• Wednesday, April 23 2014
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NEW TALKS: European trade commissioner Karel De Gucht addresses a news conference at the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday. Picture: REUTERS

WTO ruling on China export restrictions instructive for SA

1 day(s) ago

It is not often that events in the arcane world of international trade law in Geneva coincide — or, in this case, potentially clash — with the workings of Parliament, writes Peter Leon

China not the bad guy after all

7 day(s) ago

Renminbi may be overvalued against the dollar, writes Ronald McKinnon

Chinese economic growth slows to 18-month low in first quarter

SKY’S THE LIMIT: A construction worker walks past residential compounds in Wuhan, in this file picture. Picture: REUTERS
7 day(s) ago

Economy grows at slowest pace in 18 months, but does touch better than expected and shows some improvement in March, suggesting Beijing will not rush to support activity

EDITORIAL: SA set to miss out on global recovery

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: ARNOLD PRONTO
8 day(s) ago

When Pravin Gordhan says the Treasury has maintained its 2.7% growth forecast for this year, one should not necessarily assume his team still believes it

South Africa on a growth curve different from Nigeria

GROWING TIES: South African President Jacob Zuma is welcomed by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on arrival at State House in Abuja, Nigeria, on Tuesday. Picture: GCIS
12 day(s) ago

The rebasing of Nigeria’s economy simply confirms its status as a dynamic growth market and should be a reason for celebration, writes Michael Lalor

China unveils mini stimulus to boost slowing economy

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Picture: REUTERS
20 day(s) ago

China announces steps to boost slowing growth, including extending tax breaks for small businesses and support measures for poor urban districts

LETTER FROM CHINA: Chinese plan to develop new reactors may benefit the world

Letter from China
20 day(s) ago

With China already building over 28 nuclear reactors, thorium-fuelled ones will further reduce its dependence on imported oil fuels and polluting coal, writes Kobus Van der Wath

LETTER FROM CHINA: Mind-set of ‘in China for China’ is key

Letter from China
29 day(s) ago

Successful foreign firms have demonstrated commitment to getting to know local customers, writes Kobus van der Wath

Picture: REUTERS

Crimea crisis poses challenges for Brics

South Africa is a member of Brics and outcome of this crisis may have long-term implications for the country’s foreign policy and economic future, writes Glenn Silverman
People carry a giant Russian flag during a pro-Russian rally in Simferopol, Crimea.  Picture: REUTERS

Why Russia sees Ukraine as central to its historic destiny

Today’s Kremlin depends on strength, order and oil — but the ‘loss’ of Ukraine would hardly present an image of power, writes Simon Sebag Montefiore
Chinese President Xi Jinping. Picture: REUTERS

Ambitious China reform has risks

Development now turns inwards, write Ian Bremmer and David Gordon

Asians spending less time at office

There’s always some foreign bogeyman out to get Americans, and today that bogeyman is an Asian child, writes Simon Kuper

Between an American rock and a Chinese hard place

The odd thing about the stampede out of emerging markets this year is that it’s happened just as US Treasury yields went into reverse, writes Mike Dolan
FIREBRAND: The opposition candidate to lead India, Narendra Modi, speaks during a rally in Lucknow on Sunday. Picture: AFP PHOTO

Unrest rules the emerging world

Assessing risk has become as relevant as ever, writes Nouriel Roubini

No need to fear Chinese media in Africa

43 day(s) ago

Across Africa, analysis of the implications of China’s relentless engagement continues to draw unprecedented attention, writes Bob Wekesa

IBM strike a sign of labour changes in China

IBM's multinational headquarters in Madrid. Picture: GETTY IMAGES/CRISTINA ARIAS
44 day(s) ago

Wildcat strike at IBM factory in southern China illustrates tectonic shifts in the country’s labour market

Scared money seeking a safe haven heads home

47 day(s) ago

The speed with which markets shift on fluid and fast-moving events mean that overhasty decisions can push long-term savers under a steamroller, writes Mike Dolan

