• Sunday, May 24 2015
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Arts & Entertainment

Engaging the senses to hone persuasive powers

South African mentalist  Gilan Gork has written a book exposing psychics’ methods. Picture: SUPPLIED

Gilan Gork says the more we are able to influence people and persuade them ethically, the more effective we can be in our lives, writes Lesley Stones




Finuala Dowling combines warmth, wit and comedy in her rendering of life in an emblematic Cape coastal town, writes Leon De Kock

Arts & Entertainment

Afrikaner ballet diplomat gets Joburg twirling

A Joburg Ballet member gives  a performance at the Gautrain Station in Sandton. Picture: SUSANNE HOLBAEK

Ballet is not a job for wimps and now more than ever the art form needs its defenders


How your car could put you in a data jam


Machine-to-machine connections on mobile networks will have jumped almost 10-fold to 2.3-billion from 250-million last year


HALF-ART: Narcissistic Venice piece lacking in nuance and intellect

Willem Boshoff, Racist in South Africa, 2011 Anodised aluminium panel, engraved and filled with ink. This is Boshoff’s contribution to the South African Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, a work he says speaks for itself. Picture: WILLEM BOSHOFF

When I look to SA’s artists, I expect to see nuanced and not narcissistic responses to our social and political challenges

Bill Gates. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Seven books Bill Gates thinks you should read this year

Always topical, informative and highly enjoyable Gates’ reading list this year takes a deliberately lighter slant


BOOK REVIEW: Life Never Explains


Defying the odds is the only option if you’re looking to make it in Johannesburg’s concrete jungle, writes Edward Tsumele


Link found between breast-cancer genes and prostate cancer

Adult stem cells have been used in medicine for decades, primarily for the treatment of certain cancers and blood disorders. That's changing with the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells that result in fewer immune incompatibilities. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Discovery that mutations in genes known to increase risk of breast, ovarian cancer may also play role in prostate cancer may lead to new treatments for disease


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: More marketing than craft as winemakers get on bandwagon

Winemakers are keeping up with craft liquor trend to maintain their revenue stream

Cars, motorcycles & driving


INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Slicker, second time around

The styling is more mainstream than the first generation.  Picture: AUDI AG

Motor News travelled to Switzerland to drive the second generation Audi Q7


NEW MODELS: Rebel spoiling for playground fight

The Renegade combines traditional Jeep looks with those of a fist-pumping toddler.  Picture: JEEP SA

Jeep launches its funky Renegade small SUV into the local market


ROAD TEST: Up and at ’em in urban commuter

The Up! has stylish looks.  Picture: QUICKPIC

The Volkswagen Up! could be the answer for the urban driver, writes Mark Smyth


INDUSTRY NEWS: Sharing the wheels for ease of movement

The Locomute fleet will initially consist of 20 Fiat 500L models.  Picture: LOCOMUTE

Following the success of Zipcar in Europe, a similar car sharing scheme has now launched in SA


DRIVING IMPRESSION: Kids or not, this makes for a sumptuous ride

The Rapide has real presence to match its exclusivity.  Picture: MARK SMYTH

Mark Smyth put a pre-owned Aston Martin Rapide through a few family tests

The first of two McLaren 650S Le Mans editions has arrived in SA.  Picture: MARK SMYTH

NEW MODELS: Homage to winning original

McLaren is building just 50 examples of its 650S Le Mans and two are finding homes in SA, writes Mark Smyth


VROOM WITH A VIEW: Fine-tuned liberal centre holds after UK elections

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a truly brilliantly conceived family car, making it extremely difficult to resist getting yourself one


INDUSTRY NEWS: Seeking repair lifeline

(Left to right) Hartmut Röhl, FIGIEFA president; Les McMaster, chairman of MIWA; Neil Pattemore, technical advisor to FIGIEFA; Jan Jooste, director of innovation at the Vaal University of Technology and Vishal Premlall, director of MIWA.

Independent motor workshops are declining as vehicle makers keep more elements in-house, writes Mark Smyth


INDUSTRY NEWS: What warrants a warranty for a new car?

A Toyota mechanic works on a vehicle in the workshop.  Pictures: NEWSPRESS, MARK

Do you know what you are covered for in your vehicle warranty when you purchase a car? Lerato Matebese sheds some light on these documents

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Travel & Food

Tashas world tour begins and Dubai is first stop

Tashas founder  Natasha Sideris is meticulous about maintaining the integrity of her brand. Picture: SUPPLIED

Growth has been slow and deliberate — she has been wary of going too far too fast, a malady that plagues many businesses, writes Sue Blaine

Travel & Food

From gambling for a meal, to owner of a five-star lodge

Casambo Exclusive Guest Lodge. Pictures: SUPPLIED

Hard work, money and luck turned Sanderson into an entrepreneur, says Priscilla Malinga

Travel & Food

Asia’s tops in the business of meeting

Singapore’s Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, right on the edge of the city centre,  is considered to be  one of the most successful venues of its kind in the world. Picture: REUTERS

Conference and exhibition organisers are spoilt for choice of venue in Asia, writes Blaise Hopkinson

Travel & Food

The bid to put the brand back into brandy

Chef Reuben Riffel enjoys a brandy, as brandy makers seek to attract a new, younger market. Picture: ABALONE HOUSE

Stellenbosch-based nonprofit organisation the South African Brandy Foundation is trying to rebrand brandy, writes Eugene Yiga

Part of the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden exhibition at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, run by the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society. Picture: KIRSTENBOSCH NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDEN

