• Friday, March 27 2015
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How to be a successful networker

Networking has own set of best practices such as conducting research, face-to-face meetings, clear plan on how you can help, not asking for favours

Rule of thumb: use principles and not rules

Gordon Moore of Intel set the principle to ‘disagree and commit’. Employees debated proposals but then had to accept the outcome. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Principles liberate people to do the right thing by providing a framework for making the right choices, write Jenny Davis-Peccoud and Tiaan Moolman

You may have a fine strategy, but you still have to execute it

Ram Charan says the problem of execution is largely being ignored by business schools. Picture: BLOOMBERG

Only those initiatives for which the operational and people capabilities exist should be included in the strategy, writes Chantal Walley

Positive psychology has one message: be happy

Tal Ben-Shahar taught the most popular course in the history of Harvard on positive psychology. He lived in SA for five years after his family moved here when he was nine years old. He learned to speak English and became a Junior Springbok in squash. Picture: BLOOMBERG

The aim of Tal Ben-Shahar’s courses is to boost employees’ leadership potential, but the happiness training is the most intriguing aspect of his work

People science replaces punch clock to inspire employees

Venture capitalist John Doerr aims to track worker progresss in open systems that all in a company can see.  Picture: BLOOMBERG

With new software, employees and their bosses set long-and short-term goals, and, over time, log their progress on a digital dashboard that everyone can see and comment on


ON WORK: Motherhood can be extremely hard work but it is not a job

At home in extremis I can shout and throw things; if I did that at work I would probably get fired

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