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Gadgets & Gear

Snapchat valuation nears $18bn

Snapchat logo. Picture: SNAPCHAT

Start-up featuring disappearing messages raises more than $1.8bn in investment round that stretched over more than a year, funding valued it at close to $18bn

Travel & Food

Award yourself wilderness splendour

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve is situated at the foot of the Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape. Picture: SUPPLIED

The award-winning Bushmans Kloof resort is renowned for its conservation efforts and offers the perfect escape in a calming and spiritual place, writes Eugene Yiga


BOOK REVIEW: The End Of Whiteness: Satanism and Family Murder In SA

Academic and author Nicky Falkof examines a period in SA’s history when white fear manifested itself in Satanism. Picture: SUPPLIED

How white fear and panic fuelled murderous folk devils, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


HALF ART: Tread carefully along the road of good intentions

Nudist photograher Spencer Tunick brings a knife to a gunfight trying to show up Donald Trump

Author and journalist Charles Cilliers. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: One man’s quest to track down his family’s stolen art

Degas’ Dust is the story of businessman Carnie Matisonn’s successful bid to track down artworks stolen by the Nazis, and how the universe conspired to help him, writes Sue Blaine


Tips to stay in shape and beat the winter bulge

Jogging is a great way of combining staying warm and keeping in shape in winter, the writer says, but it is just one option for a healthy lifestyle programme. Picture: ISTOCK

Create a winter routine to fit your lifestyle, take care about what you eat on winter days, and use the stairs, writes Yvonne Fontyn


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Number of well-maturing Cape reds have made consumers blasé

Expectations play a role in wine appreciation, but what if you don’t know what to expect?

Cars, motorcycles & driving

It looks like a normal X5 but this one plugs in.  Picture: BMW

LAUNCH NEWS: BMW X5 plugs into the new era

BMW has introduced its X5 plug-in hybrid to the South African market


FUTURE MODELS: Volvo 40 — Thor throws down a new hammer

The frontal styling clearly echoes the 90 models.  Picture: NEWSPRESS UK

Volvo’s new compact car architecture will underpin the company’s next-generation 40 models


ROAD TEST: Doing the numbers

The Fortuner has controversial styling.  Picture: QUICKPIC

Mark Smyth looks at the battle of the seven-seaters between Ford and Toyota


RUMOUR HAS IT: A8 pilot to start in 2017; covers off Clio RS

Audi will base the design of its next A8 on the Prologue concept.  Picture: AUDI AG

The next big tech step for Audi will be the luxury flagship A8, while Renault Sport will be unveiling a special version of the Clio RS at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix


LONG-TERM FLEET: Touareg surpassing all of our expectations

The Touareg proved its abilities on tarmac and the back roads of SA.   Picture: MARK SMYTH

Mark Smyth looks back on the year the Volkswagen Touareg spent with the team


EDITORIAL NOTE: Charging into the future

Volvo SA claims the batteries will recharge in three hours on household mains.  Picture: QUICKPIC

Plug-in hybrid cars are well within our realm

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

An unidentified Samburu man in colourful clothing. Picture: BAS DE VOS

Our ride to Kenya’s Hell and back — for a cold beer

Ignorance of hell roads, bandits and frequent inter-tribal battles was bliss for a pair of overlanders on motorbikes, writes Bas de Vos

Travel & Food

Ungovernable cider Sxollie will shout revolution from the tables

Karol Ostaszewski and  Laura Clacey with their cider brand, Sxollie.  Picture: SUPPLIED

The cider boom is about to hit Mzansi and Karol Ostaszewski is ready, writes Eugene Yiga

Travel & Food

Seychelles a haven for holidaying South Africans

Picture: ISTOCK

South Africans are the seventh most common tourists to the archipelago, behind the French, Germans and Italians, and some even own homes there

Travel & Food

SA’s hosts reap benefits of Airbnb rentals to those who want a unique experience

Karl Hermanus in his house in Brixton, Johannesburg. He is one of  AirBnB ’s top hosts. Picture: CORNELL TUKIRI/THE TIMES

Cape Town has 10,000 Airbnb listings, followed by Johannesburg with 2,000 and Knysna with almost 1,000, writes Sue Blaine

Travel & Food

South Africans popping more bubbly corks

Picture: ISTOCK

SA’s growing middle class is interested not just in local sparkling wine or MCC, but is increasingly trying out international brands of champagne

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Part of the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden exhibition at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, run by the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society. Picture: KIRSTENBOSCH NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDEN

