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SA scientists identify new antimalarial compound

New malaria drugs are needed desperately as there is growing resistance to existing treatments, and an effective vaccine remains elusive

Private partners can lift public health

The Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital in Maseru is a public-private partnership that has improved the quality of care for patients in Lesotho. Picture: SUPPLIED

Options must be tried to make healthcare equal to all in SA, writes Jacques Snyman

Algae may be the answer to world’s food problems

Algae has been popular in Asia for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular in the West, as it is highly nutritious. There are 145 species consumed in the world and France grows 24 species on the Brittany coast. Picture: ISTOCK

Algae is an alternative marine nutrition solution, one that could significantly help, if not guarantee, mankind’s survival, writes JP Géné

Luxury yoga chill zones aim to ease big city stress

Yoga classes will be a major feature of the planned High Court chain of wellness clubs that will soon open at its first site in lower Manhattan, New York. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Wellness entrepreneurs offer an alternative universe of yoga-based ‘intelligent leisure’ including health, luxury, and exclusivity, writes Deena Shanker

The brain exercise that gives you the best shot at delaying dementia

Numerous products and activity programmes claim to be able to slow mental decline, but nothing has proven a surefire way to preserve brainpower, apart from certain mental exercises, say Canadian scientists. Picture: THINKSTOCK.

A new, 10-year study shows there is a more effective brain training technique than memory and reasoning exercises

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