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Picture: REUTERS

Mentorship app run by youth agency gives Zuma trouble with numbers

An app designed to bring young entrepreneurs and business mentors together fails to deliver the goods, writes Stephen Timm

Robot means ‘chore’ — and soon they may be coming for your job

A robot pours beer at the Hannover Messe industrial trade fair in Hanover, Germany. Picture: REUTERS/NIGEL TREBLIN

Every few months, a new study comes out predicting the elimination of entire job sectors, swallowed up by nimble machinery, writes Nicolas Dufour

A tattoo that knows when you’re drunk


Researchers have come up with a removable electronic tattoo that can sense blood-alcohol levels from the sweat on skin and then send the information via Bluetooth

Furore over digitally altered pictures: when do they cross over into fiction?

Picture: ISTOCK

There is little consensus on when picture editing has gone too far, especially since a limited amount of digital touching up is standard in the photo industry

What can you do when Pokemon Go-ers say your house is a virtual location?

MOBILE GAME:  A Pokemon appears on the screen next to a woman as a man plays Nintendo’s Pokemon Go in New York on Monday. Picture: REUTERS

As location-based data applications proliferate, there needs to be better protection of digital rights in those spaces

Businesses lure Pokémon Go players to their doorsteps

Introducing a game-styled environment can help motivate and manage younger workers. Picture: REUTERS/TORU HANAI

Lures can attract crowds, but lawyers warn against creating the false impression of affiliation with Pokémon Go or Niantic unless there is a formal partnership

Algorithms for getting into rhythm

COLOURFUL: Baby red romaine lettuce grows in a vertical farming bed beneath light emitting diode lamps and using a patented growing algorithm of controlled light, nutrients and temperatures, at an indoor vertical farming facility in New Jersey. File picture: REUTERS

Can the people who think about the foundations of computing and programming help us to solve human problems, asks Tim Harford

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