• Tuesday, August 04 2015
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Full effect of ‘gig economy’ hard to calculate

Some economists argue that official figures fail to capture effects of sharing economy, other innovation, true productivity growth is much higher


Picky eaters may be more prone to anxiety


Study finds moderate, severe cases of selective eating in children are associated with elevated symptoms of anxiety, depression in later years

Gadgets & Gear

Sony Xperia M5 is a pocket camera powerhouse

The Sony Xperia M5.  Picture: sonymobile.com

The Xperia M5 seems like a more streamlined device than the M4, with Sony taking to heart the M-category’s real selling points: imaging and affordability


Apple, Google aim to predict what you want

Picture: REUTERS

Technology giants are adding features to smartphones to deliver information before users ask for it


Ubuntu’s lessons in teaching our children well

Jacob Lief at work in one of Ubuntu’s classrooms where vulnerable children learn long-term skills that will help them become productive, healthy and stable citizens. Pictures: SUPPLIED

The Ubuntu Education Fund's individualised, long-term approach to helping vulnerable children has delivered philanthropist Jacob Lief some tough lessons and great rewards, writes Sue Blaine


SA spearheads drive to nurture African management talent

SA can be a powerhouse for teaching about working in emerging markets, UCT Graduate School of Business dean Walter Baets says. Picture: HETTY ZANTMAN

Business schools have a crucial role in developing the skills needed for Africa's economic growth, writes David Furlonger

Media & Advertising

SA printing industry still looks good on paper


In the age of endless options, readers still find themselves drawn to printed material, writes Thabiso Mochiko


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Clever big Benz hybrid makes the greens see red

The full plug-in hybrid GLE500e has a 40km electric-only range, a switch to toggle to the engine, and automatic mode if you need help deciding

The halls of learning now have unseen ears as computer programs with good intentions begin to play a role in determining how students are faring and how they can be helped to achieve their goals. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Big Brother of student data comes to campus

Tracking how long students spend working, socialising, exercising and sleeping aims to improve their academic experience, writes Helen Warrell

Opinion & Analysis

Innovation has cyclists’ back

A technological device that helps cyclists respond to traffic threats behind them will hopefully reduce road deaths of cyclists such as Burry Stander, whose body is carried out of a church. Picture: THE TIMES

A local radar invention, developed in Stellenbosch and bought by Garmin SA, will help cyclists to ride defensively, writes Graeme Addison


Uber gears up to throw a spanner in the works

Picture: THE TIMES

Upstart Uber’s clash with the metered taxi industry is probably just phase one of its onslaught against the traditional transport establishment


DIY, quite a turn-up for the books

Harper Lee’s second novel took 50 years to be published. Self-publishing offers a faster route to market than traditional publishing houses, which have suffered staff cuts. Picture: REUTERS/LUCAS JACKSON

Self-publishers have spotted a gap in an industry in flux, writes Tom Nevin

Arts & Entertainment

ON THE STAGE: Broken hearts, crushed spirits in Sophiatown

Crepuscule, written by the late Can Themba, is the story of the author’s doomed relationship with a white woman in Sophiatown in the 1950s. Picture: RUPHIN COUDYZER

Ablaze with ideas, optimism and creative energy Khayelihle Dominique Gumede is one of a new generation of South African storytellers, writes Christina Kennedy

Featured Partners

Allowing our customers to prosper while honouring their values

Since its inception in SA in 2006, Absa Islamic Banking has provided a competitive alternative for customers who want to enjoy banking that is governed by Sharia law

Featured Partner

Cars, motorcycles & driving


INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: A master class in evolution

Designers have given the new Audi R8 a more edgy look.  Picture: AUDI AG

Motor News travelled to Faro, Portugal to sample the second generation Audi R8


FLEET NEWS: Making (better) use of trade’s tools

It is important for managers to capitalise on the data available to reduce the impact of the rising costs.  Picture: THINKSTOCK

Mark Smyth found that fleet managers approach their role very differently


INDUSTRY NEWS: Smart way to store info

A screenshot of the new Santam accident reporting app.  Picture: SANTAM

There is now an app to make vehicle crash insurance claims easier


INDUSTRY NEWS: Move to downplay hacking concerns

The connected infotainment system in Jeeps and other Fiat Chrysler products in the US has provided the hacking vulnerability. Picture: BMW

Jeep hack shows all connected cars are vulnerable? Not so fast, say Audi and Mercedes-Benz, writes Michael Taylor


INTERVIEW: Moving with the times

Chevrolet’s future line-up (clockwise from lower right). The 2016 Cruze joins Malibu, Camaro, Spark and Volt.  Picture: GENERAL MOTORS

Lerato Matebese spoke with some of Chevrolet’s design team in Detroit


AUCTION NEWS: Icons under the hammer

This rare 1958 Mercedes-Benz W189 300d series Adenauer once belonged to Aga Khan.  Picture: STEPHAN WELZ AND CO.

