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June 23 - Broll and Asset Control

Asset Control MD John Keramianakis and Broll Property Group CEO Malcolm Horne talk facilities systems at the BD-TV Studio in Rosebank. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Buildings can be smart frameworks

Broll and Asset Control are working together in a facilities management revolution using innovative design and technology, writes Katy Chance

Software that manages office space can save money


Asset Control’s software helps avoid the pitfalls of poor building management systems that can affect a company’s bottom line, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Building an asset of value

Pavlo Phitidis talks about creating assets of value, and explains why every company looking to grow needs one


Building a business into an asset of value serves you and SA

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Passion is vital to build a business … but passion without purpose makes you a statistic, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: Growth Engines Awards to honour business excellence

The Growth Engines has profiled thirty-four entrepreneurial big and small businesses working together to lead the economy, by means of innovative relationships

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Working with suppliers to support growth

The Growth Engines looks at how companies can work with their different suppliers to ensure mutual growth and sustainability

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Building a business that lasts

We look at how to build a business that can be sold at a premium

June 17 - BMW and Grid Cars

Winstone Jordaan (left) MD and owner of GridCars, and Deena Govender, head of customer relations at BMW — a success story of how small and big business can work together to add value, says Govender. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

GridCars revs up the car-tech game a notch

GridCars is the only company designing and building charging points in SA, and BMW is a major player to add value, writes Katy Chance

Automobile future electrifies Winstone Jordaan

GridCars  owner Winstone Jordaan at the company's workshop in Pretoria. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Former Nasa man Winstone Jordaan belives e-vehicles are the future, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Being an early adopter of technology

BMW SA's Deena Govender talks about the importance of adapting technical infrastructure and business and legislative practices to accommodate a future of dwindling natural resources and increasing carbon constraints


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Entrepreneurial actions that shape the world of tomorrow

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

An effective response to the information shaping a new world requires leadership skills premised on a martial art mind-set

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Aligning your business with your skills

GridCars is the only business in SA creating charge-point operator systems for electric cars

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Keeping an eye on transport trends

BMW SA's Deena Govender says the company has chosen to look at transport as mobility, which is a concept embracing the experience of travelling

June 9 - Anglo American Platinum and Cyest

Andreas Cambitsis. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Hi-tech takes mining to a new level

Andreas Cambitsis's Cyest and Anglo American Platinum tap innovations most frequently seen in the gaming environment to deliver analytical technology services to modernise mining, writes Katy Chance

Amplats and Cyest a marriage driven by innovation


FutureSmart at Amplats embraces technology adoption and penetration as key to delivering their modernisation strategy, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Smart and safe platinum

Anglo American talks about the mining giant’s Future Smart programme driven by Cyest Corporation


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: An abundance mind-set creates world leading innovations

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Accelerating the modernisation of a mining industry framed by an abundance mind-set has the potential for SA to lead the sector through excellence

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Open innovation platform

This week the Growth Engines puts the spotlight on the partnership between Anglo American and Cyest Corporation

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Modernising mining

Cyest Corporation is a game changer amidst trying times in the platinum mining industry

June 2 - Ensight Energy Solutions and Anglo American Platinum

Rod Welford, executive chairman of Ensight Energy Solutions company, left, and Kobie Naude, general manager of asset management at Palabora Mining Company, at the BDTV Studio in Rosebank. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Changing energy users from within

Ensight has three-pronged approach: work closely with business; provide a compelling business case for change; and ensure change occurs, writes Katy Chance

Amplats next in line for energy reduction planning

Heaps of platinum ore ahead of the concentration process. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Following success at Palabora and Richards Bay Minerals, Ensight has started work on a cost-and energy-reduction programme for Anglo American Platinum

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Building global business in a perfect storm

When the going gets tough, entrepreneurial thinking is required, as Palabora Copper discovered


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Perfect storms create opportunities for right-minded entrepreneurs

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Changes in the status quo, forced or volunteered, create platforms for bold entrepreneurship

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Selling technology by rands and cents

Ensight Energy Solutions offers services including implementing energy saving mechanisms for clients

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Operating on less energy

Kobie Naude of Palabora Copper talks about the company’s energy leadership programme and how it plans to save R66m just this year

May 26 - Standard Bank and FireID

Kobus Ehlers. Picture: JOHAN WILKE

Snap, crackle and pay partnership

Technology incubator FireID with Standard Bank offers a range of specialised solutions, including make cashless and cardless payments using their phones

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Banks need to keep up with digital advances

The on-demand economy is growing rapidly and Standard Bank's focus is to keep up with the chnages

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Giving customers what they want

Standard Bank is partnering with companies outside the banking space to make banking easier and more convenient for its members


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Three actions to embrace the digital on-demand economy for every business

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

The ability to have what you want, when you want it, how you want it defines on-demand, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Playing in the rapidly changing digital space

