• Saturday, November 01 2014
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ARTS: Shocking artist we have not yet tamed

Egon Schiele’s nude portraits are even more daring and disturbing than when he created them a century ago, writes Jackie Wullschlager
Deep Fried Man. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Not a relative of 'Top Billing' types

Musical comedian and writer Deep Fried Man offers a fresh and frank opinion on what money means and why it matters

A vinyl time-trip revolution

8 day(s) ago

My vinyl collection has been shaken gently awake again, put back in order, standing in genres and then within the more confined sub-groupings of bands, writes Allan Seccombe

FILM: Fed Up; worthy with unlikely appeal

1 day(s) ago

Unsurprisingly, the threats come from fast foods, carbonated drinks and laziness; however, there are other, less obvious causes, writes Phillip Altbeker

All that shimmers does not turn into gold

1 day(s) ago

Robert Hamblin’s extensive photographic series, produced over the course of a year by making daily visits to the Dalebrook tidal pool near Kalk Bay, captures the tricks of light that can turn seawater into liquid gold, writes Chris Thurman

Historic art in rare appearance

William Kentridge.  Picture:   STRAUSS & CO
1 day(s) ago

A dedicated collector’s works will vie for attention at an auction featuring many famous artists’ names, writes Matthew Partridge

Street and gallery swap roles in Braamies

A still from Catherine Gfeller’s video montage, Jacaranda Trip.  Picture: WITS ART MUSEUM
8 day(s) ago

Doing Hair invites people to reflect on their hair and how it is part of a process of identity construction, writes Chris Thurman

FILM: Magic in the Moonlight; Brick Mansions

8 day(s) ago

Magic in the Moonlight is clearly one of Woody Allen's lesser work, writes Phillip Altbeker who also reviews Brick Mansions, which is a remake of District 13

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