A rare Mercedes and an iconic Jaguar will go under the hammer at the next Stephan Welz and Co auction

The new Infiniti Q30 will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Picture: NEWSPRESS

FUTURE MODELS: Design is key to active compact

Infiniti is aiming to take on some serious hatchback competitors with its new Q30


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Car companies will autocorrect their tech troubles

This industry moves so fast that any legislation will be comically out of date by the time they get round to passing it


INDUSTRY NEWS: Move to downplay hacking concerns

The connected infotainment system in Jeeps and other Fiat Chrysler products in the US has provided the hacking vulnerability. Picture: BMW

Jeep hack shows all connected cars are vulnerable? Not so fast, say Audi and Mercedes-Benz, writes Michael Taylor


INDUSTRY NEWS: The colour of paint scratches


The colour of your car could contribute to it being prone to scratches


LONG-TERM FLEET: Putting a stop to bad genes

The VW Touareg has been getting around Gauteng.  Pictures: NEWSPRESS, MARK SMYTH

The autonomous emergency braking system on the Volkswagen Touareg is working quite well in Joburg, writes Mark Smyth

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Tasting for Nederburg Auction unveils the princes-in-waiting

Michael Fridjhon promo

Distell will profit from the skills and insights of Nederburg cellarmaster Razvan Macici, writes Michael Fridjhon

Travel & Food

Engineer answers the call of cacao

Michel Sauvenier is a mining engineer who has reinvented himself as a chocolatier. Pictures: SUPPLIED

Michel Sauvenier tackles chocolate with the same enthusiasm and expertise he had for mining to create a perfect end-result, writes Lesley Stones

Travel & Food

Online series lifts lid on African food

Academic Tuleka Prah wants to put African cooking on the map with her online series, which uses YouTube videos. Pictures: MY AFRICAN FOOD MAP

Drawing on her itinerate life in Africa Kenyan Tuleka Prah seeks to soup up the image of the continent’s cuisine, writes Sue Blaine

Social entrepreneur and restaurateur “Ziggy” Thabete outside the previous premises of his Sophiatown restaurant in Newtown. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Be the change, says culture entrepreneur

Rasta "Ziggy" Thabete says his business is doing well as a brand that preserves a culture. 'Our generation is short of mentors’, writes Sue Blaine


Fair trade coffee: a globalised tip jar

Coffee farmers often live a precarious existence. Picture: REUTERS

Many Western consumers care about the people who grow their coffee, and have money to spare if only it might reach those people, writes Tim Harford

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Note 4 by  Penny Siopis is part of her exhibition, Still and Moving, at the Stevenson in Cape Town. Picture: STEVENSON GALLERY

Twin exhibitions conjure the depth of feeling love and loss

South African Penny Siopis and emerging Zimbabwean artist Portia Zvavahera depict the double bind of love and loss, writes Ashraf Jamal

Arts & Entertainment

British jazz pianist John Taylor dies aged 72


British jazz pianist John Taylor dies after suffering heart attack onstage at Saveurs Jazz Festival in western French town of Segre

Arts & Entertainment

Local artists need us to believe in superheroes

In this scene from  Roye Okupe’s crowdfunded EXO/Wale Williams, the Nigerian superhero faces off with his nemesis Oniku. Picture: SUPPLIED

SA has a thriving animation industry, but the money is terrible and innovation comes from abroad, writes Sue Blaine

Arts & Entertainment

Pushing on the iBeadwork, a string of identity shifts

Mpondo/Gcaleka (Matsuseng village Eastern Cape) Bead panel on pin, Isipeliti, blanket pin beads. Artist unrecorded. Acquired in 1998. Standard Bank African Art Collection (Wits Art Museum). Picture: SUPPLIED

Exhibition casts a beady eye, mostly, on how black South Africans adorned their bodies with small glass ornaments, writes Sue Blaine

Arts & Entertainment

Disney gives a peek at upcoming attractions

Paul Rudd plays the title role in Disney’s Ant-Man, based on Marvel comic book.

