I was there at St Anne's when it happened - Ernie Els's victory at the British Open, that is. Please credit his victory not to luck or good fortune. Els created the victory through mental preparedness and hard work.

In our society these days we tend to credit that "X" element of success to luck. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that after working hard, you need to relax and enjoy yourself. Therein is the X factor of Els's manifest success.

While Tiger Woods et al were anxious and under pressure to succeed, I saw Els just simply enjoying himself. In his paraphrased words, he knew his son was watching him and his son enjoys seeing him "hit the ball". And was it a sweet victory to watch him hit the ball to victory. It was a sweet victory for the handful of us South Africans at St Anne's.

Kola Jolaolu

Chief financial officer: Developmentnomics