to rest the rancorous debate worldwide over the risk-versus-benefit profile of statins

Ventilating the study of a stubborn epidemic

Scientists at TB 2016 warn that research into desperately needed new TB drugs is flagging because governments and pharmaceutical companies were not investing enough in the field. Picture BUSINESS DAY

Breaking the back of Cape Town’s tuberculosis problem will require breaking the epidemic’s transmission cycle

The ups and downs of treating bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterised as dramatic shifts in mood and activity levels that affect a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Picture: ISTOCK

Stigmas surrounding mental illness are slowly melting in the face of understanding, writes Nick Rojas

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