In a constantly evolving space, SnapScan releases changes to its product every week or two

Users’ feedback helps mobile payment sector develop


From humbling beginnings SnapScan today provides for payments for a diversity of products and services, writes Penny Haw

May 19 - Uber and Employers’ Mutual Protection Services

Kirsten Halcrow. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Criminals and fraudsters need not apply

Common checks include qualifications, identity document, fingerprint verification, credit checks and the increasingly important criminal record checks, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Criminals and fraudsters need not apply

Kirsten Halcrow, MD of Employers’ Mutual Protection Services, says proper workplace screening feeds into maintaining brand reputation

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Building an app that will take over the world

How the Uber app allows you to see the driver's photo and license plate before you even book a car


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Thrive in the unstoppable, on-demand economy

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Uber is a good example of effective, fluid response to customers' demands and experience, writes Pavlo Phitidis

Reliable and safe Uber expects more drivers and riders


SA was the first country outside the US to launch Uber, with the service offered in three cities simultaneously. It also operates in Nairobi and Lagos, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: What makes an app successful?

Unencumbered by procedures, policies, technology, brick and mortar, and the affliction of comfort from having dominated markets, app creators are thinking about what can be done to provide the ultimate customer experience

May 12 - Qrent and Discovery

InnoVent and Qrent CEO DJ Kumbula says it’s important to make an unemotional decision about employees’ computing needs. He advocates a segmented approach. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Save by renting recycled computers

As with all depreciating assets, the moment you take a computer out of the box, they are worth less, which is why ‘it is pointless to put cash reserves into them’, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines dialogue: Innovation

Aurik Business Incubator CEO Pavlo Phitidis and Business Day editor Songezo Zibi discuss how the concept of innovation can be taken from its popular vagueness to becoming a meaningful imperative for small entrepreneurs

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Innovative enterprise

Pavlo Phitidis grills two Discovery executives about the innovative strategies that have helped the group streamline business processes

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Discover their secret

Discovery says innovation and the group’s down to earth ability to work with businesses of any size, as well as putting the wellbeing of its clients first, are central to its success


PAVLO'S PERSPECTIVE: Innovation only wins when it is more than a product

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Innovative products need innovative business processes to build, market and deliver to customers, writes Pavlo Phitidis

Qrent offers to help put rented computers in schools


Qrent CEO DJ Kumbula wants to replicate his successful formula at Zimbabwe schools in SA, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Cutting technology costs

Qrent distinguishes itself from other information technology companies by helping corporates save millions

May 5 - Expats On The Globe and Bolloré

Marussia van der Merwe and Connie Peter, directors of Expats On The Globe, at BD-TV in Rosebank. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Paving the way for the expat skills SA needs

There have been enormous challenges, especially with the new immigration regulations introduced last year, Expats On The Globe director Connie Peter tells Katy Chance

Being a small group means fast and top-notch service

Marussia van der Merwe and Connie Peter, directors of Expats On The Globe, at BD-TV in Rosebank. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Dynamic business partners Connie Peter and Marussia van der Merwe focus on speed, service and personal attention, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Servicing beyond borders

The Growth Engines focuses on two cross-border businesses operating in Africa, Bolloré Africa Logistics and Expats on the Globe


PAVLO'S PERSPECTIVE: Investing in Africa with grace and commitment

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

SA’s infrastructure supporting a world-class banking, retail, education, health, environment and legal system makes for a managed entry into Africa, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Solving logistics nightmares

Bolloré Africa Logistic prides itself on solving some of its customers’ logistics nightmares, including transporting heavy cargo within the mining, oil, industrial companies and other big businesses

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Home away from home middleman

Boasting decades of experience, South Africa-based Expats on the Globe says what sets it apart from other similar businesses is their ability to offer multiple services under a single roof

April 30 - Enzani Technologies and Group Five

SA’s sunny skies are the limit as solar energy costs fall

Tlaleng Moabi, CEO of Enzani, at the company’s head office in Ormonde, in the south of Johannesburg. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

From using electricity to power other things, Moabi is now looking at using natural sources to create energy, writes Katy Chance

Enzani comes a long way in 10 years

Jesse Doorasamy. Picture: SUPPLIED

On reflection MD and electrical engineer Tlaleng Moabi is rightly impressed by how far the company has come, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: Growth Engines: Adapting to change

Group Five has seen many changes in the industry over the years and has worked hard to keep up with the changes


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Group Five's attention to trends pays off

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Entrepreneurs need courage — the appetite to act on a view and make it happen, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: Growth Engines: Visionary leadership

Jesse Doorasamy, executive director of human resources at Group Five, says visionary leaders and passionate employees are the key to the company’s endurance

April 21 - Van Loveren and Bayede!

