• Thursday, July 31 2014
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SURVIVORS: Bovids in the Tassili n Ajjer National Park in Algeria, Cattle were domesticated in Africa about 10,000 years ago. Picture: WITS ORIGINS CENTRE/TRUST FOR AFRICAN ROCK ART

When Sahara was green

Our ancestors left Africa to populate the world via territory that was not yet a desert, writes Rehana Rossouw

Arts & Entertainment

FILM: I Wish I was Here; Mr Pip; Guardians of the Galaxy

16 hour(s) ago

A peek at the latest films currently showing at cinemas nationwide, as seen through the expert lens of Phillip Altbeker

Arts & Entertainment

ARTS & CULTURE: Instant icons of dissent

A demonstrator holds a sign during a protest against the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this week.   Picture: REUTERS
16 hour(s) ago

Disobedient Objects illustrates how once-simplistic art of social protest has acquired its own refinements and sophistication, writes Peter Aspden

Arts & Entertainment

Time shows up follies, horrors

ABSENCES: Orlando Rene Mendez, Laura Cecilia Mendez Oliva, Leticia Margarita Oliva (1976).
16 hour(s) ago

Folly exhibition seeks to expose not merely the brick-and-steel ambition of city developers but also conflicting versions of ‘nature’, writes Chris Thurman

Arts & Entertainment

New perspectives on architecture

DIFFERENT VIEW: The Warwick trading area in Durban. Informal trade is in fact highly structured and regulated. Picture: GUY TRANGOS
16 hour(s) ago

The theme of this year’s International Union of Architects will challenge the audience to reconsider their perspectives on architecture and cities, writes Guy Trangos

Cars, motorcycles & driving


ROAD TEST: Please, please me

The styling might be a little Lexus like but it works very well.   Picture: MARK SMYTH
16 hour(s) ago

The Infiniti Q50 really takes the fight to its German rivals but does it try a little too hard, asks Mark Smyth


FUTURE MODELS: Bespoke luxury

The new V12 Vantage roadster is heading to SA.  Picture: NEWSPRESS
16 hour(s) ago

Aston Martin reveals details of its new Lagonda, and announces production of the V12 Vantage roadster


TECHNOLOGY: Racing with the sun

Brian Andrew (left), managing director of RS Components, and Warren Hurter of the UJ solar car project with the 2012 entry.   Picture: MARK SMYTH
16 hour(s) ago

The University of Johannesburg has high hopes for its entry in this year’s solar car race in SA, writes Mark Smyth

The Smart Fortwo and Forfour get a slightly more aggressive look.  Picture: NEWSPRESS

FUTURE MODELS: Think smart for the future

Smart has revealed details of its new Fortwo and Forfour models that are heading to SA


ROAD SAFETY: Keeping death off the roads

At the launch of Road Buddy (left to right) Clayton Booysen (IBM), Werner van der Westhuizen (Road Buddy inventor), Tiyani Rikhotso (chief director of communications, Department of Transport), Mawethu Vilana (director general of the Department of Transport) and Gary Ronald (independent road safety expert).  Picture: ROAD BUDDY
16 hour(s) ago

A smartphone application that can reduce pedestrian and cyclist accidents is now available in SA, writes Lerato Matebese

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews


Whether it is cos or watercress, let us eat lettuce

Most varieties of lettuce — from humble iceberg to nutritional king romaine — contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidant plant chemicals

Travel & Food

City of siege and mañana

Panoramic view of Toledo. Picture: LESLEY STONES
6 day(s) ago

Modern and extremely punctual trains whisk you to and from historic, atmospheric, much-invaded Toledo, writes Lesley Stones

Travel & Food

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Goatshed Fairview

HOSPITABLE: The Goatshed Fairview offers friendly and quick service and their coffee is excellent. Picture: PENNY HAW
6 day(s) ago

The Goatshed Fairview offers friendly and quick service and their coffee is excellent, writes Penny Haw

