• Wednesday, November 26 2014
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BOOK REVIEW: Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

Nothing like an atlas to put human endeavour into perspective, writes Sue Blaine


BOOKS: The Edge of Eternity

13 hour(s) ago

Ken Follett ends his trilogy with a human view of three tumultuous decades that shaped the modern world


BOOK REVIEW: Black Widow White Widow

20 hour(s) ago

Author gets unlucky when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria became the new face of Jihadist terrorism, writes Neels Blom


Real estate mogul with a creative touch

IMPROVISATION: Shaun Osher uses his jazz background in his approach to developing and selling property.  Picture: CORE
1 day(s) ago

SA-born saxophonist Shaun Osher has quietly conquered the Big Apple’s property market, writes Nadia Neophytou

Arts & Entertainment

ON THE STAGE: Forever Plaid — a clever collaboration of old and young

20 hour(s) ago

Off-Broadway musical revue is a story of vocal harmony group's return from the afterlife for one last hurrah, writes Christina Kennedy


BOOK REVIEW: The Fortunes of Africa

20 hour(s) ago

There is squandered potential within almost all the continent’s countries, writes David Gorin



Tony Rice Unit compilation of Rice’s choice from the Mar West and Still Inside albums hardly has a country bone in its body, writes Richard Haslop


ON THE WATER: The member’s guide to the galaxy, and how to save it

A panoramic view of Parliament, at the swearing-in ceremony of new members of Parliament in the National Assembly on Wednesday.  Picture: GCIS

The organising principle for phenomena in far away galaxies, such as Parliament, is their occurrence in the member’s inbox, writes Neels Blom

Cars, motorcycles & driving


INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Earth-splitting performance

Like the SLS, the new AMG GTS has echoes of the original Mercedes SL.  Picture: DAIMLER AG
5 day(s) ago

Motor News travelled to California to test the 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS


INTERVIEW: Lifting the four rings higher

Paul Sansom, general manager of Audi SA.  Picture: QUICKPIC
5 day(s) ago

Mark Smyth spoke to Paul Sansom, the new general manager of Audi SA


EVENT NEWS: Finding thrill of speed on the water

The teams battle it out during the Cape Town in-port race 2.  Picture: AINHOA SANCHEZ/VOLVO OCEAN RACE
5 day(s) ago

Lerato Matebese joined the Volvo Ocean Race in Cape Town recently and came away mightily impressed by the event

The new Mercedes C-Class estate continues the legacy of good-looking Merc station wagons.  Picture: QUICKPIC

NEW MODELS: Master of the estate

Mercedes has launched the latest generation of its elegant C-Class estate in SA


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Take a leaf from Mexico

They haven’t flipped the V at Uncle Sam and cosied up to Venezuela. They’ve stayed the course

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews


SA’s terrain makes no bones about its supremacy over cyclist or explorer

All hopes of cutting an hour off a gruelling road race were stymied by stromatolites, writes Richard Bartlett

Travel & Food

Cruising with the crowds

4 day(s) ago

Trips around the coastline are attracting the black market, writes Priscilla Malinga

Travel & Food

Eat Out Awards enlivened by chefs’ demonstrations

Luke Dale-Roberts. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER/SUNDAY TIMES
4 day(s) ago

Why have only six people judging the entire country’s food and chefs when the annual magazine includes reviews from more than 30?


WINE: First among equals

While many winemakers happily affirm their role in production process is akin to that of a midwife, there is clearly more to a producer’s success than minimal-intervention winemaking, writes Michael Fridjhon


A spectacular reef — if you can avoid the tech groupies

Penny Haw promo
6 day(s) ago

An impenetrable and prickly forest covers the island’s jagged surface, writes Penny Haw

Travel & Food

Delhi by bicycle

4 day(s) ago

Our first mission is simply to cross the road, which means counterintuitively stepping out into a stream that consists of buses, cars, tuk-tuks, cattle and rickshaws, writes Caroline Daniel

Music, theatre, art, dance & design


Twenty-five years ago, advertising told the band to play

Out-of-court settlement was reached between Beatles and Nike over the use of Revolution in an advertisement for shoes, which ushered in a new era of symbiotic interests between pop stars and advertisers

Arts & Entertainment

FILM: The Grand Seduction is more subtle than the title

Brendan Gleeson’s small-town con artist  pulls a fast one over Taylor Kitsch’s big-city doctor. Picture: SUPPLIED
5 day(s) ago

Phillip Altbeker also looks at Mockingjay, the last episode in The Hunger Games series


JAZZ: Kenny G in the house

For fans, the fact that this saxophonist is almost universally derided in the jazz world is either irrelevant or incomprehensible

Arts & Entertainment

Arts must still liberalise us

Rosemary Mangope. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
8 day(s) ago

Too much emphasis is being placed on the economy, says the head of SA’s prime art donor organisation, writes Sue Blaine

Personal technology news & reviews

Intel Corp's new gem-studded bracelet designed with fashion brand Opening Ceremony is seen in an undated handout picture released by Intel.  Picture: REUTERS

Intel embraces bling for MICA digital bracelets

Intel, which typically discusses features of its products in nanometres, is going to try to sell a gadget based on something more visible: bling

Gadgets & Gear

Three tech phenomena you only encounter in the emerging markets

15 day(s) ago

Martin Pasquier has seen three massive things in emerging markets that are beyond whatever has been happening in so-called developed world


Unlock the future — without keys

With the proliferation of locking technologies even magnetic swipe key cards are fast becoming passé in the hospitality industry, writes Penny Haw

Books news & reviews

Peter Clarke’s Transition. His art became increasingly abstract as he grew older.  Picture: PHILIPPA HOBBS AND ELIZABETH RANKIN

Master’s spectacular journey

Peter Clarke’s biographers had the chance to speak at length to the artist before his death in April


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: A boytjie in Brooklyn

PLANS CHANGE:  Jaco van Schalkwyk says he wanted to document a region of New York at a particular time but ended up writing a book about manhood. ‘I almost have to apologise for that.’ Picture: DYLAN SCHWARZ
7 day(s) ago

Jaco van Schalkwyk is an artist but his coming-of-age novel set in the US is a literary gem, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


Asia: China in the Himalayas, Maoism in Nepal

7 day(s) ago

In Meltdown in Tibet Michael Buckley questions China’s plans to divert rivers rising in Tibet and says it may put the whole of Asia under severe threat

Health & lifestyle news

You need to avoid light at night, even from your computer screen, to reduce your risk of depression and memory problems, say scientists. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Three tips for getting a good night’s sleep

For better-quality sleep, identify when you want to be in bed, log everything you do after getting home from work, create relaxing presleep ritual


When healthy eating calls for treatment

OLD WAYS: It’s all very well focusing on meat and protein in your diet, but excluding other food groups brings its own risks. Picture: THINKSTOCK
14 day(s) ago

Different dietary philosophies can become an obsession

Gadgets & Gear

Fobbing off kids is counterproductive

Penny Haw promo
20 day(s) ago

‘Because I say so’ may deter the next great invention, writes Penny Haw

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