WHAT is it with great movies being re-released in 3D or HD (high definition)? Take the whole Star Wars franchise: a couple of years ago we had to endure episodes one, two and three. Later, fans were treated to the re-mastered versions of the original classics; episodes four, five and six. Now we have to see the whole franchise again — in 3D.

The world needs something new and fresh. Come up with new ideas, or you could end up ruining it for the fans. This brings me to Namco Bandai’s Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection.

The Dragon Ball franchise has been around since the 1980s and is one of the most well-known and wealthiest manga series.

This year saw the release of the latest instalment in the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

First things first, this is not a new game by any means. This is just the re-released HD version of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and 3. The game follows the Dragon Ball Z series very closely and answers some questions fans might have about the series.

You choose a character from the series and play through different levels that follow the TV series, but with a slight difference. As you progress, you have the chance to upgrade your character to its maximum potential.

The only snag with this is that if you do not play with Goku/Kakarot (the main character) you will not take part in all the battles and you will just be a bystander.

Other game modes include a practice mode, where you get to master the controls of each character — it will save you precious hours and save you from going grey prematurely by just starting off knowing the controls and the moves.

The controls are not easy to master at first, as you need to hit a combination of buttons in order to initiate a move or to power up. However, the more you play the easier it gets. The question is, will you still have a controller left after dying for the 75th time against the same opponent?

Just as with the Tekken series, you can also choose a character and battle in a duel with the computer or a friend over the network. This will keep you playing for hours, and is the bread and butter of the franchise.

The graphics are not real, nor meant to be. It is much sharper than the previous versions and that in its own is well worth the price of the game.

As mentioned, this game is for the fans and they will love it. Novices won’t feel neglected like those of other franchises where you need to understand the story line. You pick a character and by playing the game get to understand the history behind it, so this game will keep you coming back for more, time and time again.

RATING: Three and a half stars out of five.