Perhaps most anticipated of forthcoming Disney offerings is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which sees Harrison Ford return in iconic role as rogue Han Solo

Arts & Entertainment

Film festival aims to show Cape Flats has more to offer than gangs and guns

Filming Nadine  Cloete's

Festival instigator plans bring positive films about Cape Flats, challenge stereotype that nothing good comes from there

Arts & Entertainment

Local artist’s Lorraine Loots miniatures big in New York

Lorraine Loots at her Cape Town exhibition last year. Loots’s US debut, #AntsinNYC, has finished a successful week-long run.  Picture: THE LADY AND THE LION

Technology has helped Lorraine Loots get her work out to the rest of the world, but she says it hasn’t replaced the desire to experience it up close, writes Nadia Neophytou


HALF ART: Love and laughter in a time of misery and tyranny

Portia Zvavahera’s new exhibition offers an excellent example of identifying the presence of love, joy, passion and pleasure amid privation or oppression

Personal technology news & reviews


Ten questions to ask before buying a smartphone

Since smartphones all the rage these days, there a number of models that might be deceptively appealing without being of much use

Gadgets & Gear

Do smart screens impact childhood development?


As if worries over diet, socialisation, fitness, mental health of children not stressful enough, parents now also have to worry about smart screen time

Gadgets & Gear

A Mac user falls for the PC again


About eight years ago, after growing up with Windows computers and many games of Solitaire, I bought my first Mac, and never looked back — until now, writes Joanna Stern

Gadgets & Gear

Google gives up on Google+ as a Facebook rival

Technology company puts final nail in coffin of its ambition to make Google+ real competitor to leading social networks

Gadgets & Gear

Android flaw lets hackers break in with a text message


Cyber security firm Zimperium warns of flaw in world’s most popular smartphone operating system that lets hackers take control with text message

Books news & reviews


BOOK REVIEW: Eugene De Kock: Assassin For the State

Anemari Jansen writes a scrupulously fair, honest and balanced account of apartheid-era assassin Eugene De Kock’s life, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


To Kill a Mockingbird author’s original novel hits book stores


Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set A Watchman’, the novel rewritten and eventually retitled ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, now available internationally on book stands


BOOK REVIEW: Go Set a Watchman

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Harper Lee. Picture: AFP

Disillusion as Scout returns home in disturbing early draft of Mockingbird, writes Michiko Kakutani


New guise for book festival


Instead of being 50-50 mix between trade fair and book festival as in past, this year's focus is on book festival, which is being held in Johannesburg for first time


BOOK REVIEW: The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier

Ariane de Bonvoisin’s book The First 30 Days is a guide on how people can deal with change in their lives. Picture: SUPPLIED

Ariane de Bonvoisin provides the ultimate advice on how to handle change and her central message is: don’t try to control things, writes Sue Blaine

Health & lifestyle news


Drug companies see gene mutations as a blessing

Pharmaceutical companies are exploring genetic outliers, or rare DNA deviations, in search of drugs for some of the industry’s biggest, most lucrative markets, writes Caroline Chen


New norovirus could down millions, on land and sea

Picture: REUTERS

Infected food workers are frequently the source of norovirus outbreaks, often by touching ready-to-eat foods served in restaurants and cruise liners, writes Jason Gale


The carbs vs fats argument by way of detour

France's Alexandre Geniez rides in a breakaway during the 110,5km twentieth stage of the 102nd edition of the Tour de France cycling race on July 25, between Modane Valfrejus and Alpe d'Huez, French Alps. Picture: AFP PHOTO/LIONEL BONAVENTURE

Carbohydrate intake before, during and in between stages of exercise remains the best way to facilitate energy production for homo sapiens, writes Matthew Haines


Cancer, a study in deceit and rebellion


Multicellular life is a continual struggle between competition and co-operation — evolution can explain the rise of disease, writes George Johnson


Buzz over malaria vaccine fades as difficulties dawn


Kate Kelland: If children vaccinated against malaria continue to get the disease, why should mothers trust other vaccines?

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