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Cape Town-based animation studio Triggerfish created Stick Man in collaboration with London-based Magic Light Studios. The  animated version of the children’s book was screened on BBC One. Picture: © ORANGE EYES LIMITED 2015

African animator focuses on changing impressions about SA

Triggerfish CEO Stuart Forrest believes animation is an avenue to shifting the way in which the world perceives SA

Arts & Entertainment

Young dancer’s scholarship a triumph for SA and his dance school

Leroy Mokgatle. Picture: PAT BROMILOW-DOWNING

South African ballet dancer Leroy Mokgatle wins scholarship at the Prix de Lausanne international ballet competition

Arts & Entertainment

Madonna embroiled in Taiwan-China row over flag

Madonna performing at a concert in the Taipei Arena in Taipei, Taiwan, 06 February 2016. Picture: EPA/LIVE NATION TAIWAN

Singer sparks ire in China after draping herself in island’s flag, but many in Taiwanese internet forums see it as a boost to their quest to protect the island’s sovereignty

Gadgets & Gear

For more success in online dating, consider moving to a more appropriate city

Picture: ISTOCK

Internet dating sites are becoming more innovative, such as Bumble, which lets women initiate contact with men, but not the other way around

Arts & Entertainment

The big world of tiny artwork hits Joburg later this month


SA will host the four-yearly World Federation of Miniaturists exhibition in a first for the continent, writes Sue Blaine


The appeal of online exhibitions

A screen grab of a website. Virtual displays can benefit real displays but a complementary relationship needs to be developed between the physical space and website. Picture: GOOGLE CULTURAL INSTITUTE

Web can prolong life of an exhibition and promote public engagement that creates additional layers of contestation

Research into multitarget antibiotics could help scientists who are working on nonresistant antimalarial therapies. Picture: REUTERS/JOSEPH OKANGO

Botswana receives award for excellent control of malaria

The award recognised Botswana’s attainment of more than 75% of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals set for Malaria control


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Justice is hard to come by for family of serial woman abuser

Jade Gibson tells the harrowing tale of her childhood. Picture: JURGEN MARX

Glowfly Dance a poetic thriller about battered women and a paean to their desperate resilience, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

Travel & Food

Mystery and enchantment await in Chilean park

Chiloé island's attractive palafitos. Picture: SUPPLIED

Pirates and strange mythical creatures combine with colourful, stilted houses and exotic foods to create something secretive and alluring in Chiloé, writes Stephen Timm

Travel & Food

Outside, in the rain — the poor

Picture: ISTOCK

Apéritifs ritual a social platform for testing status, wealth and for keeping the poor at bay, writes Gideon Vos


Workplaces wake up to the benefits of wellbeing

Picture: ISTOCK

For employers good wellbeing programmes can help recruitment, retention of staff and raise productivity, writes Andrew Jack

Cars, motorcycles & driving


BMW holds back as rivals steal a marque on fuel cell vehicles

BMW Hydrogen car. Picture: BLOOMBERG/ADAM BERRY

BMW on brakes until next generation of fuel-cell development under way with research partner Toyota, writes Michael Taylor


OUR WEEK: Luxury limos and trading paintwork at Zwartkops


It was a busy week for the team with — wait for it — another racetrack


RUMOUR HAS IT: VW T-Roc to launch, DeLorean and Alpine makes a come back


Rumour has it that VW plans to launch its T-Roc in 2017 together with a Polo T-Cross, small scale production of the famous DeLorean will start next year and Alpine will pull the wraps off its first sportscar in decades on 16 February


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: A decade of messing about in cars

Cars will change beyond all recognition over the coming years, but will remain at heart of very human urge to explore


FUTURE MODELS: Tiguan GTE Active ticks all the right boxes

VW Tiguan. Picture: VOLKSWAGEN AG

Small SUVs are booming, so is the Tiguan GTE Active concept the car to pull Volkswagen out of its crisis? asks Michael Taylor


Getting to grips with all the BMW 7 Series gadgets

Picture credits: BMW SA

BMW has launched its sixth generation 7 Series and it is easily the most advanced rendition of the model, writes Lerato Matebese

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. Picture: SUPPLIED

Local chef’s restaurant in France wins Michelin Star

Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen won the award for his restaurant JAN, the first South African chef to win the accolade in Asia and Europe

Travel & Food

Shakes and ladders to the top of the Drakensberg

Ishay Govender-Ypma, left, and Kat Mancama with the Witches (the three peaks) behind them.   Picture: ISHAY GOVENDER-YPMA

Drakensberg hike is one of 20 recommended by National Geographic as the best trails to tackle in the world, writes Ishay Govender-Ypma

Retail & Consumer

Hipster culture gives firms a run for money

Picture: ISTOCK

Younger consumers are rejecting big companies in search of alternatives, write Scheherazade Daneshkhu and Lindsay Whipp


