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The Ultimate Personal Assistant

Make the move from good to outstanding with this two-day international master class for senior PAs and executive secretaries. Prepare to deliver outstanding support to senior managers, directors, CEOs and chairmen.

Expanding Sales Into Africa

Taking your business into Africa is a significant move. Rules and regulations differ from country to country, and there are inalienable truths you need to learn and adhere to. Let Dave Hendrie, who took Simba-Pepsico into Africa, show you how to succeed in Africa without compromising your corporate ethics.

Submitting Winning Tenders

Do you have the skills needed to compile, submit and present a winning tender bid? Learn how to implement value-for-money policies that ensure you become a referred supplier, along with other simple changes that will set you apart form your competitors.

Beyond Corporate Governance

Mervyn King explains how corporate governance and integrated thinking should be incorporated into every aspect of your corporate decision making and long- term strategy.

Inside the National Credit Act

Precedent-setting judgments have changed the way the National Credit Act is interpreted and must be enforced. As a credit provider, you need to understand your responsibilities and liabilities. Join former legal advisor to the National Credit Regulator, Arnold Bosch, to make sure you have a firm grip on what it requires.

Strategy That Works

Too many managers get bogged down in operational issues and forget to look at the bigger picture. Stop! Break this cycle now by following strategy guru Ian Mann’s easy-to-apply cutting-edge strategy model. Let him show you how to develop a clear and compelling strategy firmly based on scenario building to help you make a real difference in your business.

Five-Day Management Development Programme

This complete modern management programme will equip you with a toolbox of proven management skills and techniques as well as how to use your Apple iPad as an effective business and management tool.

We know how serious you are about business. Because it's our business to keep you up to speed, we have designed a series of short courses that will help you get a grip on tricky subjects with minimum fuss.

Virtual Books

Greening Your Business

Managing environmental risks effectively can lead to the creation of new products, sustainable markets, cost savings, community goodwill and an enhanced reputation. Learn why sustainability is important, how to prepare the business case and how to implement greening in your organisation.

We have introduced five new modules this year, exploring environmental policymaking, facilities management, supply-chain greening and responsible event management in greater depth, as well as how to extend greening principles into your home.

The Time Value of Money

Time is money … nowhere is this commonly heard phrase truer than in the area of finance, because in financial terms, time equals interest earned or interest paid. This multimedia toolkit shows you how this works.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Get a grip on the principles of financial management and how to apply them to create wealth and maximise profit. Work through key concepts, including financial analysis, planning and control; time value of money capital budgeting; financing; and managing working capital.

Simply Successful Small Business

So you want to run your own business? Don’t start before you read this guide, which will help you select the right idea, set goals, draw up a basic business plan, do the paperwork, tackle marketing and avoid common pitfalls.

Online Courses

Strategic Empowerment

Design and implement your black economic empowerment strategy. Tackle procurement, equity structuring, human resources and other burning issues, and sort out your scorecard. This four-module course arms the person leading a company's empowerment strategy and implementation with the tools required for regular reassessment.

Winning Tenders

Tenders are a lucrative source of income for small business, but can be a minefield to negotiate. Winning Tenders is a four-module, step-by-step guide to preparing and submitting a tender, giving insight into the rules and regulations to abide by when responding to government tenders, and guidelines to give your submission the best chance of success.

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    All Share : 52325.81
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