In terms of subsection 125(1) of the constitution, the executive authority of the province is vested in the premier. The premier, in accordance with the constitution, must before resuming his functions swear or affirm faithfulness to the republic and obedience to the constitution. Embattled Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale should have already stepped down for the textbook fiasco in his province.

Schools in Limpopo have been without textbooks for seven months. Textbooks were shredded and set alight by Mr Mathale's administration. Following an expose by the Democratic Alliance, Mr Mathale's administration hired service providers to dump the remaining textbooks in the bush.

Mr Mathale should shoulder responsibility for the textbook fiasco. He knew since last year that schools in his province did not have textbooks and, despite the fact that big storage rooms were packed with usable textbooks, he did nothing about it.

Zelda Kgatla