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Cape terroirists make a killing with solo sites

Rarity is clearly a relative concept, but then so is ‘uniqueness of site’

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

OJ Simpson in court in this file photo. Picture: AFP

US’s obsession with docu-series crime brings old case to TV

The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story is on US television, exploiting a growing obsession with true-life crime mysteries

Arts & Entertainment

South African art more popular than ever with international buyers

Hannah O’Leary, head of South African art at international auction house Bonhams. Picture: Supplied

The increasing interest in South African art mirrors greater interest in art by emerging markets such as China and Russia

Arts & Entertainment

Cape Town Art Fair seeks to heighten Africa’s demand for art

Picture: ISTOCK

The 2015 art fair received 7,000 visitors and galleries recorded upwards of R20m in sales, while taking place at a smaller venue


HALF ART: The artist’s clear vision echoes a tyrant’s mania

Artist William Kentridge warns against certainty: that way lies obsession and monomania

Personal technology news & reviews

Internet of Things. Picture: ISTOCK

Internet of Things offers hackers access to your home

Companies warned that unless they tackle emerging cybersecurity risks, the Internet of Things will fail, writes Jeremy Kahn

Gadgets & Gear

Car app tracks the performance of drivers for ride-hailing services

Uber's smartphone app. Photographer: BLOOMBERG/KEREM UZEL

The two largest ride-hailing services in the US, Uber and Lyft, are considering using telematics software to monitor driver performance

Gadgets & Gear

Can an app save you from ‘drunk texting’?


Alcohol and smartphones do not mix, which is why a cottage industry has sprung up to try to keep your phone sober even when your brain is not


Twitter to lift character limit offering users possibility of 10,000-word tweets

The shadows of people holding cellphones fall onto a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in this picture taken in Warsaw. Picture: REUTERS

Twitter considers a 10,000 character tweet limit, could launch the expanded service by the end of the first quarter

Gadgets & Gear

App allowing anonymous messages ‘promotes bullying’


The Blindspot app allows users to send anonymous messages, photos and videos to their contacts without the receiver being able to trace it

Books news & reviews

Eusebius McKaiser. Picture: SUPPLIED

BOOK REVIEW: Run Racist Run: Journeys Into the Heart Of Racism

Eusebius McKaiser amazed a phenomenon as common as racism can still be so poorly understood but his latest essay collection eschews easy targets, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


Everyday life is Paris’s defiance, says author

French writer and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy addresses the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg. Picture: SUPPLIED

French philosopher and author Bernard-Henri Lévy says Paris is still in a state of shock, but a spirit of resistance is rising, writes Roxanne Henderson


BOOK REVIEW: Make Me — new tough-guy thriller follows familiar trajectory


No surprises as new Reacher thriller moseys into Dullsville USA, restores moral order to the universe and takes a train ride off into the sunset


BOOK REVIEW: Humans of New York


Empathy is just that sweet spot created by stories that are at once narrowly individual and peculiarly universal, writes Karin Schimke


BOOK REVIEW: Will China Feed Africa?

A community garden in Muhuya village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A new book points to the high costs and low yields of agriculture in parts of Africa.  REUTERS/HABIBOU BANGRE

Deborah Brautigam’s study from Mozambique to Sierra Leone debunks Chinese land grab myths, writes David Pilling

Health & lifestyle news

You do not have to be world number one Novak Djokovic, seen here celebrating his recent Australian Open win, to benefit from playing tennis. Picture: REUTERS/JASON REED

FITNESS FABLES: Net the health benefits of taking up amateur tennis

Fun is an indispensable part of any fitness routine and tennis offers both, writes Marika Sboros


Zika vaccine may be ready by the end of 2016

Geovane Silva holds his son, Gustavo Henrique, who has microcephaly linked to the Zika virus, at the Oswaldo Cruz Hospital in Recife, Brazil, on Wednesday. Picture: REUTERS/UESLEI MARCELINO

Consortium working on a vaccine for the virus say first stage of testing on humans could begin as early as August


Six luminaries give their thoughts on secrets

Picture: ISTOCK

Kitty Kelley believes that we all have secrets and keeping them can darken or illuminate our lives, while for Dr Phil the truth will set you free


Britain grants first licence for genetic modification of embryos

The US Food and Drug Administration is clamping down on the sale of genetic tests to the public as the information they provide is not very useful to them, and many tests provide contradictory analysis. Picture: ISTOCK

Decision makes Britain one of the first countries behind China to allow this kind of experimentation on human embryos


Wearable sweat sensor designed to track body’s biochemical data

Picture: iSTOCK

The wearable system measures multiple chemicals in sweat and then calibrates the data according to the wearer’s body temperature

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