Brian Joffe. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
Brian Joffe. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

THE University of the Witwatersrand has bestowed an honorary doctorate on Brian Joffe.

Founder of the JSE-listed Bidvest Group‚ Mr Joffe graduated from Wits as a chartered accountant in 1971. The company has a turnover exceeding R204bn‚ and employs more than 145,000 people‚ more than 125,000 in South Africa.

Mr Joffe began his entrepreneurial career in 1978 when he borrowed R49,000 to buy an interest in a small pet- food manufacturer. Within six months his business held 15% of South Africa’s canned dog-food market.

He launched Bidvest in 1989‚ building a diversified company with interests in food services‚ travel services and pharmaceuticals.

In 1995 Bidvest made its first international acquisition‚ Manettas Australia (now Bidvest Australia)‚ now Australia’s leading national food service supplier.

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