• Tuesday, July 28 2015
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Not an introvert or an extrovert? You may be an ambivert

Personality traits of extroversion, introversion fall on spectrum, scientists are now taking closer look at overlooked category in the middle


Switched-on young innovators’ light bulb moment wins the prize

Pupils from Limpopo’s Risinga Secondary School with their Cell Switch device for which they won the national prize in an international competition for young innovators. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Cell Switch, invented by the pupils through their company Centronix, can switch household appliances on and off by sending an SMS, writes Edward Tsumele

Gadgets & Gear

Android flaw lets hackers break in with a text message


Cyber security firm Zimperium warns of flaw in world’s most popular smartphone operating system that lets hackers take control with text message

Gadgets & Gear

Google gives up on Google+ as a Facebook rival

Technology company puts final nail in coffin of its ambition to make Google+ real competitor to leading social networks


SA car makers eye Nigeria despite tariffs

The Nissan plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, where sister company Datsun hopes to announce the production of a new model in the next 18 months. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

German car maker Volkswagen joins Nissan, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland and Iveco in Nigeria using an assembly plant owned by the Dubai-based Stallion Group


Seven ways to reinvigorate your job


One is bound to fall into rut doing same tasks at same office with same people every day, but there are ways to reinvigorate your job


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: Car companies will autocorrect their tech troubles

This industry moves so fast that any legislation will be comically out of date by the time they get round to passing it


Do smart screens impact childhood development?

As if worries over diet, socialisation, fitness, mental health of children not stressful enough, parents now also have to worry about smart screen time


Putting a price on a human egg

PROBING: Pregnant women’s data are valuable to advertisers as they make big purchases.   Picture: THINKSTOCK

Question of how much a human egg is worth at heart of federal lawsuit brought by two women who provided eggs to couples struggling with infertility

Arts & Entertainment

Film festival aims to show Cape Flats has more to offer than gangs and guns

Filming Nadine  Cloete's

Festival instigator plans bring positive films about Cape Flats, challenge stereotype that nothing good comes from there

Gadgets & Gear

Next step for drones: defending against them


As Amazon, Google consider drones for tasks ranging from package delivery to providing internet, regulators worry drones could pose threat to aviation and even troops

Featured Partners

Allowing our customers to prosper while honouring their values

Since its inception in SA in 2006, Absa Islamic Banking has provided a competitive alternative for customers who want to enjoy banking that is governed by Sharia law

Featured Partner

Cars, motorcycles & driving


FUTURE MODELS: New model ‘like a well-made suit’

The side profile is dominated by that window line kink. Picture: QUICKPIC

Toyota officially reveals details of its new 2016 Fortuner


EVENT NEWS: Global entries for African challenge

Competitors will be putting the Amarok through its paces in the finals in September.  Picture: QUICKPIC

The annual Spirit of Africa competition is going international


NEW MODELS: Pick-up now offered with added extras

The Mahindra Genio Plus includes a number of features over the regular models.  Picture: QUICKPIC

Mahindra has introduced its Genio Plus with additional equipment


EVENT NEWS: More than a game for these rangers

The finalists will get down to the serious business in their Ford Rangers.  Picture: QUICKPIC

The final of the 2015 Ford Ranger Odyssey gets underway in Namibia


LOCAL MOTORSPORT: The day that the circus comes to town

The commitment from drivers is always evident. Picture: QUICKPIC

Deon van der Walt reports on his experience of the recent Toyota Desert 1,000 race in Botswana


LAUNCH NEWS: Inspired by the classics

The design is a modern take on a classic theme. Picture: QUICKPIC

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT has recently been launched in SA to rival the Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-Type, writes Lerato Matebese

Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of directors at Daimler AG, with the Mercedes GLE coupe.  DAMLER AG

INTERVIEW: Boss brings out the crystal ball

Lerato Matebese sat down with the head of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: A Volvo unencumbered by history or platforms

When did you recently hear of a relatively small car firm developing a new platform, engines and design language in one go?


DRIVING IMPRESSION: Model looks but no bite

The Clio GT Line is probably the best dressed in the segment.   Picture: QUICKPIC

Renault has introduced the GT Line styling package to its Clio to set it apart from its lesser siblings, writes Lerato Matebese


FLEET NEWS: Counting the cost of keeping SA on the move


Many fleet managers are having sleepless nights over the numerous challenges they face on a daily basis


ROAD TEST: Solid buy in a premium segment

External changes to the A6 are minimal but include revised headlights. Picture: QUICKPIC

The recently updated Audi A6 seems to have more of an executive look about it, writes Lerato Matebese

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Travel & Food

Be the change, says culture entrepreneur

Social entrepreneur and restaurateur “Ziggy” Thabete outside the previous premises of his Sophiatown restaurant in Newtown. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Rasta "Ziggy" Thabete says his business is doing well as a brand that preserves a culture. 'Our generation is short of mentors’, writes Sue Blaine

Travel & Food

Engineer answers the call of cacao

Michel Sauvenier is a mining engineer who has reinvented himself as a chocolatier. Pictures: SUPPLIED

Michel Sauvenier tackles chocolate with the same enthusiasm and expertise he had for mining to create a perfect end-result, writes Lesley Stones

Travel & Food

Online series lifts lid on African food

Academic Tuleka Prah wants to put African cooking on the map with her online series, which uses YouTube videos. Pictures: MY AFRICAN FOOD MAP

Drawing on her itinerate life in Africa Kenyan Tuleka Prah seeks to soup up the image of the continent’s cuisine, writes Sue Blaine

Coffee farmers often live a precarious existence. Picture: REUTERS

Fair trade coffee: a globalised tip jar

Many Western consumers care about the people who grow their coffee, and have money to spare if only it might reach those people, writes Tim Harford


