TRAVEL today is certainly much easier than it once was, but business travel can be a nightmare all the same. Most of the problems are best addressed through being highly organised and getting a clear system in place, especially for frequent travellers.

"If Vikings could trek from one end of the planet to the next and even fight a few wars while in a giant wooden boat, surely we should be able to cope with today's more placid business travel," says Yashivan Govender, the founder of youth website FirstStep.me, author of the Fun Side of Being Serious book series and a frequent traveller.

Mr Govender has the following advice for business travellers:

There are people who swear by their air miles and airline reward system. They tend to be highly organised and always seem to have good seats, or they get upgraded. There are important lessons to be learnt from them, from checking in online to arriving early at the airport and always being on top of your flight details. This approach to travel ensures a calm journey;

No matter how seasoned a traveller you are, you will always leave something behind. It is not too much of a disaster when your trip is a local one, but when travelling internationally it can be tricky and, at times, expensive. When in a foreign country, make sure you have a local contact to help you because locals know their back yard better than anyone else;

Do some research before you leave - from the weather conditions where you are going, to transport and even internet and cellphone accessibility. This information can make a big difference to the success of your trip;

Try to enjoy your flight. Use the onboard entertainment system and rest as much as you can, but do fit in as many exercise breaks as possible; and

It is great if you manage to arrive at your destination well rested, but if not, try to have a power nap or even a recovery nap before you begin working.

*This article was first published in Sunday Times: Money & Careers