WE NEED entrepreneurs. They drive the creation of wealth that is the engine for growth, jobs, tax revenues and all the services people expect. It should not be necessary to make this case in a free market economy; yet it has become so because the efficacies of capitalism are under attack as never before. To damn an entire system because of the misdeeds of a few is destructive. Unfortunately, it has become fashionable in certain quarters to sneer at anything that smacks of making money.

This country was not only built upon free trade but was a pioneer of the most successful economic system ever invented. Without enterprise, there is economic stagnation and the creation of circumstances in which the poor suffer most. As a nation we are in danger of losing sight of these truths. Our self-confidence has been hit by the financial crisis and the continuing sluggishness of the economy. What we do need is strong and forward-looking leadership that not only voices support for enterprise and wealth creation but wills the means to nurture them.

It is time to make the case powerfully once again for free enterprise. London, July 23