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Walter Battiss, Bathers on Rock (detail), 1978. Watercolour on paper. 33.4x36cm.  Picture: WITS ART MUSEUM COLLECTION

Collection of Battiss works to go on display at Wits

Philanthropist Jack Ginsberg’s collection of more than 700 works by artist Walter Battiss is being donated to Wits Art Museum and will be exhibited from July 6


When is it safe to have sex after Zika?


Health officials are warning couples to refrain from unprotected sex for six months after a male partner is infected

Media & Advertising

Facebook faces up to advertising challenge

Facebook is using new features to lure advertisers in India, where revenue per user lags far behind the US. Picture: REUTERS/RICK WILKING

Industry in a flux as demands on people’s attention increase, but social network is working to grow its African market


Fibre: the natural way to good health

NOURISHMENT: Breakfast cereal and other ingredients in a wooden box. People are generally not eating nearly enough fibre, which is now thought to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. Picture: ISTOCK

In order for you to meet fibre recommendations, you have to be eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables, writes Deena Shanker


HALF ART: Isolationists and xenophobes trade on fake nostalgia

Disney and Pixar cannot be held responsible for the widespread dumbing down evident in the age of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the like

ONLINE PARTNERS: Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg, left, and Margie Doig-Gander run an online store offering curated, cost-effective, at-home genetic testing kits. Picture: SUPPLIED

If cancer is a question of luck, knowing what the chances are could help

Cancer specialists agree that early detection is key to improved outcomes of cancer treatment, writes Marika Sboros


If your job is your number one life stressor, it is time you develop resilience


Exercising mindfulness is one suggestion, as more and more people in the business world turn their attention to mental training techniques associated with this practice


Improving healthcare by bridging cultural divide

CALL: Traditional healers such as Dr Ephraim Mabaena and western doctors must cooperate to provide proper healthcare for all, a researcher says. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Efforts over more than three decades to integrate biomedical and traditional healthcare have failed to make the ‘great leap’, writes Tom Nevin


Why moving house is not a good idea when you’re fighting cancer

Cancer patient. Picture: REUTERS/JIM BOURG

Study finds moving can disrupt employment, income, healthcare coverage and relationships with oncologists, and important social supports

Cars, motorcycles & driving

Audi has given the new S5 and its A5 sibling a more chiselled look.  Picture: AUDI AG

INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Audi staying with a winning formula

Moderate changes to the styling mask wholesale overhauls underneath Audi’s coupe favourite


NEW MODELS: Game on for Fiat’s new entrant, the Fullback

Fiat has made a few design changes to differentiate the model from the Mitsubishi Triton.  Picture: FIAT AUTOMOBILES SA

Fiat has joined the one-tonne bakkie playing field with its new Fullback


ROAD TEST: Volvo XC90 T8 — shake hands with the future

The Volvo XC90 T8 is quite happy charging at home.  Picture: QUICKPIC

Mark Smyth discovers why the Germans are so excited about plug-in hybrids in the Volvo XC90 T8


DRIVING IMPRESSION: Updated Mercedes-Benz A-Class falls short

Styling changes are minimal to say the least.   Picture: QUICKPIC

Has the updated Mercedes-Benz A-Class ironed out its predecessor’s bugbears, asks Lerato Matebese


DRIVING IMPRESSION: Toyota’s Rav4 still behind the curve

The frontal styling is more in line with other Toyota models.  Picture: NEWSPRESS USA

Toyota’s Rav4 received some cosmetic tweaks towards the end of 2015, but have these improved the package, asks Lerato Matebese


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: S-Class cabriolet a cocoon in a wild world

The powerful cabriolet offers the unique ability to transform itself from unrivalled boulevardier to luxury cross-continental rocketship

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews


Wendy Appelbaum’s wine is named best in the world

Estate says the DeMorgenzon Reserve Chardonnay 2015 was assessed against the best from all wine-producing nations and beat them all

Travel & Food

Our ride to Kenya’s Hell and back — for a cold beer

An unidentified Samburu man in colourful clothing. Picture: BAS DE VOS

Ignorance of hell roads, bandits and frequent inter-tribal battles was bliss for a pair of overlanders on motorbikes, writes Bas de Vos

Travel & Food

Chef Margot is on the go and may win international prize while she’s about it

Margot Janse.  Picture: THE TIMES

Margot Janse is nominated because of her Isabelo programme which every weekday feeds multitude of school children in Franschhoek area

Travel & Food

SA’s hosts reap benefits of Airbnb rentals to those who want a unique experience

Karl Hermanus in his house in Brixton, Johannesburg. He is one of  AirBnB ’s top hosts. Picture: CORNELL TUKIRI/THE TIMES

Cape Town has 10,000 Airbnb listings, followed by Johannesburg with 2,000 and Knysna with almost 1,000, writes Sue Blaine

Travel & Food

Award yourself wilderness splendour

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve is situated at the foot of the Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape. Picture: SUPPLIED

