• Thursday, March 05 2015
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VIDEO: Everything to make yourself at 2015 edition of Hobby-X

Creative workshops and displays at Hobby-X are not only aimed at the fairer sex and kids, dad will be absolutely delighted by the displays

Forget Big Brother, it’s Big Mom watching you

Teenagers’ love of electronic devices, especially smartphones, makes it easy for their parents to snoop on them. Picture: THINKSTOCK
3 day(s) ago

A booming array of gadgets are being marketed to those who want to keep tabs on their children

What clever robots mean for jobs

8 day(s) ago

Recent advances have pushed experts to look anew at changes automation will bring to labour force as robots wiggle their way into higher reaches of workplace

Are machines really the call centres of the future?

The humanoid robot AILA (Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android) operates a telephone switchboard for a demonstration by the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence at the CeBit computer fair in Hanover in March 2013.  Picture: REUTERS/FABRIZIO BENSCH
22 hour(s) ago

Even though very smart ‘robots’ are automating more and more processes, there can never be a substitute for human-to-human communication, writes Jed Hewson

Facebook now pretty much ubiquitous among SA students

Facebook. Picture: REUTERS
1 day(s) ago

According to new research from World Wide Worx and Student Brands, just 3% of students in SA aren’t active on world’s most popular social network, writes Stuart Thomas

Talking to yourself may not be safe anymore

Showgoers watch a display of Samsung Smart TVs during the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in this file photo. Picture: REUTERS
3 day(s) ago

Samsung’s smart TVs are able to record conversations and other personal information about users. What happens to this information and who else has access to it?


Time has come for a new script for learning to write

Penny Haw: If keyboarding is to replace cursive to better prepare youngsters to generate incomes in future, who are we to protest?

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