INVESTMENT solutions company African Is Cool has developed a smartphone investor-relations mobile application that lets investors access information about listed companies in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The app is said to be easily accessible on Android, iPhone and tablet devices and will be powered by IRapp, a top investor-relations app platform engine. The app will initially target Zimbabwe and Zambia and later expand into other countries on the continent, officials said.

"Our initial targets are Zimbabwe and Zambia, markets that have compelling and interesting potential. In Zimbabwe, we will be working with Big Law Management Consultants, a firm dedicated to online investor-relations for Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed equities," said Graham Young, an employee of African Is Cool.

Big Law CEO Rob Stangroom said "between 8% and 10% of our investor-relations website traffic is from smartphones". He added that "moving to mobile is the next logical step" in investor relations.

"Not only does our relationship with the IRapp promote investment into Zimbabwe, it also enables our ZSE-listed clients to enjoy a closer relationship with top investors and customers to enhance brand and corporate reputation," he added.

Mark Tunmer, CEO of pan-Africa focused investment, financial and securities advisory service Imara Africa, said the new app will enhance the accessibility of investment information and opportunities on the continent.

"The ability of Zimbabwean-listed companies to communicate directly and effectively on the world's fastest-growing medium should maximise their investor visibility with global and local investment markets."

* This article was first published in Sunday Times: Business Times