HOW many guest speakers at the Conservative Party conference have been accused of helping an indicted war criminal to lay waste to a swathe of Africa? Step forward President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, who was favoured with a special invitation to address the party faithful in 2007.

United Nations (UN) investigators say Rwanda has supplied weapons and volunteers to rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo who have inflicted yet more bloodshed on that country and driven 470000 people from their homes. The man behind the uprising is Bosco Ntaganda, who appears unconcerned about his indictment by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes. The US has ended military aid for Rwanda.

The UK is Rwanda's largest bilateral aid donor, with a programme worth £75m this year.

Unusually, Britain gives Kagame "general budgetary support", meaning that £37m goes straight into his coffers. Aid to Rwanda should be stopped immediately. London, July 30