ONE of the biggest challenges facing the human resources management industry is succession planning, says Alizwa Ngxambuza, echoing sentiments expressed by various industry experts following the untimely death of Italtile's CEO early last year and his failure to identify a successor.

Such a plan would include "identifying those people with greater potential within the company, and providing workshops, as well as development programmes, that will help those employees to gain more experience and produce quality work," said Ngxambuza.

"It saves time and the costs of training new people.

"I chose human resource management because I believe that every individual should be treated fairly and respected within the workplace, be it an employee or an employer.

I love that it deals with recruitment, management, providing direction for the people working for the organisation, and increasing productivity."

She believes she would be successful in her chosen vocation because she has the ability to find common ground between employers and staff.

Ngxambuza can be contacted on 073 470 6378 or She lives in East London and is willing to relocate.

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