In the article, Good chance of success for DA review of Zuma decision (July 23), Paul Hoffman's argument is unimpeachable. Forget about the politics: there are very strong legal grounds for a review.

No doubt. Nonetheless the Democratic Alliance's (DA's) action will succeed only when it becomes possible to prosecute Jacob Zuma, and many would propose the law is not an ass to be complicit in this.

Political interference in this case has always been obvious to all except those who have reason to deny it. That does not mean that pragmatism (or realism, if you like) was wholly wrong. You have only to consider what would have been the reaction of Mr Zuma's many powerful friends had his prosecution been "justly" pursued at the time.

One party rule's corrupting influence is always at work - on the "good guys" Mr Hoffman mentions, as well as the arguably bad guys among us. Right now, many South Africans are unable to entertain the idea that former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi might really be ill and that there is a genuine case for his release. We simply cannot believe it after so much duplicity and so much manoeuvring.

Unchecked power destroys compassion eventually, along with the rest.

Paul Whelan