The Bayede! range  extends from quality wines to clothing, giving resourceful individuals access to markets abroad. Picture:

Putting African luxury on the throne

There is more to the brand than wine. The Bayede! range includes luxury clothing, leatherwork, pottery, textiles, jewellery and an assortment of custom-packaged Rooibos tea, writes Penny Haw

Singing the praises of Bayede! wines

Antoinette Vermooten in front of the Bayede! wine range, boasting King Zwelithini's family crest. Picture: DOMINIC PREUSS

Crafters were paid R300,000 for beadwork supplied for Bayede! wines last year, writes Penny Haw


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Selling products by creating stories

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

As a third generation, family-owned winery, Van Loveren Family Vineyards engaged both sides of the brain to build a formidable capability in an industry they understand intimately, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: Growth Engines: Making a difference

Van Loveren Family Vineyards has created a joint venture with workers to improve their earnings

VIDEO: Growth Engines: Selling products by creating stories

Van Loveren Family Vineyards produces a reasonably priced, bead-adorned Bayede! Prince series of wine

April 14 - Sky Messaging and Carfind.co.za

When Carfinder founder Frank McDouall got together with Sky Messaging’s Thomas Kritzer, it was not long before both their businesses took off. Picture: SUPPLIED

The sky’s the limit for innovative pair

Thomas Kritzer of Sky Messaging and Frank McDouall of Carfind.co.za work well together because they think differently, writes Penny Haw

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Competitiveness

Aerial advertising is a fresh original way to get a brand noticed

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Creativity to start a business

After building his own website, Frank McDouall from Carfind.co.za designed a user experience to emulate the way different people buy cars.


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Novelty follows empathy in business model design

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

On your website, every additional click of the mouse sees a 50% purchase fall-off, writes Pavlo Phitidis

Sky Messaging flies flag of transparency and flexibility

Thomas Kritzer, MD of Sky Messaging, and his pilot Daniel MacArthur. The advertising company uses a custom-made system to track and measure all its flights. Picture: SUPPLIED

New GeoNotification app means clients receive text notifications when their airborne banner nears its target, writes Penny Haw

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: What does it take to sell?

When you have a product you believe, in it is important to sell it

April 7 - Synaq and IS

Internet Solutions executive for cloud and communication Wayne Speechly says protection of company information is critically important. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

E-mail security more vital than before

Up to 80% of business communication happens digitally, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines dialogue: Focusing on your specialisation

This week on The Growth Engines we look at how partnering with the right service provider can help you stay focused on your core business

VIDEO: The Growth Engines dialogue: Challenges of scaling a business

When you have your business and understand your clients, the next challenge is scaling your enterprise


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Idealism and pragmatism work in sync

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Refocusing a business from time to time is a given outcome of a balanced team

VIDEO: The Growth Engines dialogue: Good partnerships

Look at how partnering with the right business can help you grow

Think ahead of the curve for success

Synaq MD Yossi Hasson at Synaq’s offices in Sandton. Entrepreneurs must constantly watch global trends, he says.  Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Synaq MD Yossi Hasson tells Katy Chance that as an entrepreneur you need to look at changes, be constantly watching for trends globally

March 31 - FibreCo and BT Global Services

FibreCo CEO Arif Hussain at company headquarters in WoodMead,  Johannesburg. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Exposure to broadband’s riches set to change SA

Fibre-optic pioneer predicts that entrepreneurial thinking will see all this increased infrastructure and improved capacity as a springboard for other things, writes Katy Chance

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: What does it take to deliver on a service agreement?

Is a promise an inextricable link to a value system that you, as a leader, deliver in words and actions?


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: FibreCo is a technology solution that delivers

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

‘Build it and they will come’ businesses are market makers, the creators of value where none existed before, writes Pavlo Phitidis

Underground route to a better cloud

Arif Hussain, CEO of FibreCo at the telecoms company’s Woodmead head office. The largest cost in bringing better broadband to SA is that of the civil works needed. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Construction of a fibre-optic network is not a sexy project, but it is essential, writes Katy Chance

Exposure to broadband’s riches set to change SA

FibreCo CEO Arif Hussain at company headquarters in WoodMead,  Johannesburg. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Fibre-optic pioneer predicts that entrepreneurial thinking will see all this increased infrastructure and improved capacity as a springboard for other things, writes Katy Chance

March 24 - TCI Apparel and UNO Sewing

Uno CEO Judy Chen, centre, with staff and her parents, Jenny (left) and Mark Chen (right), founder members of Uno Sewing Machinery at the Johannesburg manufacturing plant.  Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

After four generations, as agile as ever

Taiwanese family built thriving business on sewing machines, write Penny Haw and Samuel Mungadze

If you can’t find proper mechanics, train them

Judy Chen.  Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Manufacturers have a common challenge across the board — finding mechanics with the appropriate skills and retaining them


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Broad evaluation of suppliers can provide a competitive edge

