• Wednesday, August 05 2015
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Applying tax laws is a tricky proposition in cyberspace

Unprecedented tax issues in respect of e-commerce must be addressed to develop viable solutions to new taxing problems, writes Anne Bardopoulos

Full steam ahead? Geothermal energy can be Africa’s game-changer

Geothermal power plant. Picture: THINKSTOCK

African Development Bank is helping to co-ordinate schemes that can provide sustainable, affordable energy and stimulate economic growth, writes Mafalda Duarte

Congo succession drama still plays out years after Kabila’s death

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila. Picture: SOWETAN

It may seem like sibling rivalry between Joseph and Etienne, yet control over the country’s mineral wealth could be the real source of conflict, writes Mwangi Githahu

UN spearheads rise in peacekeeping activities

ALL PRESENT: Members enter the United Nations General Assembly before Thursday’s meeting on the implicit recognition of Palestinian statehood. Picture: REUTERS

Nearly two-thirds of UN peace-building missions have succeeded since 1990, and the sharp increase in peacemaking has led to a significant rise in conflicts ending in negotiated settlements, writes Muna Ndulo

Africa at the heart of SA Express growth plans


Aviation has a key role to play as an enabler of growth in Africa, which offers a wealth of opportunities SA Express is ready to tap, writes Inati Ntshanga

Secession bids in Africa are a result of poor governance


A failure of governance leads minority groups to believe that they are not included in running the affairs of state, writes Muna Ndulo


States have a duty to protect human rights

Governments need to ensure that crimes against humanity do not occur and that any tensions that might lead to such crimes are resolved peacefully

Africa must tackle authoritarian regimes


Most African states suffer from crises of national identity, characterised by gross inequalities rooted in the formation of pluralistic states, writes Muna Ndulo

Namibia succession path clear with return of Geingob

Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba. Picture: GCIS

Hage Godfrey Geingob has his work cut out to fulfil President Hifikepunye Pohamba’s growth and jobs promise, writes Menesia Muinjo

The search for a real African philosophy

Paulin Hountondji, the Beninese philosopher and educationist. Picture: UCT

In his quest for democracy, and a philosophy that addressed African issues, Paulin Hountondji encouraged intellectual debate and freedom of speech; however, he did not foresee the obstacles that would ultimately impede democracy in Africa

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The Third Umpire

Nedbank economist Nicky Weimar, for adding her voice to the growing list of businesses and banks dissatisfied with the state’s economic policy and its ability to spend our money wisely.

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Public Service and Administration Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, for settling the wage increase with public sector unions in a multi-year contract, bringing stability to the sector and likely averting strikes for three years.

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Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga. A call-centre “hotline” for Limpopo schools that have not yet received textbooks has to be one of the most limp-wristed “solutions” yet put forward to end this debacle.

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