• Monday, April 21 2014
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Towards a more resilient South African energy system

6 day(s) ago

SA is supposed to be a developmental state, yet the intentions that inform our energy policy are at odds with reality, writes Glenn Ashton

Eskom energy efficiency scheme curtailed in hard times

6 day(s) ago

Financial constraints have cut back the energy efficiency programme Eskom has run since 2004, the power utility says

Biscuit blackout as Eskom hits crisis

7 day(s) ago

Treasury and Department of Public Enterprises are locked in negotiations to bail out Eskom

Solar water heater rebate uncertainty

9 day(s) ago

Discontinuation of Eskom’s solar water heater rebate programme has put pressure on manufacturers, says Industrial Development Corporation

SA asked to abandon carbon tax plan

Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa executive director Kaizer Nyatsumba.  Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
10 day(s) ago

Seifsa chief says SA cannot afford ‘well-meaning’ international protocols on environmental matters

Hustle to green is on in South Africa’s cities

Alexander Forbes's new headquarters on West St in Sandton, Johannesburg, has achieved four stars from the Green Building Council of South Africa. Picture: PARAGON ARCHITECTS/ANDREW BELL
10 day(s) ago

South Africa’s top firms have found a stylish way to be environmentally conscious in their buildings, writes Sue Blaine

Firms ‘abusing law’ on air quality standards compliance

ENVIRONMENT: Breweries and food manufacturers are among the firms in line to receive emissions permits. Picture: BLOOMBERG
17 day(s) ago

Law allows firms to defer compliance with air quality standards if they are purchasing equipment that will reduce air pollution

There is light at the end of the renewable power tunnel

18 day(s) ago

Evidence indicates that investment in the renewable energy sector in Africa, and in SA, faces a clean, well-lit future, writes Paul Semple

Report says world ‘ill prepared’ for climate change

18 day(s) ago

World will need far tougher curbs on greenhouse gases to keep global warming from exceeding a promised ceiling, draft UN report shows

How to solve cities’ great problem of water supply

20 day(s) ago

While potholes and road washaways are considerable problems, our biggest water challenge in SA is water scarcity and increasing the efficiency of water use, writes Francis Gibbons

A road leads to a new and curved office building near San Francisco in the US. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Market supremacy: why we need to rethink the idea of corporations

To talk of the market as a singular phenomenon is to obscure market activity that is diverse as well as divided in its nature, writes Saliem Fakir

Economics is a sub-set of ecology (not the other way round)

We’re in for some lessons to live and work within nature’s limits, writes Hugh Tyrrell

Commuter trip reduction makes business sense

There has been insufficient encouragement to make better use of the vehicles already on our roads, writes Daniel Claassen

Sustainability: the times they aren’t a-changing

We are at a point where the need for change has never been stronger, yet the change we require remains out of reach, writes Joss Tantram

The price of sustainability and doing business fairly

Guilt-free shopping and sustainable business practices are ‘hot’ trends for 2014. About time, writes Shauneen Procter
Planning Minister Trevor Manuel. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

What do we do when money (and everything else) runs out?

The world is locked into a linear framework fuelled by short-termism, writes Verena Bitzer

Carbon tax: all stick, no carrot?

Government should ring-fence revenue from carbon tax to boost green economy, writes Kevin James
Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of microcredit lender Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus.  Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL

Sustainability-driven entrepreneurs rise against the odds

A lesser-known breed of entrepreneur may well be the answer to SA’s economic and employment woes, writes Laura Bergh

German firm teams up with SA’s WKN Windcurrent, with eye on wind farms

123 day(s) ago

Venture awaits word on whether bid to develop two plants will get go-ahead from Department of Energy

India combines oil, environment ministries

76 day(s) ago

Joint portfolio shocks green activists, pleases industry, write Frank Jack Daniel and Nidhi Verma

Plenty still to do in conservation

Conservationist John Hanks. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS
83 day(s) ago

After five decades in the field, pillar of the green community worries about SA’s biodiversity, writes Sue Blaine

Sustainable investing comes of age

33 day(s) ago

The idea of analysing companies using more than just financial indicators has moved into the mainstream, writes Nerina Visser


33 day(s) ago

In an approach titled ‘Step towards Greener’, Dulux South Africa has set a number of goals to entrench sustainability across its operations

Energy-intensive firms in Europe may get state aid

33 day(s) ago

European Union considering allowing state aid to energy-intensive industries to help with cost of boosting renewable energy

African renewable energy fund targets $200m by year-end

38 day(s) ago

Africa Renewable Energy Fund, which aims to invest in projects in sub-Saharan Africa, has raised $100m and expects to double that this year

Absurd adherence to climate change doctrines

38 day(s) ago

If one dares question the doctrine, the reaction from true believers is immediate, writes Tom Harris

Obama, Hollande push for climate pact

French and US flags. Picture: AFP
68 day(s) ago

Presidents urge more clean energy partnerships to create jobs, as well as support for developing countries as they shift to low-carbon energy

Government expected to give more clarity on carbon tax

48 day(s) ago

Do not underestimate complexity of creating links between departments involved in pricing mechanism, write Izak Swart and Barry Drotsche

Wind energy wafts into SA’s power grid from west coast

Johan van den Berg, CEO of the South African Wind Energy Association, at the Business Day Dialogue in Johannesburg on Thursday. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS
69 day(s) ago

Umoya Energy’s 37-turbine Hopefield wind farm certified fully operational, starts generating electricity


Subsidy hunting continues apace

Supporters of renewable energy are looking for new arguments to justify subsidies and tax breaks


Climate change band plays on

There can be no doubt that insatiable politicians and civil servants see global warming alarm as a means to extract yet more tax revenue from private sector

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