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

In a competitive industry, the selection and performance of suppliers is crucial to sustained growth, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: A well-oiled manufacturing partnership

Through a remarkable partnership in the industrial sector, two companies are keeping local manufacturing alive, while at the same time creating jobs and imparting skills

March 17 - The Bespoke Amenities and Legacy Hotel Group

Bruce Turner, MD of The Bespoke Amenities Company, and his staff are pictured here in the manufacturing precinct of Kya Sands, north of Johannesburg, last week. Turner has created more than 100 jobs since 2012 and plans to grow further. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Relationship with hotel group opens new frontiers

The relationship with Legacy Hotel Group has opened new frontiers for entrepreneur Bruce Turner, writes Samuel Mungadze

Bespoke answer to management of luxury needs

Legacy Hotels MD Paddy Brearley, pictured at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton on Monday, says customer experience is important for the group and the demands it makes of suppliers are set high to achieve this.  Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Large hotel group uses small supplier to maintain personalised service model, writes Samuel Mungadze


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Innovating and delivering on the customer experience

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Pavlo Phitidis: Veteran hotelier Paddy Brearley believes the single most important thing in the hospitality industry is the guest experience

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Locally made quality the foundation of a unique business relationship

The products Bruce Turner's company supplies to the Legacy Hotel form an intimate bond between guest and hotel and therefore require the highest standards of manufacture

March 10 - Akacia Medical and Kushesh Express


Akacia finds just the medicine

Partnering with a small courier in Kushesh was a risk that has paid off well, writes Samuel Mungadze

Kushesh: understand the customer’s customer

Ashley and Tanya Mulligan surrounded by their staff. The couple and their specialist courier firm do everything they can to earn their customers’ trust. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Kushesh understands what a big leap of faith it takes to entrust a courier with medical deliveries. ‘We don’t take that trust lightly’, writes Samuel Mungadze


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Courier Kushesh maximises niche capability for Akacia

Pavlo Phitidis, CEO of Aurik Business Accelerator.  Picture: SUPPLIED

It’s hard to be good at everything irrespective of your resources, writes Pavlo Phitidis

March 3 - Crunchyard and Poynting Antennas


Poynting the way to business symbiosis

It’s so much about service — in engineering, service becomes the key thing, writes Samuel Mungadze

Got a technical problem? Hire a supercomputer — by the hour

A small business in Johannesburg hit upon the idea to rent out a supercomputer like the one in this picture on a pay-per-use basis. It now lists international clients including universities in the US, Israel and Canada.  Picture: THINKSTOCK

CrunchYard offers high-performance computing that extends an engineering simulation service over the internet on a pay-per-use basis, writes Samuel Mungadze


PAVLO’S PERSPECTIVE: Know your customer inside out

Pavlo Phitidis, CEO of Aurik Business Accelerator.  Picture: SUPPLIED

Design options, speed of production and quality are the watchwords that win, writes Pavlo Phitidis

VIDEO: The Growth Engines: Innovation increases response times, wins global business for SA entrepreneurs

Find out how, in tough times, businesses like CrunchYard have become agile enough to respond quickly to the opportunities that large companies provide

About Growth Engines


Bright sparks that drive the heavyweights

It is the apparently small innovations that help create new products, a basis for new manufacturing lines, labour requirements, writes Songezo Zibi

Pavlo Phitidis. Picture: SUPPLIED

Your presenter and host: Pavlo Phitidis

Pavlo Phitidis is CEO of Aurik Business Accelerator

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About Growth Engines


The Growth Engines will become a leading entrepreneurial drive

Big business has to be agile to respond to the political, labour, technology and legislative changes locally and abroad. This requires a focus on only core activities to compete effectively in the marketplace.

This creates scope for small businesses to develop offerings to meet the changing needs of big business. Today, effective small business suppliers need to innovate beyond simply supplying products or services. They need to offer sustainable cost, value or strategic benefits.

The Growth Engines will profile big business customers who enjoy these benefits from small business suppliers and in doing so, demonstrating the benefits of a symbiotic relationship resulting from supply chain innovation.

The Growth Engines aims to:
  • provide small business with insights on what big business wants;
  • enable big business to call upon innovation in small business suppliers;
  • enable big business to call upon innovation in SME suppliers;
  • demonstrate the vibrancy that exists between big and small business; and
  • inspire business-centred policy that will generate jobs and innovation that will kick-start the engines of growth to position SA as a leader in Africa once more.

The Growth Engines are anchored in a 30-minute weekly TV show on Business Day TV hosted by Pavlo Phitidis. It extends to a full page in Tuesday’s Business Day Newspaper, coverage on the BDlive website, Business Day’s FaceBook page, Financial Mail, SowetanLive and TimesLive reaching more than 3,8-million viewers and readers. The Growth Engines will culminate in a black-tie event.

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