THE economy added 41,971 jobs during September and October, partly reversing the decline of 82,431 in the number of jobs in the four-month period of May, June, July and August, according to the latest employment index by professional services group Adcorp released on Monday.

Adcorp said employment increased by 1% on an annualised basis in October, following a 1.61% rise in September.

The index is regarded as the most representative monthly barometer of employment trends in South Africa‚ although its figures do not usually tally with the official figures from Statistics South Africa.

The index showed that while jobs growth was observed in all sectors‚ the informal sector continued to outperform the others, adding 12‚250 jobs during the month.

The index reported strong growth in temporary and agency work. Adcorp expected this growth to continue as the economy ramped up for the year-end retail season.

The primary and secondary sectors of mining and manufacturing continued to shed jobs‚ losing 6‚000 jobs between them during the month mainly on ongoing strikes in the mining sector.

The tertiary sectors‚ mostly services‚ gained 14‚000 jobs during the month. The strongest employment growth was observed in construction with 4.7%‚ followed by financial services with 4.3%‚ and wholesale and retail trade with 3.4%.

High-skilled jobs continued to outperform low-skilled jobs‚ with professional and clerical employment growing by 17‚000 jobs and low-skilled employment falling by 6‚000 jobs.