• Sunday, April 26 2015
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Von Rothbart (Juan Carlos Osma) advances on Odile (Viengsay Valdes) and Prince Siegfried (Brooklyn Mack) in Act 3 of Joburg Ballet’s Swan Lake. Picture: BARRY GOLDMAN

Swan Lake shows value of multicultural harmony

The cast is an amalgamation of three professional styles into a single artistic vision, writes Andrew Gilder

Arts & Entertainment

VIDEO: South African opera star makes debut solo in London concert

Award-winning opera singer and Tshwane Univeristy of Technology graduate, Simphiwe Simon Shibambu, will sing solo for the first time since moving to the UK, at a concert in London on April 25

Arts & Entertainment

Man who gets stars to talk astrophysics

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, left, and Seth MacFarlane, executive producer of Cosmos, participate in the Television Critics’ Association winter presentations in Pasadena, California last year. Picture: REUTERS

He has transferred his skill to social media, where he has amassed more than 3.5-million followers with his tweets, writes Nadia Neophytou

Gadgets & Gear

Facebook’s Hello app is caller ID on steroids

Facebook. Picture: REUTERS

Facebook says new app will show users info about who is calling them, including details such as residence, employer and website address

Arts & Entertainment

HALF ART: Cow dung rather than faeces, but it is of our time

People need to be controlled (The Fall): Mawande Ka Zenzile’s take on the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue. Picture: SUPPLIED

Mawande Ka Zenzile’s Statecraft earns the epithet ‘timely’, even as it takes a ‘long view’ of human history, writes Chris Thurman


WINE: Bordeaux fails to weather price climate as sunnier SA wines do

Since 2011-2013 didn’t sell, why would anyone want to buy the 2014s?

Michael Back.  Picture: SUPPLIED

Backsberg owner wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Backsberg Estate Cellars owner Michael Back receives award from European drinks trade magazine The Drinks Business for ethical practices, education


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: A book that is meant to be read for the satire it is

Christopher Hope says older South Africans will remember the greeting, “how are you doing Jim Fish”. Picture: Jerry Bauer

Christopher Hope's latest novel, Jimfish, is as much a travelogue as it is a fierce commentary on politics and abuse of power across Africa, Europe and Russia, Sue Grant-Marshall

Gadgets & Gear

The Apple Watch is neat, but that is all

Apple CE Tim Cook speaks during the Apple Spring Forward event in San Francisco, California, US, on Monday. Picture: BLOOMBERG/DAVID PAUL MORRIS

If smartwatch is supposed to provide around-the-clock health information, then there are many roadblocks that need to be addressed, writes Jeffrey Joslin

Opinion & Analysis

Laws on thin models rest on slim evidence

In the global fight against anorexia nervosa it is often forgotten that the condition existed before the fashion industry and its attendant media blitz. Picture: REUTERS

Anorexia, an illness, is often mistaken by many as a lifestyle choice with an external cause, writes Rachel Cole-Fletcher


Five signs that you need a new job


To help you decide whether it may be time for a career change, here are critical signs, based on psychological research, that you would probably benefit from a career switch

Cars, motorcycles & driving


FUTURE MODELS: Adding choices to line-up

VW has confirmed it will make the T-Roc.  Picture: NEWSPRESS

Volkswagen is going on the SUV offensive, writes Michael Taylor


LAUNCH NEWS: Big, bold and brash proposition

There is nothing understated about the massive QX80. Picture: INFINITI EUROPE

Infiniti has launched its flagship SUV in the form of the QX80


FUTURE MODELS: Adding choices to line-up

VW has confirmed it will make the T-Roc.  Picture: NEWSPRESS

Volkswagen is going on the SUV offensive, writes Michael Taylor


FUTURE MODELS: Maximum use of space

The new B-Max is built on the Fiesta platform.  Picture: FORD SA

Ford has announced yet another new model in the form of the B-Max MPV


NEW MODELS: Turning up the heat

The new Polo GTI gets a new front end design.   Picture: QUICKPIC

Volkswagen has launched its new Polo GTI in SA to take on some rather hot rivals

The new Toyota Corolla aims to tick all the affordability boxes.  Picture: QUICKPIC