Travel & Food

WINE: Geared for visitors

Michael Fridjhon promo
6 day(s) ago

I dropped into the tasting room at Villiera recently, on a quiet day in the dead of winter, writes Michael Fridjhon

Travel & Food

FOOD & DRINK : Stout-hearted Irish craft brewers embrace tradition

13 day(s) ago

Artisan start-ups are flourishing and this reflects the positive effect the recession has had on food and drink in Ireland, writes Natalie Whittle

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

TRANSFORM: Marjorie Naidoo, of the Cape Craft Design Institute, wants packaging that does not generate waste. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

Enduring legacy of design year

Cape Town is World Design Capital for 2014, but many benefits will last much longer, writes Penny Haw

Arts & Entertainment

ON THE STAGE: Monty Python’s Spamalot

2 day(s) ago

South Africans will have the trademark Python humour right on their doorstep in the Joburg Theatre’s production of Monty Python’s Spamalot, writes Christina Kennedy



Her album is an intensely personal reflection on a relationship with the American South that couldn’t help being affected by the part her father, Johnny Cash


JAZZ: Shepherd’s trio

There’s a palpable shared sense of fun when Kyle Shepherd, Shane Cooper and Jonno Sweetman grab a fast groove and fly with it

Personal technology news & reviews


L’Oréal make-up goes virtual for selfie age

New app is one way of attracting attention in competitive world of cosmetics, but is also latest step in digital direction for manufacturers of consumer products


Sartorial suss is the start of success

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema leads his team, including Floyd Shivambu, left, and Dali Mpofu, right back. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
1 day(s) ago

If Prof Pine’s research is right and we become what we wear, wearing workwear will encourage more work


TECHNO FILE: Foursquare changes are classic case of fixing what’s not broken

It’s hard to fathom what the thinking was behind the decision to remove many of the features that made the app popular

Gadgets & Gear

Banks recognise value in supplying venture capital to start-ups

8 day(s) ago

Exchange, banks executives beginning to accept radical approach to technology may be only way for industry to survive in present form, writes Philip Stafford

Books news & reviews

AWARD WINNING: Eben Venter, author of Wolf, Wolf.  Picture: SUE GRANT-MARSHALL

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Dying father dominates novel

Wolf, Wolf, tackles other issues too, from porn addiction to xenophobia, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


BOOK REVIEW: Kruger, Kommandos & Kak

2 day(s) ago

Chris Ash, a Scotsman married to an Afrikaner woman, rewrites the lore of the Boer, writes Maarten Mittner


BOOK REVIEW: Driving Honda

2 day(s) ago

Jeffrey Rothfeder makes a strong case for Honda’s supremacy without getting too technical, writes Andrew Hill


BOOK REVIEW: The Ties that Bind

2 day(s) ago

Praba Moodley tells the story of a secret murder between friends in the days of violence that marked the end of apartheid, writes Sue Blaine


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: The addiction of Joanne Brodie

SURVIVOR: Joanne Brodie’s petite, demure appearance belies the nerve it has taken to venture into disputed psychological territory where sexual addiction is viewed sceptically. Picture: SUE GRANT-MARSHALL
9 day(s) ago

The writer overcame her promiscuous past to counsel other sex addicts, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

Health & lifestyle news


If you want to fight germs, make a fist

Fist bumps are more hygienic than handshakes and drastically reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, researchers have found


Aiming to understand the nature and science of sleep

CONNECTED: Faldeilah Agherdien, left, a nursing student, is a subject in UCT’s Sleep Sciences lab. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
8 day(s) ago

A neuropsychologist at University of Cape Town is comparing volunteers’ sleep patterns to those of trauma survivors, writes Tamar Kahn


Novartis and Google to develop ‘smart’ contact lens

16 day(s) ago

Swiss drug maker strikes agreement with technology company to develop lenses that will help diabetics track blood glucose levels, restore ability of eye to focus

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