• Wednesday, October 01 2014
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Oscar Pistorius in court on the second day of his murder trial in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. Picture: REUTERS

Pistorius and Steenkamp — books waiting to happen

That the Oscar Pistorius trial was televised live is no barrier to writers’ accounts of the tragedy, writes Sue Grant-Marshall


BOOK REVIEW: Traversing the Avalanche

1 day(s) ago

Carl Bates is waging a veritable war against poor governance standards, but in his case he is too often just a voice in the wilderness, writes Evan Pickworth

Arts & Entertainment

ON THE STAGE: The Bram Fischer Waltz, By My Grave

Bram Fischer being escorted by police to his trial. Picture: FILE
1 day(s) ago

Plays about liberation figure Bram Fischer and disgraced Wits lecturer Tsepo wa Mamatu take centre stage


BOOK REVIEW: This Changes Everything

1 day(s) ago

This Changes Everything is a call to arms against 21st-century capitalism, but this time Naomi Klein enlists climate change as a weapon in the struggle, writes Pilita Clark

Arts & Entertainment


Former lead singer of Led Zeppelin Richard Plant visits a tourist market in Rabat. Picture: REUTERS
2 day(s) ago

Robert Plant the musician is as impressive as Led Zeppelin, and his new album keeps the quality up, writes Richard Haslop

Cars, motorcycles & driving


INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Jeep’s blend of style and heritage

Jeep Renegade. Picture: JEEP
6 day(s) ago

Jeep could have a big hit on its hands with its new compact Renegade


LAUNCH NEWS: A new direction for an old favourite

Toyota Yaris. Picture: NEWSPRESS
6 day(s) ago

Brenwin Naidu travelled to the Western Cape to see if the new Toyota Yaris sports more than just a grumpy face


LAUNCH NEWS: Time for change

The Mazda 3. Picture: NEWSPRESS
6 day(s) ago

Mazda is entering a new era in SA as a standalone brand, writes Bruce Fraser

The VW Amarok. Picture: QUICKPIC

LONG-TERM FLEET: Best in the game

Lerato Matebese is convinced that the Volkswagen Amarok is the benchmark in its segment


VRROOM WITH A VIEW: BMW’s dark horse

The X4 proves to be more than a sexed-up version of the X3, with a tighter drive and barely compromised space, writes Alexander Parker

Travel, food and restaurant news & reviews

Apiwe Nxusani. Picture: BREWHOGS

Eastern Cape born Nxusani making a mark on beer market

Brewhogs is one of several, independently-owned beer brewing companies that have claimed a noticeable market share in SA, writes Edward Tsumele

Travel & Food

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tashas’ food was good but service superb

5 day(s) ago

Tashas is in Cape Town to teach Capetonians about service, writes Penny Haw


WINE: SoetKaroo’s fortifieds are made for acionados

To make the production and sale of these classically styled wines your core business is arguably as insane as letting a hobby get out of hand, writes Michael Fridjhon

Travel & Food

Kazakhstan’s visions of surreal proportions

Khan Shatyr, billed as the world's biggest tent and built by Turkish hotelier and construction magnate Fettah Tamince and his partners, after its opening in Astana, Kazakhstan. Picture: MUKHTAR KHOLDORBEKOV, REUTERS
5 day(s) ago

Much about the world’s ninth-largest country you saw in the movie with Sacha Baron Cohen is true, writes Blaise Hopkinson

Music, theatre, art, dance & design

ALEX: Dark City Dreams, a photographic exhibition about Alexandra Township, is at In Toto Gallery, 66 St Andrew St, Birdhaven. Picture: SUPPLIED

People are people, even in postcolonial dis

Dark City Dreams, a photographic exhibition, at the In Toto Gallery, affirms quite simply that ‘people are people’

Arts & Entertainment

A voice from obscurity

Pretty Yende’s determination and talent have taken her from Piet Retief in Mpumalanga to La Scala, Milan.  Picture: KIM FOX
6 day(s) ago

From an infatuation with opera as a girl, Pretty Yende has scaled the heights of the art, writes Penny Haw



Although the architects of early rock ’n’ roll came in often unexpected guises, Matassa must have been one of the least likely, writes Richard Haslop

Arts & Entertainment

Nutcracker for Africa entertains, but what’s with the Spanish dances?

6 day(s) ago

It takes courage to reimagine such a treasured Christmas ballet, but it needs more from our continent

Personal technology news & reviews


Contrite Silicon Valley failed to judge force of anti-tech backlash

Industry has failed to appreciate mounting concern over its record on online privacy and must act fast to prevent deeper damage to image, top executives concede, writes Richard Waters


Apple receives record pre-orders for new iPhones

Dummies of new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are displayed with a figure of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs at a mall selling smartphones in Hong Kong on Friday.  Picture: REUTERS
15 day(s) ago

Apple says it received record 4-million first-day pre-orders of new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, meaning many customers will have to wait until October for phones

Gadgets & Gear

VIDEO: Eastern Cape learners first African team in international electric car challenge

15 day(s) ago

Two teams of learners from the Mandela School of Science and Technology in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape will participate in the International Greenpower Challenge in the UK


Google taps Japan in attempt to narrow mobile revenue gap

Picture: REUTERS

World’s biggest app market could help Google trim Apple’s lead because Japan’s developers have figured out how to get people to pay for games and extras

Books news & reviews

Jonny Steinberg. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: A twig full of wisdom

The story of a Somali trader from Cape Town also tells us about SA, writes Penny Haw


BOOKS: Lessons from Silicon Valley

7 day(s) ago

Dress down, be original, get the most out of your divas: the lessons drawn from high-tech entrepreneurs reveal much about an often misunderstood world, writes Richard Waters


BOOK REVIEW: The Road of Excess

8 day(s) ago

Ingrid Winterbach’s novel explores art, humanity and the balance between them, writes Natasha Faria

Health & lifestyle news

Study of smoking cancer patients fuels e-cigarette debate

Debate over whether e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking takes another twist as a research paper on their use by cancer patients is criticised as flawed


To make the most of a workout, experts say set the proper pace

ON THE HOP: Health and fitness experts regularly advise that you starve a fever of exercise but say feeding a cold moderately, with a brisk walk, may not be a bad idea. Picture: THINKSTOCK
15 day(s) ago

Setting proper workout pace deflects boredom and fatigue, syncs body and mind, and enables the everyday exerciser to keep pushing on

Gadgets & Gear

Gyms barter to build bottom line

21 day(s) ago

The work-for-workout barter agreement means that gyms keep their costs down and individuals who can’t afford gym membership stay fit, writes Penny Haw

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