• Monday, September 01 2014
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MISSION: Vusi Kunene, the restaurateur behind the Blackanese Sushi & Wine Bar in Maboneng Precinct, has immersed himself in Japanese culture and cuisine. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

Meet the real king of sushi

Vusi Kunene has progressed from waiter to owning an African-Asian eatery in a trendy precinct, writes Ishay Govender-Ypma

Travel & Food


Starlings Café in Cape Town. Picture: LAR LESLIE
3 day(s) ago

Cape Town café offers suburban seclusion worth the search, writes Penny Haw


Regulatory revenge risks scaring investors away

15 hour(s) ago

Legal risk is now replacing credit risk as the key uncertainty, and this raises questions about investability of banks, writes Gillian Tett


ON THE WATER: Running chickens and cattle not everyone’s cuppa

President Jacob Zuma's  Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
12 hour(s) ago

If we can forgive the princes of apartheid their transgressions, we can afford a soon-to-be former Number One another chance, writes Neels Blom

Arts & Entertainment


The Young Tradition/Galleries
12 hour(s) ago

Richard Haslop writes about songs of life and death, love and loss, and some British historical fact

Cars, motorcycles & driving


FUTURE MODELS: Xciting times signal new era

The Volvo XC90 features a new corporate face that will be signature on future models.  Pictures: VOLVO, QUICKPIC
4 day(s) ago

Volvo has taken the wraps off its second generation XC90 SUV that will go on sale in SA in 2015, writes Lerato Matebese


FUTURE MODELS: Beloved ‘pony car’ saddles up to get it right — worldwide

The Mustang will arrive in SA in 2015.   Picture: NEWSPRESS
4 day(s) ago

Ford has begun testing of its first right-hand drive Mustang, due in SA in 2015


DESIGN: How we will travel is brought to life

Dominic Wilcox predicts self driving cars will allow a multitude of projected images on the inside of vehicles.  Picture: NEWSPRESS
4 day(s) ago

Mini asked a number of designers to provide their view of the automotive future for a UK exhibition

Apart from teaser pics like this, few details of the design of the new XE have been released.  Picture: NEWSPRESS

FUTURE MODELS: Smart cat on its way

Jaguar’s XE sports saloon looks set to upset the apple cart of the establishment when it launches in SA in 2015


ROAD TEST: With added substance

The design of the Grand i10 fits well into the Hyundai family.  Picture: QUICKPIC
4 day(s) ago

As the replacement to the popular Hyundai Getz the Grand i10 has a great deal of pressure riding on its shoulders, writes Lerato Matebese

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews


TRAVEL: London, Tyrol, Berlin and Ravello

A shopping and packing service for men, The Jakobskreuz, Deutsche Bahn restructuring and a unique table-with-a-view

Travel & Food

Lanhydrock Estate’s leaderless splendour

3 day(s) ago

Hans Pienaar joins the throngs that ensure mansion of Agar-Robartes family is kept in a state surpassing its aristocratic heyday

Travel & Food


10 day(s) ago

Little Addis Café serves family food that is cooked with love, writes Sue Blaine


WINE: The Chenin Challenge

Line-up an indication that panel did a neat job as it is a reflection of credibility of South Africa’s top players, writes Michael Fridjhon


VIDEO: Tim Noakes talks about the Banting diet

12 day(s) ago

BDlive talks to author of The Real Meal Revolution, Tim Noakes, to get more insight into his controversial high-fat, low-carbohydrate eating plan known as the Banting diet

Travel & Food

Spoilt for choice in the Cape

NOT FOR THE RAVENOUS: The Test Kitchen where chefs pay minute attention to detail.  Picture:  MADELEINE MORROW
10 day(s) ago

Madeleine Morrow has her palate pleased and her conscience pricked on a visit from London

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Shadow Boxer is a sculptural translation by Johannesburg-based artist Marco Ciarnfanelli. Picture: BASA

What statues have to say about us

Public art, particularly sculpture, can be a measure of process by which South Africa is ideologically reconstructing itself

Arts & Entertainment

Unsatisfactory comparisons with the US

A dancer in Cirque Eloize’s iD. The show fuses traditional circus acts with the urban energy of hip-hop. Picture: CIRQUE ELOIZE
4 day(s) ago

