• Monday, October 05 2015
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Jack Ma.  Picture: REUTERS

Sotheby’s to auction Jack Ma painting

Paradise, a painting by the billionaire Alibaba founder with artist Zeng Fanzhi, is expected to fetch as much as HK$2.5m


BOOK REVIEW: Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights


Imagination bolsters rationality as Salman Rushdie dazzles, writes Hans Pienaar

Arts & Entertainment

Pop-up shop returns with artists’ prints

Claudette Schreuders’ Love Bird. Picture: SUPPLIED

Exhibition of limited-edition artists’ prints offers accessible works for new art buyers, writes Sue Blaine




Henrietta Rose-Innes’s novel a strange and intimate roar of dark genius, writes Ashraf Jamal


Deadly toll of VW’s diesel deception

A cyclist wears a face mask as he rides in London, the UK. Picture: REUTERS/NEIL HALL

VW’s diesel deception unleashed tonnes of extra pollutants in the US, which can harm human health

Opinion & Analysis

Doctors should champion the cause of poor people


Poverty and inequality need to be addressed if we are to make progress in improving health and wellness, writes Jimmy Volmink



Deon Meyer. Picture: SUPPLIED

Deon Meyer’s boozy protagonist returns in a thrilling tale of addiction, despair, murder and psychopaths, writes Sue Blaine


Compassion and altruism central to a happy life

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen understands the benefits of counting her blessings. Picture: REUTERS/PAULO WHITAKER

Contentment stems not from material wealth, as the rich keep reminding us, but from relationships and personal development, writes Anjana Ahuja


Sedentary children are also sitting ducks when it comes to health risks

A new study shows that sedentary children face similar healthrisks as inactive adults. Picture: ISTOCK

Study found that after single session of prolonged inactivity, children develop changes that, in grown-ups, would signal the start of serious cardiovascular problems

Performer Grace Jones attends a book signing for her new autobiography I'll Never Write My Memoirs,  at Book Soup in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday. Picture: AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK

Flashbacks of diva antics and Grace

Pop icon Grace Jones released her memoirs on Thursday. Here she speaks to Michael Schulman of the New York Times


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: All divisions add to success of Cape wine sector

Cape wine industry splits into three broad divisions and each has its own unique selling proposition


HALF ART: If self-incrimination stirs no outrage, beware

Nigerian Adejoke Tugbiyele’s art touches on local manifestations of global issues: migration and its dangers, energy crises, crumbling urban infrastructure, consumerism

Featured Partners

Overloading on screen time? Your brain could be suffering


Studies show extended screen time appears to negatively impact brain structure and function, but there are ways to reduce these effects, writes Belinda Mountain

Featured Partner

Travel & Food

Nature imprints itself on the senses at Kogelberg

The Oudebosch camp at the Kogelberg Nature Reserve has five glass-fronted self-catering eco-huts, which are often booked up to a year in advance for weekend stays. Picture: SUPPLIED

The incredible richness of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve provided endless inspiration for the coin series, writes Sue Blaine


LAUNCH NEWS: Audi Q7 — in search of sophistication

The new Q7 is the first to sport the ‘Q’ design language that will filter into other models. Picture: AUDI SA

Audi is aiming to attract a more sophisticated buyer with its less extrovert new Q7

Cars, motorcycles & driving


INTERVIEW: Porsche creating the icons of the future

Michael Mauer, head of Porsche styling with the Mission-E at Frankfurt Motor Show. Picture: MARK SMYTH

Mark Smyth spoke to some of the Porsche executives involved in creating its future models


LAUNCH NEWS: Makeover for Peugeot’s popular Pug

The updated 208 gets new daytime running lights and a few styling revisions.

Peugeot has spruced up its 208 range and added two new models, writes Lerato Matebese


INDUSTRY NEWS: Big three executive sedan makers still doing battle

The new Audi A4 arrives in SA early in 2016. Picture: NEWSPRESS UK

The war in the medium executive sedan segment rages on, writes Lerato Matebese

The V60 Cross Country has the looks to match its explorer character. Pictures: LERATO MATEBESE, NEWSPRESS

FIRST DRIVE: Volvo’s V60 is no Swedish country bumpkin

Volvo has given the Cross Country treatment to its V60 variant, and Lerato Matebese recently took it on a road trip


EDITOR’S NOTE: Lessons to be learnt from VW Dieselgate scandal

Dieselgate should open up the debate on vehicle emissions standards in SA

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Jamie-Lee Saunders. Picture: SUPPLIED

Young commis chef wows judges with pink peppercorn macaroons

Despite having no formal training, Jamie-Lee Saunders wins Chefs who Share — the Art of Giving Young Chef Award, thanks to ability to juxtapose different flavours

Travel & Food

Jamie Oliver’s good food with a little naughty

A waiter prepares a table at the Jamie's Italian by Jamie Oliver restaurant aboard the Quantum of the Seas cruise ship, operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises, near Southampton Docks, the UK. Picture: BLOOMBERG/SIMON DAWSON

Wholehearted, delicious recipes and, perhaps the loveliest thing about Oliver, always his focus on fun, writes Sue Blaine

African Business

Local wine producers plan to increase exports to Africa

Grape pickers. Picture: REUTERS

South African exporters aim quench thirst for wine on continent, increase sales in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, China is another important growth market


