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Friends Zakes Mda, left, and John Kani will be staging their first professional collaboration, The Dying Screams of the Moon, at the Market Theatre in July and August. The play is written by Mda and directed by Kani. Picture: EUGENE GODDARD

Mda brings ‘new’ work to Market

Collaboration brings to life Zakes Mda’s The Dying Screams of the Moon in its first ever professional staging at the rechristened Mannie Manim Theatre, writes Christina Kennedy


On your marks for a flatter‚ faster Cape Town Marathon


Race is only International Amateur Athletics Federation Silver Label marathon in Africa‚ and organisers say new route will help bridge gap with globally renowned races

Gadgets & Gear

What can you do when Pokemon Go-ers say your house is a virtual location?

MOBILE GAME:  A Pokemon appears on the screen next to a woman as a man plays Nintendo’s Pokemon Go in New York on Monday. Picture: REUTERS

As location-based data applications proliferate, there needs to be better protection of digital rights in those spaces

Gadgets & Gear

Not bigger router but fleet of smaller ones now the way to go


Next-generation Wi-Fi isn’t about bigger routers — it’s about deploying a fleet of smaller ones in various parts of the house to form a ‘mesh’ that spreads internet around


Paediatric charity uplifts standards of care at Bara

Paediatric surgeons have started a charity to raise funds to improve facilities for sick children at Chris Hani Baragwanath and Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital. Picture: SUPPLIED

Surgeons For Little Lives has identified a range of ways to make a hospital stay less scary and more successful, writes Lesley Stones


HALF ART: Beautiful truth of even the ugliest art

Irate artist Ayanda Mabulu launched the crusade to show our lecherous, treacherous leader is not wearing any clothes

Gugu Zulu (left) and Graeme Nathan with the GTC car that Gugu was due to race next month.  Picture: VOLKSWAGEN SA

TRIBUTE: Farewell to a sporting gentleman

Lerato Matebese bids a sad goodbye to friend and motorsportsman, Gugu Zulu


LAUNCH NEWS: Jaguar Setting a new pace

The F-Pace brings all those Jaguar styling cues into the sports SUV segment.   Picture: JAGUAR SA

Jaguar has leapt into the sports SUV segment with its new F-Pace


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Shiraz producers have pulled up their socks

Producers who rose above the morass of mediocrity were all adept at managing vineyards and producing appealingly refined reds


Command any road with the BMW X range

The intuitive handling and enhanced spatial comfort makes any of the X models perfect for any kind of adventure

Featured Partner

Cars, motorcycles & driving

The new 7 Series looks the sharply dressed executive.  Picture: BMW SA

ROAD TEST: BMW 7 Series — the future has arrived

Traditionally the BMW 7 Series has been about luxury, but now it is all about tech too, writes Mark Smyth


INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Brabus Smart — excitement of fast and fun town driving

The Brabus treatment gives the Smart For Two a slightly more menacing city car look.  Picture:  DAIMLER AG

Brabus tries to turn the Smart city car from convenience into micro-premium, writes Michael Taylor


ADVICE: Gauging the worth of a used vehicle

There can be a big difference between the retail and the market value of a vehicle

It is vital to understand the difference between the retail and the market value of your car


NEW MODELS: Mercedes C350e — the charge of the plug-ins

The Mercedes C350e plug-in hybrid is manufactured in SA.  Picture: QUICKPIC

Mercedes has joined the wave of hybrids entering the market with its C350e


INDUSTRY NEWS: The car has come a long way

The Benz Velo at Berea Park.  Picture: QUICKPIC

The arrival of the motor car in SA 120 years ago will be celebrated at the South African Festival of Motoring


EDITOR’S NOTE: Safety is nothing new

Why does SA so often fail to get the basics right when it comes to road safety

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Canopy tours, such as this one in Karkloof in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, are among the nearly 200 exciting South African outdoor activities available to adventure tourists. Picture: THE TIMES

Widening horizon of adventure tourism

There is plenty of room for adventure tourism growth in SA, writes Graeme Addison

Travel & Food

SA’s hosts reap benefits of Airbnb rentals to those who want a unique experience

Karl Hermanus in his house in Brixton, Johannesburg. He is one of  AirBnB ’s top hosts. Picture: CORNELL TUKIRI/THE TIMES

Cape Town has 10,000 Airbnb listings, followed by Johannesburg with 2,000 and Knysna with almost 1,000, writes Sue Blaine

Travel & Food

Award yourself wilderness splendour

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve is situated at the foot of the Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape. Picture: SUPPLIED

The award-winning Bushmans Kloof resort is renowned for its conservation efforts and offers the perfect escape in a calming and spiritual place, writes Eugene Yiga

Travel & Food

Rovos Rail brings back luxury of slow lane

The balcony on a Rovos Rail train is the ideal place to watch the world slowly go by. Picture:SUPPLIED

Rovos Rail was recently voted by Wired.com as one of the seven most luxurious trains in the world, writes Eugene Yiga