FOCUS ON TOYOTA COROLLA: Firm favourite is cost-effective too

The Toyota Corolla continues to be a strong choice when it comes to affordability


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: A car to make us venerate the Alfa brand

Motor companies understand the concept of monument pride. In fact, they’re on some occasions happy to build a car that will lose them money as long as it advances the brand


DRIVING IMPRESSION: Your ticket to exclusivity

The looks have been sharpened in the new model.  Pictures: LERATO MATEBESE and FERRARI

The Ferrari California T now offers a broader spectrum of talents over its predecessor, says Lerato Matebese


INDUSTRY NEWS: Custodian unveiled

The new Ghibli is still on its way to SA.   Picture: QUICKPIC

Maserati has appointed a new distributor for its vehicles in SA

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Travel & Food

In Jock’s steps with the Seven as company

Crisp white linen and deco reminding one of colonial chic that has moved on, in a bedroom at Fitzpatrick’s, a family-oriented satellite camp at Jock Safari Lodge. Picture: PHILIP WELCHMAN

Staying at a luxury lodge, such as Jock Safari Lodge, is one of the best ways to enjoy SA’s bushveld, writes Sue Blaine

Science & Environment

Conservation efforts by wine industry lauded


World Wide Fund for Nature satisfied with wine estates’ environmental efforts and is endorsing the ‘Sustainable Wines South Africa’ seal found on wine bottles

Travel & Food

Africa ‘tricky’ over its many languages

Travel Channel’s Jonathan Phang compares the Blue Train to the Orient Express in terms of luxury. Picture: LYNNE MCKENZIE & PARTNERS

Scripps Networks says the continent’s important but its 100 languages and diverse interests make it a challenge to entertain and inform


Chains make room for lifestyle hotels

InterContinental Davos.  File picture: REUTERS

New generation wants a more local feel, write Victoria Bryan and Neil Maidment

Street art seen from the High Line, a garden walkway established on an elevated, disused railway line. Picture: MADELEINE MORROW

Take a bite of the Big Apple’s food markets

Head indoors to Chelsea Market for a well-deserved lunch. Go hungry because this is a space to gaze and graze, writes Madeleine Morrow


WINE: Nothing lousy about this Peringuey at all

While the great vineyards of Bordeaux took several decades to recover, the process was much quicker in SA

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

Avengers: Age of Ultron — Iron Man.  Picture: THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY AFRICA

Filming Avengers action sequence in Joburg gives city ‘priceless’ exposure

Johannesburg depicted as a coastal city, stealing a march on SA’s more popular movie production destination, Cape Town

Arts & Entertainment

Beatenberg take home six Samas

Local band Beatenberg got the inspiration for its name from a book of lectures by Swiss-German painter Paul Klee which contained a sketch of a mountain village. Picture: BEATENBERG

Cape Town-based band makes almost clean sweep at South African Music Awards, but Best Newcomer category goes to hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest


Seized art works go on show in Brazil

Demonstrators protest against Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff over the Carwash art scandal. Picture: REUTERS

Ill-gotten gains of the underworld of corruption go on show in Brazil, but not everyone’s impressed, writes Juan Pablo Spinetto

Arts & Entertainment

Sephuma offers foreign rhythms on new album

Judith Sephuma. Picture: SUPPLIED

Judith Sephuma has over the past decade established herself as a leading afrojazz artist, writes Priscilla Malinga


JAZZ: Jazz festival strikes a flatter note

Jazz festival hangs on inside the lifestyle festival, but it is starting to feel a little neglected, and in need of some TLC

Opinion & Analysis

Banning selfies in museums ... good or selfish?