Ferguson, Missouri, has not loomed large in SA’s mainstream and social media content. We have other fish to fry, writes Chris Thurman

Arts & Entertainment

FILM: The Lady; Lovelace; Tammy

PREDICTABLE: Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy in Tammy.
4 day(s) ago

Luc Besson launches The Lady, a dramatisation of Aung San Suu Kyi’s resistance to the former Burmese junta, writes Phillip Altbeker


JAZZ: SA feasts on new jazz

For the first time in years, Gwen Ansell has a stack of local rather than international jazz albums to review

Arts & Entertainment

A privilege to sharing the joy of music

Buskaid musicians perform in Trafalgar Square earlier this year. Picture: BUSKAID
4 day(s) ago

Soweto-born Lesego Mokonoto began his association with Buskaid as youngster wanting to learn to play violin, today he teaches children same instrument

Arts & Entertainment

Artist puts herself in frame

Photographer Lebohang Kganye. Picture: SUPPLIED
4 day(s) ago

Lebohang Kganye’s works were handed out as this year’s Basa awards, writes Matthew Partridge

Personal technology news & reviews

MOVING ON: Christina Watson, CEO of Via Afrika Publishers. The firm issues all new material in print and e-book format.  Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

Era of hi-tech teachers is coming

Technology can make textbooks redundant, even in remote schools, writes Penny Haw

Gadgets & Gear

Technology helps give new life to art and design

As a finalist of the Business Day Business and Arts South Africa Ms Jansen van Vuuren was involved in a series of seminars accompanied by an exhibition titled Agents of the 3D Revolution. BASA/ Michaela Jansen van Vuuren
5 day(s) ago

A work by artist Michaela Janse van Vuuren, who makes use of 3D printing, was submitted to Business Day Business and Arts SA awards, where she was selected as a finalist in the category of innovation

Gadgets & Gear

TECHNOLOGY: Smartphone owners’ appetite for new apps wanes

12 day(s) ago

Waning appetite for new apps is fuelling mobile developers’ concerns that best days of growth are coming to an end


Socks and elbows put end to snoring

Many techniques have been used to end snoring, but best solution has been found on travels through Africa

Books news & reviews

British writer Paul Mendelson signs copies of his first book. A sequel has already been written. Picture: CONSTABLE & ROBINSON

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Writer finds muse in SA

Police thriller captures tensions of post-apartheid Cape Town, writes Penny Haw


BOOK REVIEW: Empire’s Crossroads

13 day(s) ago

Empire’s Crossroads is a vivid, compelling narrative of a history that still reverberates, writesDavid Gorin


BOOKS: Learning lessons from failure key to reaching the summit

6 day(s) ago

KK Diaz explains how he came up with idea of climbing Kilimanjaro as business metaphor, personal ambition to see how far he could stretch himself


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Shock of abuse in Jewish Joburg

INSIGHTFUL DISCOMFORT: Marilyn Cohen de Villiers went into internet chatrooms frequented by hebephiles  in doing researching for her compelling debut novel.  Picture: SUPPLIED
13 day(s) ago

Not many know or want to admit that it exists, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


Teenage books with added bite

14 day(s) ago

As young adult literature becomes more subtle and multifaceted, the boundaries between ‘adult’ and ‘teen’ literature are collapsing, writes Gillian Tett

Health & lifestyle news

Picture: REUTERS

Sugar tax mooted to save lives and money

Study shows 20% tax on sugar-sweetened drinks could cut number of obese South Africans by almost a quarter of a million


Experimental Ebola serum lifts molecular ‘pharming’ profile

25 day(s) ago

Drug makers’ use of the tobacco plant as a fast and cheap way to produce novel biotechnology treatments is gaining global attention

Opinion & Analysis

Human rights are important in health crises

Health workers, wearing head-to-toe protective gear, prepare for work, outside an isolation unit in Foya District, Lofa County, Liberia in this July 2014 UNICEF handout photo. Picture: REUTERS
13 day(s) ago

Individual human rights protections are necessities to advancing public health during emergencies such as the Ebola epidemic, writes Annabel Raw

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