Travel & Food

Wendy Appelbaum’s wine is named best in the world


Estate says the DeMorgenzon Reserve Chardonnay 2015 was assessed against the best from all wine-producing nations and beat them all


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Shiraz producers have pulled up their socks

Producers who rose above the morass of mediocrity were all adept at managing vineyards and producing appealingly refined reds

Music, theatre, art, dance & design


Esther Nasser to take the lead at Joburg Ballet

Joburg Ballet has had an acting CEO since Dirk Badenhorst was suspended from the position last August, resigning in November

Arts & Entertainment

REVIEW: Strange Little Birds proves Garbage is not just pining for the past

Garbage know they cannot compete with the most popular acts of today but they do have a place in modern rock, write Alistair Anderson

Arts & Entertainment

Self-taught photographer wins Barclays L’Atelier’s main prize

Egyptian photographic artist Nourhan Refaat won the 2016 Barclay's L'Atelier contemporary art prize with this piece, July Tale, that explores the lack of communication in human relationships.  Picture: SUPPLIED

Barclays Art and Museum curator Paul Bayliss says the competition has revealed ‘great diversity in aesthetic’ and ‘dominant narratives from particular regions’ of Africa

Arts & Entertainment

Joburg Ballet stages Romeo and Juliet to mark Shakespeare’s death


The dance company will collaborate with Vuyani Dance Theatre to bring cultural tension to largely traditional choreography, with new, grander sets

Arts & Entertainment

Life-sized elephant puppets to be built using cash from War Horse puppets sale

The puppets from the awarding winning play War Horse, will be sold to fund life size elephant puppets for a new production. Picture: Brinkhoff

Handspring Puppet Company co-founder Basil Jones says the five elephant puppets will feature in a Reconciliation Day parade in Barrydale in December


HALF ART: Beautiful truth of even the ugliest art

Irate artist Ayanda Mabulu launched the crusade to show our lecherous, treacherous leader is not wearing any clothes

Personal technology news & reviews

A picture shows a man using the 'Pokemon Go' augmented reality mobile phone app in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday.  Picture: EPA/ALEXANDER HEINL

Pokemon Go not legal in SA yet but that is unlikely to stop local players

The new smash hit mobile game from Nintendo is free but has in-app purchases, and will be available in SA sometime this year


App helps 3,000 clinics ensure stock-outs of vital drugs happen less and less


Critical medicines frequently run out in clinics in SA because of an inability to visibly monitor myriad stock levels across the country

Gadgets & Gear

Why you should hold off on that iPhone purchase

Apple iPhone 5S. Picture: REUTERS/GEORGE FREY

June is never a good time to buy an iPhone — but this year, there are more reasons to wait than usual, writes Joanna Stern

Books news & reviews

Johannesburg’s CBD at night. Picture: BLOOMBERG

BOOK REVIEW: Tales of the reuse of Joburg’s modernist skyscrapers

The essays capture a city that is unable to fully reinvent itself in the absence of capital, but is too valuable a physical asset to be lost


SA writer wins prestigious Caine Prize for African Writing


Lidudumalingani Mqombothi’s short story Memories we Lost tells the emotionally charged story of a girl acting as protector of her mentally ill sister


Book review: Finding a vocabulary to judge Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Between admiration, approval and appreciation, there is much in this book to whet the interests of historians, political scientists and economists, writes Peter Vale

Arts & Entertainment

Young designers reinvent traditional Basotho blankets as fashion items

Thabo Makhetha’s Bale Collection.   Picture: SUPPLIED

Designer Thabo Makhetha is known for her reinvention of the famous Basotho blanket, writes Sue Blaine


SA fictional hero Kwezi ‘a runaway success’


Author Loyiso Mkhize started off self-publishing Kwezi as publishers were sceptical about whether there was space in the superhero universe for a South African

Health & lifestyle news

A good fit of laughter can motivate the team, enabling it to get to work with more energy — better than a cup of coffee, say advocates of mirth in the workplace. Picture: ISTOCK

Laughter is the best motivator — and that’s no joke

Humour is a resource managers can use, but should be used with a level of measure and moderation, writes AngéLique Mangon


Will school children eat their vegetables if they taste like chocolate?

Children education. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

S’coolBeans is being developed as a low-cost chocolate and hazelnut-flavoured spread made from fermented sugar beans and sweet potato


Reversible, ‘no-scalpel vasectomy’ on the cards

Picture: ISTOCK

A gel is injected into the vas deferens to block the flow of sperm from the testicles to the penis, while letting through other fluids


Live ‘purpose driven’ lives to avoid health problems, says TV doctor

Happiness is often equated with wealth and the good life, but is poorly captured by the standard measures such as gross domestic product. Research shows that income plays only a part in a person’s sense of wellbeing. Picture: THINKSTOCK

It is about how you make yourself whole. Western medicine can throw pills at you and give you therapies, but there are side-effects, says Dr Partha Nandi


Why placebos really work — what the latest science tells us

Picture: ISTOCK

Placebos work even when patients know they are taking them, and their effects appear to be physiological, rather than merely psychological

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