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Fresh US wines foment division

One man’s masterpiece is another man’s chocolate box: harmonious or cacophonous, fresh or hackneyed, elegant or clunky — there are no broadly agreed guidelines

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Lorraine Loots at her Cape Town exhibition last year. Loots’s US debut, #AntsinNYC, has finished a successful week-long run.  Picture: THE LADY AND THE LION

Local artist’s Lorraine Loots miniatures big in New York

Technology has helped Lorraine Loots get her work out to the rest of the world, but she says it hasn’t replaced the desire to experience it up close, writes Nadia Neophytou

Arts & Entertainment

Pushing on the iBeadwork, a string of identity shifts

Mpondo/Gcaleka (Matsuseng village Eastern Cape) Bead panel on pin, Isipeliti, blanket pin beads. Artist unrecorded. Acquired in 1998. Standard Bank African Art Collection (Wits Art Museum). Picture: SUPPLIED

Exhibition casts a beady eye, mostly, on how black South Africans adorned their bodies with small glass ornaments, writes Sue Blaine

Arts & Entertainment

Beukes and Joey Hi-Fi to write DC Comics series

A frame from the Wonder Woman comic in which the superhero goes to Soweto. Picture: SUPPLIED

Lauren Beukes’ deepest love is writing novels, but her affair with graphic novels is serious, writes Sue Blaine

Arts & Entertainment

‘Significant’ increase in attendance at this year’s National Art Festival

iTony Miyambo in Cenotaph of Dan wa Moriri. Picture SUPPLIED

Several productions will have life beyond National Art Festival — including at international showcases such as Amsterdam and Edinburgh Fringe festivals

Arts & Entertainment

British jazz pianist John Taylor dies aged 72


British jazz pianist John Taylor dies after suffering heart attack onstage at Saveurs Jazz Festival in western French town of Segre

Arts & Entertainment

Local artists need us to believe in superheroes

In this scene from  Roye Okupe’s crowdfunded EXO/Wale Williams, the Nigerian superhero faces off with his nemesis Oniku. Picture: SUPPLIED

SA has a thriving animation industry, but the money is terrible and innovation comes from abroad, writes Sue Blaine

Gadgets & Gear

Apple Watch could need time, say analysts

A man looks at an Apple Watch on display at a store in Hong Kong on Friday. Picture: AFP

Nearly three months after launch of fashionably smart wrist wear, some analysts say it’s not mega-hit, but others see promise in popularity with internet-savvy young people


HALF ART: Love and laughter in a time of misery and tyranny

Portia Zvavahera’s new exhibition offers an excellent example of identifying the presence of love, joy, passion and pleasure amid privation or oppression

Personal technology news & reviews

Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung Gear Circle: a runner’s delight, a fashionista’s fright

Overall, the Gear Circle ticks most of the boxes when it comes to what you’d want out of a wireless headset, but the looks do take some getting used to, writes Stuart Thomas

Gadgets & Gear

How to start liking Facebook again


People now whine more about social network than vehicle licensing department and customer support lines’ but they can stop using it any time

Telecoms & Technology

Google lets users map their steps

Screengrab of Google Maps.

‘Your Timeline’ feature being added to Google Maps lets users see histories of trips taken and, if they also use Google Photos, see where they took images

Gadgets & Gear

Tech world writes obituary for Adobe Flash


The program, criticised for years as security risk and drag on online progress, becomes top contender for technology dead pool

Gadgets & Gear

Apple tunes iPod as it pushes into streaming music


Apple updates top-of-the-line iPod in move that comes just weeks after iconic company launches new streaming music service

Books news & reviews


BOOK REVIEW: Eugene De Kock: Assassin For the State

Anemari Jansen writes a scrupulously fair, honest and balanced account of apartheid-era assassin Eugene De Kock’s life, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


To Kill a Mockingbird author’s original novel hits book stores


Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set A Watchman’, the novel rewritten and eventually retitled ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, now available internationally on book stands


BOOK REVIEW: Go Set a Watchman

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Harper Lee. Picture: AFP

Disillusion as Scout returns home in disturbing early draft of Mockingbird, writes Michiko Kakutani


New guise for book festival


Instead of being 50-50 mix between trade fair and book festival as in past, this year's focus is on book festival, which is being held in Johannesburg for first time


BOOK REVIEW: The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier

Ariane de Bonvoisin’s book The First 30 Days is a guide on how people can deal with change in their lives. Picture: SUPPLIED

Ariane de Bonvoisin provides the ultimate advice on how to handle change and her central message is: don’t try to control things, writes Sue Blaine

Health & lifestyle news

While many companies claim to have programmes to ease the conditions of their workers and promote their health, few have implemented these measures. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Wellness well worth the share price

In sectors where people are a chief asset, companies are often forced to view employee wellness as an investment instead of a cost, writes Sue Blaine


Experts urge shift in HIV treatment


Researchers release call to action for provision of HIV treatment immediately after diagnosis instead of first watching for signs of illness to appear


Firms bet new drugs will slow dementia’s march


Neurology strives to keep cells alive, write Andrew Ward and David Crow


Growing up in poverty can slow brain growth

Access to books and crayons is one way to help prevent disadvantage at school. A new study found children from very poor homes tend to get too little of the things needed to develop the brain. Picture: SOWETAN

Children can suffer real physical consequences from low family incomes, including brains that are less equipped to learn, writes John Tozzi

Opinion & Analysis

Curbing the wild abuse of alcohol

The new liquor policy would have a dramatic effect on legal outlets concerning who they can sell to and when. However, there would be no control over the estimated 120,000 unlicensed outlets. Picture: SOWETAN

Seen through the burden of the disease lens raising the drinking age to 21 seems like a reasonable step

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