The award-winning Bushmans Kloof resort is renowned for its conservation efforts and offers the perfect escape in a calming and spiritual place, writes Eugene Yiga


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Properly trained sommeliers are a boon to smaller cellars

Sommeliers seek out the more interesting wines — often less showy, and almost always from the small, less industrialised cellars

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Still from Stick Man, an award-winning television adaptation of the popular children's book by Julia Donaldson. The animation was done by Cape Town-based Triggerfish Studios in collaboration with UK studio Magic Light Pictures for the BBC.  Picture: SUPPLIED

Cape Town studio scoops top prize at this year’s Annecy festival

South African productions win three prizes, including top award, at this year’s Annecy festival, a premiere event on international animation film calendar

Arts & Entertainment

Future melodies crafted on past echoes

Siya Makuzeni was excited and grateful to win the 2016 Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz. She not only plays the trombone, but composes and uses technology to create loops to paint polyphonic soundscapes. She has worked with top musicians and leads the crossover jazz outfit IppyFuze. Picture: SIMON DIENER

This year’s Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz, Siya Makuzeni, has broken new ground in jazz by breaching the barriers between approaches and traditions, writes Gwen Ansell

Arts & Entertainment

SA music memorabilia on display in Los Angeles

Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe. Picture: LAUREN MULLIGAN/THE TIMES

Mafikizolo has put together a package of music, stage costumes, CDs and other items for the Sounds of Africa exhibition opening at the Grammy Museum on Friday

Arts & Entertainment

Moving to the top gracefully with ability and confidence

Londiwe Khoza, right, received a major career boost last week, when she was named the recipient of the Rolex Protégé award for Dance. Picture: SUPPLIED

Rolex Protégé award gives rising star Londiwe Khoza huge and deserved international exposure, writes Mary Corrigall

Arts & Entertainment

Up to 70 productions to be on offer at this year’s Cape Town Fringe

The Cape Town Fringe arts festival's main venue is the Cape Town City Hall. Picture: SUPPLIED

Fringe festivals mostly attract younger audiences, and anecdotal evidence is that the Cape Town Fringe which runs from September 22 to October 8 is no different

Personal technology news & reviews


How thin does your laptop need to be?

Compared with new wave of insanely thin laptops, even your once-svelte MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 looks like Garfield after a lasagna lunch, writes Joanna Stern

Gadgets & Gear

Technology on verge of augmenting your reality


Immersive experience forecast to reach next frontiers of medicine, education and retail, where virtual and augmented realities could change your life


Seoul runs smartphone safety campaign


Warning signs have been installed to stop people either stepping carelessly into oncoming traffic or slamming into each other on the pavement


Small window of opportunity for SA to outrun the robots

The humanoid robot AILA.  Picture: REUTERS/FABRIZIO BENSCH

Time is running out to experience the Age of the Factory before industrial robots take over

Books news & reviews

Sylvia Vollenhoven. Picture: SUPPLIED

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: I hate being put into boxes, says filmaker Sylvia Vollenhoven

Sylvia Vollenhoven didn’t want rules of autobiography — or novel — constraining story of how her ancestor called to her across 200 years to guard Bushman heritage


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Book’s recommendation ‘quite an accolade’

Janice Warman.  Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

South African-born author Janice Warman ‘delighted’ her novel, The World Beneath, recommended as good read for teenagers by American Junior Library Guild


BOOK REVIEW: Reluctant survivors choose desert freedom

Novel charts parallel paths of victims of colonial conquest whose indomitable will to live overcomes obscene odds


BOOK REVIEW: The End Of Whiteness: Satanism and Family Murder In SA

Academic and author Nicky Falkof examines a period in SA’s history when white fear manifested itself in Satanism. Picture: SUPPLIED

How white fear and panic fuelled murderous folk devils, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Pen pals prevail against extreme obstacles

Martin Ganda and Caitlin Alifirenka with her two babies in New York City. They began a long-distance correspondence in the 1990s.    Picture: SUPPLIED

Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda’s book portrays the sometimes unfair, often harsh contrasts in socioeconomic circumstances between wealthy and poor countries, writes David Gorin

Health & lifestyle news

Organ Donor. Picture: ISTOCK

Heart surgery more difficult to recover from than many imagine

Research shows psychological and social issues are involved as well as bodily trauma


Start a new — good — habit today and cut your stress


Our lifestyle — what you eat, how you move, how much you sleep and how mindful you are — acts like a powerful dimmer switch for inflammation


Experts push for surgery to tackle Type 2 diabetes

Weight loss after bariatric surgery lasts no more than one to three years, after which few patients lose any further weight, says surgeon and researcher Dr Robert Cywes. While many specialists support the use of bariatric surgery to tackle Type 2 diabetes, Cywes says a change in lifestyle is the answer.  Picture: ISTOCK

Bariatric surgery is considered by some experts to be the holy grail in the search for a diabetes cure, writes Marika Sboros

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