Emerging markets are on their own

Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank. Picture: REUTERS
49 day(s) ago

Spillover effects felt far beyond US and European Union, writes José Antonio Ocampo

EDITORIAL: Global Russia’s weakness

Artist Kaya Mar holds a satirical painting depicting US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Tuesday. Picture: REUTERS
49 day(s) ago

You say tomayto, I say tomahto. That was the gist of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address on the crisis in Ukraine

China ‘falling behind on hydro goals’ as premier urges new dam building

Part of the Three Gorges Dam in China. Picture: THINKSTOCK
44 day(s) ago

China is on course to exceed a target to raise hydropower capacity, but slowdown in approvals means it is behind on longer-term goals

State will undercut itself with new intellectual property policy

Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom. Picture: SOWETAN
54 day(s) ago

Bio-economy Strategy, to turn more of SA’s material resources into sophisticated commercial goods, may be undermined, writes Jasson Urbach

Gordhan fails to lay basis for economic transformation

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, flanked by Treasury director-general Lungisa Fuzile (left) and Deputy Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, arrive at Parliament ahead of the budget speech on Wednesday. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
54 day(s) ago

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan promised South Africans a budget that he claims lays foundation for structural reforms envisaged in next government, writes Christopher Malikane

Denmark sees ‘silver lining’ in Chinese smog

LOW VISIBILITY: A woman wearing a mask checks her cellphone on Monday in Harbin,  in China’s Heilongjiang province. Picture: REUTERS
54 day(s) ago

Smog in Chinese cities is providing unexpected momentum for global deal on trade in environmental goods, says Denmark’s trade minister

Don’t let chicken wars get in the way of Agoa

29 day(s) ago

The argument that South Africa does not respect trade rules is groundless, writes Xavier Carim

NEWS ANALYSIS: Putin looks to Asia as West threatens to isolate Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a business conference in Moscow, Russia, on Thursday.  Picture: REUTERS
33 day(s) ago

Russia turns to China, Japan and India as it seeks to preempt political and economic isolation after new round of Western sanctions over crisis in Crimea

South Africa joins Indonesia among former favourites

36 day(s) ago

Indonesia, like South Africa, has recently fallen out of favour with investors, writes Tony Leon

Bilateral trade with China on the increase

RED CARPET: President Jacob Zuma, right, with the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, left, during a Chinese state visit at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Tuesday.  Picture: GCIS
42 day(s) ago

But Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies warns that composition of trade is of concern as South African exports comprise mainly of raw materials

Russia has legitimate fears as well as territorial ambitions

Artist Kaya Mar holds a satirical painting depicting US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Tuesday. Picture: REUTERS
42 day(s) ago

The West should recognise that Russia has legitimate security interests in the Ukraine that should be reconciled with western interests in one way or another, writes Gerrit Olivier

Putin parade set to rock the leaky boat of unity in Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a news conference at the presidential summer residence Kultaranta in Naantali on Tuesday. Picture: REUTERS
42 day(s) ago

The tussle over Ukraine has sparked off ructions in an entity supposedly reflecting the continent’s craving for unity: the European Union, writes Pooma Kimis

India’s antipoverty battle not over

Sumitra Sarkar, 35, cleans a yellow taxi at a parking area along a roadside in Kolkata at the weekend. Picture: REUTERS
43 day(s) ago

As India prepares for its general election, extreme poverty is finally in retreat but plenty remains to be done, write Subir Gokarn and Anu Madgavkar


SA can grapple with its own issues at Davos

At Davos, business and the government have cause to try to repair the damage to international investor perceptions done in the past couple of years


Worry that SA is not a republic fit for bananas

Pundits putting percentages on the risk of South Africa’s descent into the league of 'failed states' makes for good headlines but it is probably not time to head for the hills


Brics may work in good times, but in crisis times?

It’s easy to see how the practice of the Brics bank might get very complicated, very quickly

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