You open your article (Famous Brands looks to growth in Namibia, July 10) by saying "In line with its strategy to expand in Africa, Famous Brands .." And as if on cue, Kevin Hedderwick of Famous Brands proudly tells us that "We have been in Africa for 12 years ."; "Our philosophy on Africa ."

The last time I looked at the map of Africa, I did not see an ocean separating SA from the rest of the continent. Just the Limpopo River. This reference to "Africa" is now more than an annoyance as it seems to convey a sense of superiority on the part of some South Africans. Start by teaching, yes, teaching your reporters to refer to the rest of the continent as the "rest of Africa" or another appropriate phrase.

Maybe then, the likes of Mr Hedderwick will get the message.

Michael T Mhofu

Via e-mail