Some museums and galleries have banned the taking of selfies, while others have embraced the phenomenon, seeing it as a means of appealing to wider audiences. Picture: REUTERS

Debates around the ban on selfie sticks suggest that the selfie itself has prompted the latest manifestation of the museum’s age-old ‘us and them’ divide: fun vs education, writes Hannah Williams

Gadgets & Gear

Four trends that will shape future of music in Africa


It’s clear that consumers are hungry for content they can identify with, and content that is easily accessible on various mobile platforms, writes Hennie Theron

Arts & Entertainment

HALF ART: Violence inscribed in vistas

Ian Houston, The white sands of Muizenberg, oil on board. Picture: SUPPLIED

Garissa massacre can be seen as an extreme violation of academic freedom and all that it represents, writes Chris Thurman

Personal technology news & reviews


Five apps bringing the next billion people online

As internet’s reach among new users slows, here are some apps aimed at helping people get more value out of their mobile phones

Gadgets & Gear

Google now lets you download your entire search history

Picture: REUTERS

Users can download their search history, dating from when they first logged in with an account on any device, and gain valuable insights into top clicks, queries and sites

Gadgets & Gear

Huawei Ascend Mate 7: beautifully balanced

Huawei Ascend Mate 7.  Picture: SUPPLIED

It’s a glorious piece of design with a beautiful screen and a great camera — it’s just a pity about the UI, performance quirks and active battery life issues, writes Andy Walker


With One M9, HTC is back — brand spanking new

A decidedly different atmosphere accompanied the South African launch of once-iconic HTC's new offering

Books news & reviews

John Connolly.  Picture: MARK CONDREN

Nature of society ‘requires justice, not revenge’

Author John Connolly believes human capacity to commit evil is very real — whether in Nazi Germany or streets of Durban, Johannesburg


BOOK REVIEW: Weeping Waters

A farm murder by any other name is still gripping stuff, writes Eugene Goddard


BOOK REVIEW: The Innovators

Bill Gates. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Plucking ideas out of thin air to create a revolution. Walter Isaacson suggests ideas are a serendipitous blend of geopolitical events, cultural trends, the development of symbiotic industries and the power of collaboration, writes David Gorin


BOOK REVIEW: Divided Lives

Gordon Lyndall.  Picture: VIRAGO

South African émigré Lyndall Gordon has written a memorable memoir of a mystifying mother’s influence, writes Eugene Goddard


Rare SA book to be sold to raise funds to fight illiteracy

Image from Samuel Daniell’s African Scenery and Animals, originally printed in 1804 or 1805. Picture: SUPPLIED

All proceeds from sale of African Scenery and Animals by Samuel Daniell will go towards boosting literacy levels in South Sudan

Health & lifestyle news

The level of obesity in SA puts it in the 20 fattest countries in the world. A UK programme that has made substantial gains in the fight against obesity is one SA should adapt. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Copy the UK’s fight against fat — it works

Costs of excessive and inappropriate eating, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, and related physical and mental illness are enormous, writes Fred Turok


Workouts at work to keep staff in dynamic mode

Workout. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Workplaces have become anti-fit and increasingly sedentary


Australian blogger admits she lied about having cancer

A scientist separates proteins by gel electrophoresis in a lab at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton. In the latest breakthroughs the immune system is used to kill cancer cells, but concerns exist over the additional number of pills needed to tame side effects. Pictures: REUTERS/STEFAN WERMUTH

Health blogger who found fame after claiming she was conquering brain cancer through natural therapy tells magazine she never had disease


Four ways to improve your mood


Your bad mood can hurt your performance at work, so try conscious breathing, activating positive feelings, reframing your thinking, re-engaging action


Formula ‘able to cut sweet tooth of sugar addict’


Authors of Sugar Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction present plan to kick cravings for sugar and carbohydrates in eight weeks

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