LIQUID INVESTMENT: Showcase of wine happens at crucial time

Never before has international recognition of South Africa's wine industry been this extensive and positive

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Comedian Trevor Noah. Picture: ANTONIO MUCHAVE/SOWETAN

Is he funny? Trevor Noah debuts as Jon Stewart heir

Comic Trevor Noah tries to fill some gigantic shoes, taking over as host of The Daily Show

Arts & Entertainment

Film and performance take centre stage at fair

The FNB Joburg Art Fair has become an annual must-do for art lovers. Picture: JOBURG ART FAIR

Leading art event FNB Joburg Art Fair to show 350 artists headlined by Venice Biennale exhibitor Jeremy Wafer, write Sue Blaine

Arts & Entertainment

Northern exposure for local directors

Director Oliver Hermanus says the Canadian festival provides a good barometer of audience reaction. Picture: REUTERS/STEFANO RELLANDINI

South African film-makers, including Oliver Hermanus, show home-grown offerings at world’s ultimate audience festival in Toronto, writes Nadia Neophytou

Arts & Entertainment

Emmys celebrate TV’s best, but are viewers overloaded?

Emmy Awards. Picture: AFP

Emmy Awards will celebrate the best in television, but have audiences reached saturation point? Is there, in fact, too much good TV?

Arts & Entertainment

France in move to buy Rembrandt from Rothschild

One of Rembrandt's portraits of Maerten Soolmans.  Picture: SUPPLIED

France, which wants to prevent the Rothschild family from taking the rare full-length portrait to Amsterdam, has offered €80m to buy it


HALF ART: Humble Rapture keeps its feet on the ground

Weimar, Abramjee and Cameron are cautionary tales that show humility is a prerequisite of greatness

Personal technology news & reviews


How humans can win the race against the machines

Idea not to replace all education with ‘robot tutors’ but rather to handle basics with software, freeing students to spend time on group projects and individual mentoring

Gadgets & Gear

Technology doesn’t make school pupils smarter

Pupils at Boitumelong Secondary School in Tembisa use their tablets for the first time, in January this year.  Picture: SOWETAN

OECD research indicates that computers are yet to benefit scholars effectively, urges schools to turn technology into more powerful resource


Apple lists top 25 apps hit by malware in first major attack

Picture: REUTERS

Apple says WeChat messaging app and car-hailing app DiDi Taxi among most popular apps infected with malicious software in first major attack on App Store


Apple presses ahead with efforts to create car, though questions remain

Apple CE Tim Cook speaks at an Apple product announcement in San Francisco, California, the US, on September 9 2015. Picture: BLOOMBERG/DAVID PAUL MORRIS

Tech company is still working out whether it will make self-driving car, electric vehicle or combination of two, according to person with knowledge of product


The (human) brain behind making our devices much more ... well, human

Andrew Ng is using deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, to find new uses in other fields, from predicting advertising clicks to recognising faces. He was poached from Google by Chinese search engine Baidu. Picture: BLOOMBERG/TOMOHIRO OHSUMI

Chief scientist for Baidu Andrew Ng aims to create pocket-sized electronic version of a human brain, writes Charles Clover

Books news & reviews


BOOK REVIEWS: Lydon and Westwood — punk’s flintiest protagonists

The cultural convulsions that swept through Britain under the name of the punk movement remain the subject of carnivalesque dispute


BOOK REVIEW: Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong

A contrarian approach towards the continent’s growth record risks overlooking the obvious, writes Katrina Manson


Ball set to start new chapter after decades of publishing

Publisher Jonathan Ball has a reputation for being a difficult man, but in his retirement, when he is not reading, he intends to show that he is a really nice fellow. Picture: THE TIMES

Influential force in publishing world Jonathan Ball unlikely to stop rattling cages after retirement, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Hunting for healing in clouds of loss

Author Helen Macdonald says the success of her memoir H is for Hawk was unexpected. Picture: MARZENA POGORZALY

British author Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk is a story of ‘loss, love and the natural world’, the success of which took her by surprise, writes Sue Blaine


BOOK REVIEW: The Girl in the Spider’s Web


David Lagercrantz spins a second-rate story that eludes late Larsson’s magnetic oeuvre, writes Allan Seccombe

Health & lifestyle news

Just two minutes of vigorous bouncing has the same calorie-burning effects as six minutes of running. Picture: ISTOCK

FITNESS FABLES: Bouncing your way to fitness

Experts are calling this fitness activity on a mini trampoline the ‘exercise of the future’


Do foetuses shape their futures?

Pregnant woman. Picture: ISTOCK

Foetal cells may produce chemicals that influence the mother’s biology, with potentially important results, writes Carl Zimmer


The price we pay for sitting too much


New research is helping medical experts devise formulas for how long typical office workers should spend sitting and standing


Gene test helps some breast-cancer patients skip chemotherapy


Research findings provide validation for test that provides score based on tumour’s genetic signature that describes risk of cancer recurrence


Drug firms step up research with fitness gadgets

Picture: ISTOCK

Fitbits tracking technology a critical tool for medical researchers and medicine makers in race to bring life-saving drugs to market, writes Anna Edney

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