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Travel & Food

Appetite for fermented food grows

Nick Vadasz, owner of Vadasz Deli in London,  helped his Hungarian grandmother ferment pickles — not  an English tradition. Picture: SUPPLIED

Pickles, kombucha, and sauerkraut are catching on as a healthy alternative to fast food, writes Madeleine Morrow


HALF ART: Burkini is unlikely icon of resistance to Islamophobia

New York-based Iranian artist Shirin Neshat challenges western views of Islam through art

Arts & Entertainment

WATCH: The story behind Jade Bouwer’s play Scorched

Jade Bower is the 2016 Standard Bank Young Artist Award recipient for theatre

Opinion & Analysis

Walk the talk for happy workforce

US President Barack Obama, right, with Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards, left, after a tour of a flood-affected area in Louisiana on Tuesday. Obama is notable as a fan of the walk and talk meeting style, which has health benefits, saves time and aids creative thinking. Picture: REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST

Companies are most effective when they create a wellbeing culture, write Leon Ayo and Ross Tucker

A new biodegradable film made out of casein is being produced to replace the thin plastic wrapping that is used to protect against spoilage. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

Milk-based packing ticks lots of boxes

Researchers are investigating alternative forms of food packaging — the biodegradable kind that can be eaten, writes Amrith Ramkumar


FUTURE MODELS: VW T-Roc is building on a promise

Volkswagen is promising a radical new design language with its T-Roc.  Picture: NEWSPRESS UK

Volkswagen’s SUV and crossover model onslaught is continuing


How science tamed diabetes, the killer disease

Diabetes. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Ipasa is an association of 25 international and local pharmaceutical companies that research and develop innovative medications, medical devices and diagnostic tools

Featured Partner

Cars, motorcycles & driving

BMW will have its M4 GTS at the festival along with some its top drivers and instructors.  Picture: NEWSPRESS UK

MOTOR SHOW: Entertainment for the motoring family

The inaugural SA Festival of Motoring looks to be a worthy spectacle for petrolheads and lifestyle aficionados alike, writes Lerato Matebese


ROAD SAFETY: Keeping the little ones safe in the car

Volvo has introduced its new range of child seats in SA.  Picture: QUICKPIC

Protecting your child should be a priority but alarmingly only 15% of children are properly restrained in SA vehicles


FUTURE MODELS: Smart updates to the Range

The Range Rover Sport will get a number of updates including some autonomous technology in 2017. Picture: NEWSPRESS UK

The Range Rover Sport will get semi-autonomous driving technology, writes Lerato Matebese


DRIVING IMPRESSION: Lexus RC200t — a handsome sheep in wolf’s clothing

The RC200t scores highly in the looks department.   Picture: QUICKPIC

The Lexus RC200t looks like a gold-winning athlete, but it’s left in the blocks by its rivals, writes Mark Smyth


CONCEPT MODELS: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 — in step with the future

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 shows that the company is looking again at unique Maybach models.

Mercedes has unveiled its radical vision for its super luxury Maybach brand


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: A good reputation is earned and maintained

The Fortuner’s a devastatingly competent machine and an ambassador of Toyota’s legendary reliability

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Slow Food Italy’s Francesco Anastasi, left, and Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini visit the garden of Soweto smallholder Phila Cele to sample his special brand of chilli. Picture: MALCOLM DRUMMOND

Bid to put local food on the map

Slow Food Italy’s Francesco Anastasi is on a mission to preserve and defend local products and cuisine around the world, writes Sue Blaine

Travel & Food

Friendships rescue DRC’s gorilla reserve from ruin

Virunga faces many threats to its continued existence, including poaching, poverty and political unrest. However park director Emmanuel de Merode believes these factors are linked and can be tackled through inclusivity and negotiation. Picture: PATRICK JONSSON

In the life-and-death battle to save eastern DRC’s heritage, the Virunga Alliance of friends is park protector Emmanuel De Merode's strongest defence, writes Eugene Yiga

Travel & Food

Fêted Mother City chef branches out

Head chef Wesley Randles and manager Simon Widdison of The Shortmarket Club, the latest venture of The Test Kitchen’s Luke Dale-Roberts. Picture: SUPPLIED

Accessible fine dining on menu at The Test Kitchen’s city centre twin, writes Eugene Yiga

Travel & Food

Once simply a wine farm, Boschendal now boasts biking trails and game too

The centuries-old vineyards of Boschendal  in Franschoek.  Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

More farmers are spreading their reach to try ensure year-round revenue, and Franschhoek’s Boschendal is continuing to diversify


Environmental affairs’ green building shortlisted for architectural award

Maboneng. Picture: PROPERTUITY

The building’s running contract stipulates maximum annual energy and water consumption far lower than in conventional buildings