SA wins 34th gold medal at Chelsea Flower Show

Stunning Kogelberg showcase earns SA yet another gold medal at London’s Chelsea Flower Show

Arts & Entertainment

UCT student’s film is a hit at international film festivals

The poster for the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Picture: REUTERS

Jessie and Sarah Zinn’s movie of love and misunderstanding recently appeared at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

Arts & Entertainment

Team SA goes big at Cannes to showcase local film industry

Mayenzeke Baza and Pascal Schmitz at Cannes. Picture: AAA ENTERTAINMENT

The National Film and Video Foundation has bought prominent advertising space at the Cannes Film Festival to entice more people into watching SA’s features

Arts & Entertainment

SA artist’s sculpture on display in New York

Morphus on the Delaire-Graff wine estate in Stellenbosch. Picture: SUPPLIED

The large bronze Morphous will be installed New York’s Union Square, at an important and historic Manhattan intersection, for 10 months


Cosby will face sex assault trial, judge says

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby (C) arrives with attorney Monique Pressley (R) for his arraignment on sexual assault charges at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Picture: REUTERS

Judge Elizabeth McHugh rules after three-hour preliminary hearing in Norristown that there is enough evidence to put Cosby on trial

Personal technology news & reviews


Microsoft to streamline smartphone hardware business

Software giant insists it is not exiting mobile phone business and will focus efforts in areas where it has ‘differentiation’


An invading force that we humans must adapt to

Driverless cars and drones, 'cobots' that work alongside humans in industrial settings, all form part of the new advance in robotics. Pictures: BLOOMBERG/PETI KOLLANYI

A financing boom is in store for robotics, write Richard Waters and Tim Bradshaw

Gadgets & Gear

SA software piracy shows slight decline

Cyber crime. Picture: REUTERS/KACPER PEMPEL

Thirty three percent of computers in SA have software installed that is not properly licensed, a one-point decrease on findings in 2013

Opinion & Analysis

Privacy risk keeping some people off Facebook

Picture: REUTERS

Important that social network site developers and marketers specifically plan for and design websites to address privacy concerns, doctoral study finds

Gadgets & Gear

How to protect yourself from cyber criminals


Handful of simple tips to prevent you being phished, fooled and fleeced of your money and identity

Books news & reviews

Grizelda Grootboom.  Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Violence women face daily must stop

In her autobiography, Grizelda Grootboom provides a brutal, raw and honest account of how she was betrayed by a friend into a life of drugs and prostitution


Cape Town children’s book publisher wins in Italy

Bumble Books owner Robin Stuart-Clark. Picture: SUPPLIED

Bumble Books won the 2016 Best Children’s Book Publisher Africa based on votes from exhibiting publishers at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair


BOOK REVIEW: Blood Oil: Tyranny, Resources, and the Rules That Run the World

A novel that supplies a moral answer to the stolen wealth of resource countries, writes Tom Burgis


Booker prize win a victory for South Korean literature

Han Kang. Picture: AFP/LEON NEAL

An institute dedicated to translating new works, and writers with a more international outlook will share in author Han Kang’s triumph


BOOK REVIEW: US academic Baz Dreisinger sees forgiveness in action in SA prison


Dreisinger saw prisoners come to grips with themselves and confront their bad choices during a restorative justice workshop at Pollsmoor prison, in Cape Town

Health & lifestyle news

In a public statement released on Monday by the UK National Obesity Forum in association with Public Health Collaboration, the experts say that fat doesn’t make people fat; saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease and people should stop counting calories. Picture: ISTOCK

New dietary advice says we can eat fat to get slim

The experts say that fat doesn’t make people fat; saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease; and people should stop counting calories, writes Marika Sboros


Lifestyle focus on individuals trumps diets

Wholesome nutrition for you by Ian Craig and Rachel Jesson. Picture: SUPPLIED

It is pretty much a no-brainer that everyone has their own particular genetic and physiological make up, yet we act as though we are all the same, writes Sue Blaine


Researchers link loss of Y chromosome to Alzheimer’s disease

WHAT YOU EAT: Nutritional approaches are a vital weapon for beating or treating Alzheimer's disease. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Previous research has shown LOY can raise the likelihood of cancer, and now researchers say this could serve as a predictive biomarker for a range of health problems


Shoulder surgery the new testing ground for painkiller alternatives


If nonaddictive painkilling techniques can be shown effective with shoulder surgery, doctors hope they will be more widely adopted


Study shows promise in skin cancer treatment

Cancer patient. Picture: REUTERS/JIM BOURG

Merck and Pfizer report encouraging interim data against a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer from a trial of experimental drug avelumab

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