Kirstenbosch scoops second highest award at Chelsea flower show

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden walks off with second successive Silver Gilt award at prestigious Chelsea Flower Show after almost not entering competition


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: The day the French wine industry choked on their Burgundy

Steven Spurrier struck the match that illuminated what was happening in the world of wine, and in doing so, shaped its future

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Alexander Calder's

Local fine art auctioneer gearing up for annual sale

In first five years of existence Johannesburg-based fine art auctioneers Strauss & Co sell R5bn in artworks — a record for South African art sales

Arts & Entertainment

Local jazz festival occasion to show world ‘we’re anti-xenophobic’


Impressive international line-up for Joy of Jazz festival, which organisers say comes at time when Africans need to show world united front against xenophobia

Arts & Entertainment

Cars steal Charlize's thunder in Mad Max

Cast member Charlize Theron poses at the premiere of

Mad Max: Fury Road is everything you want it to be, especially the cars are your weapons, your lifeblood, your god, and have as important personalities as the maniacs who drive them

Arts & Entertainment

Move over superheroes, video-game movies are going upscale

Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft : Tomb Raider. Picture: SUPPLIED

There was a time when a new video game adaptation was enough to make film critics gag, but the big money involved is starting to attract a new level of talent


Is the war against piracy in Africa impossible to win?


The best that stakeholders can do is to provide easier, legitimate and affordable options for those seeking legitimate sources to get music online

Arts & Entertainment

Glimpse an Africa of ones and zeros at the Goodman Gallery

Post African Futures, curated by Tegan Bristow. Picture: GOODMAN GALLERY

The Post African Futures exhibition, which runs from May 21 to June 20, gives us a glimpse into ‘cultures of technology’ across Africa, writes Sue Blaine

Arts & Entertainment

Picasso painting sets auction record in New York

The art work,

Dubbed the ‘sale of the century’, Picasso’s ‘The Women of Algiers’ fetches more than $179m, smashing the world record for the most expensive art sold at auction

Arts & Entertainment

Wits Art Museum to raise funds with online auction

Child Skull, by Walter Oltmann. Picture: SUPPLIED

Lesley Cohen, curator and head of strategy, hopes to raise millions for endowment fund from sale of donated works of top South African artists

Personal technology news & reviews

Mock-ups of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone are displayed at the company's flagship store in Seoul, South Korea. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Your phone isn’t the only camera you need

Smartphone-makers have been on a campaign to convince us they’ve got the only camera we need, but they’re wrong, writes Geoffrey A Fowler

Gadgets & Gear

Unlock your phone with the blink of an eye

New eye drops may improve treatment for a disease that is a common cause of blindness in the elderly. Picture:  THINKSTOCK

NTT Docomo phone, which comes in black, white and green, uses iris scan to authenticate, user, unlock device, also simplifies making payments

Gadgets & Gear

Samsung Galaxy S6: rightful leader of Android army?

The Galaxy S6 edge (L) and Galaxy S6 smartphones. Picture: REUTERS

I fancy the S6’s utility, the camera and screen, but it could’ve built a more balanced, more pragmatic device that would’ve put the iPhone to shame, writes Andy Walker

Gadgets & Gear

Behind Apple’s move to shelve TVs


Apple shelved plans to make ultra-high-definition TV more than year ago because executives didn’t consider any of features compelling enough to enter market

Gadgets & Gear

Five tell-tale signs that your hard drive is about to fail


There are five signs that you can watch out for that point to an impending hard drive failure

Books news & reviews


Five books to get to grips with Africa’s economy

Five new books examine the African economy, how it is likely to influence global financial structures — and how the dirty trade in resources has looted the continent


Nature of society ‘requires justice, not revenge’

John Connolly.  Picture: MARK CONDREN

Author John Connolly believes human capacity to commit evil is very real — whether in Nazi Germany or streets of Durban, Johannesburg


BOOK REVIEW: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Elon Musk.  Picture: REUTERS

This isn’t the first biography we’ve had of Musk, nor will it be the last, but it is easily the richest to date, writes Dwight Garner


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Subverting the farm novel tradition

Craig Higginson.  Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Higginson wrote the thriller-style novel The Dream House to examine the space between a bleak outcome and a redemptive, hopeful one, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


BOOK REVIEW: The Barefoot Lawyer

China flags. Picture: REUTERS

Blind activist Chen Guangcheng exposes China’s rights abuses is his book

Health & lifestyle news

Pictures: THE HERALD

We have enough medics, but they’re in the cities

The challenge with the health workforce in SA is twofold: a skewed distribution of skilled staff and an imbalance of skills, writes Lekan Ayo-Yusuf


Compulsions, addictions, obsessions all around us


The sneaky compulsion ambushes that can snare the unwary, writes Tom Nevin


Avoid those quick-fix detox diets that fix nothing


Fad detox diets often cause horrible symptoms, which are signs that the body is in distress, writes Sue Scharf


Work smart, not long — it’s good for your health


Vanessa Rogers looks at the hazards for our health of being overworked and the amazing difference a week – or even an hour – off can make to our productivity and quality of life


The smart doctor and app that opens rural eyes

Norman Adami, executive chairman of SABMobile, left, Dr William Mapham, Prof Kovin Naidoo and Vincent Maphai, head of SAB corporate affairs at the presentation of a R1m cheque at the third Annual SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards in 2013. Picture: SUPPLIED

Mobile-based health services or m-health is a new tech buzzword, and a growing trend worldwide, writes Kate Ferreira

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