LIQUID INVESTMENTS: Sumaridge has struck gold with chardonnay

The pedigreed Sumaridge Chardonnay 2014 explodes exquisitely on the palate

Music, theatre, art, dance & design


Intrepid impresarios bank on children’s theatre

With parents splurging up to R475 a ticket so their tots see Disney on Ice, you wouldn’t think SA’s economy is in the doldrums

Arts & Entertainment

Esther Nasser to take the lead at Joburg Ballet


Joburg Ballet has had an acting CEO since Dirk Badenhorst was suspended from the position last August, resigning in November

Arts & Entertainment

NBCUniversal gets rights to ‘Harry Potter’ films in deal worth as much as $250m

A young witch with her new book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, at the launch at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town, in July 2007.  Picture: GALLO IMAGES/DENZIL MAREGELE

NBCUniversal in the US will also get the rights to the coming ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise from ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling

Arts & Entertainment

Mda brings ‘new’ work to Market

Friends Zakes Mda, left, and John Kani will be staging their first professional collaboration, The Dying Screams of the Moon, at the Market Theatre in July and August. The play is written by Mda and directed by Kani. Picture: EUGENE GODDARD

Collaboration brings to life Zakes Mda’s The Dying Screams of the Moon in its first ever professional staging at the rechristened Mannie Manim Theatre, writes Christina Kennedy


Forgiveness overrated and justice underrated in this traumatised state


Author Christine Qunta advocates that colonial symbols, including statues, be removed from public places in SA and sent to museums; the same with colonial names

Personal technology news & reviews

Picture: ISTOCK

Furore over digitally altered pictures: when do they cross over into fiction?

There is little consensus on when picture editing has gone too far, especially since a limited amount of digital touching up is standard in the photo industry

Opinion & Analysis

Algorithms for getting into rhythm

COLOURFUL: Baby red romaine lettuce grows in a vertical farming bed beneath light emitting diode lamps and using a patented growing algorithm of controlled light, nutrients and temperatures, at an indoor vertical farming facility in New Jersey. File picture: REUTERS

Can the people who think about the foundations of computing and programming help us to solve human problems, asks Tim Harford

Gadgets & Gear

What can you do when Pokemon Go-ers say your house is a virtual location?

MOBILE GAME:  A Pokemon appears on the screen next to a woman as a man plays Nintendo’s Pokemon Go in New York on Monday. Picture: REUTERS

As location-based data applications proliferate, there needs to be better protection of digital rights in those spaces

Books news & reviews


How unwanted second-hand books became big business

The explosive success of World of Books is a story of unlikely origins stumbling on underlying value, writes Jonathan Margolis


JM Coetzee’s ‘mesmerising tale’ grapples with battle between head and heart

Novels written by author JM Coetzee. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

If the author wins the Man Booker Prize for The Schooldays of Jesus it will be his third, after winning in 1983 and 1999


BOOK REVIEW: The Way I See it: Musings Of A Black Woman In the Rainbow Nation


Author Lerato Tshabalala risks a big blacklash taking sides in race relations, writes Lungile Sojini


BOOK REVIEW: Zero Footprint: the True Story Of A Military Contractor’S Secret Wars


A gritty account of army contractors on the new frontline, writes William Saunderson-Meyer


BOOK REVIEW: Sigh the Beloved Country: Braai Talk, Rock ‘n’ Roll & Other Stories

In his new book, Bongani Madondo comments on the state of the country’s life and politics with humour, in a refreshing change from the narrow analysis in newspaper columns. Picture: VICTOR DLAMINI

Catching up on style in SA with insight and wit, writes Edward Tsumele

Health & lifestyle news

Researchers from the Uganda Virus Research Institute carry insect traps at the Zika Forest in Entebbe, south of Uganda's capital Kampala. Picture: REUTERS

New study shows Zika may affect adult brains too

Scientists say research on mice suggests the virus may not be as benign an infection for adults as currently thought, particularly for those with weakened immune systems


Street medics bring healthcare-on-the-go to New York’s homeless

Homeless people sleep near Penn Station on December 21, 2015 in New York City. In the past five years New York's homeless population has ballooned from approximately 38,000 in October of 2010 to over 59,500 in October of 2015, according to Coalition for the Homeless. Picture: ANDREW BURTON/GETTY IMAGES/AFP

A medical team does the rounds with backpacks filled with medication and equipment to treat the homeless on street corners, underpasses or park benches


Hit-and-miss medicine is giving way to tailor-made drugs


Advocates of personalised medicine say the current state of medicine, in which everyone is given the same drug, will soon be seen as barbarous


Turn back the clock with a range of skin treatments

Wrinkled, droopy skin can regain its youthful glow and firmness with the advanced topical and internal remedies available.   Picture: SUPPLIED

With advanced topical and internal remedies available, the glowing skin of youth can be restored


New discovery could help cancer patients

Cancer patient. Picture: REUTERS/JIM BOURG

Researchers have found a way to tell which patients will respond to a particular immunotherapy medication used to treat tumours

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