Isn't it sad that our president has to have security guards to protect him from fellow delegates to his party's conferences?

If he is so vulnerable to attack, surely it is time he stood down in favour of someone more in touch with the people of this country. He travels in a blue-light convoy to visit people in arranged visits, like his recent travels on Johannesburg's public transport system, to meet carefully selected members of the public, avoids being seen where he might be booed and generally stays in front of nice secure cameras.

There is clearly significant paranoia about his safety, be this from him or his advisers, but it must be questioned if this it is merely ego or real fear.

If it is real fear, then he is truly not doing things right.

Given the reported planned new Boeing in his life, ego seems the most likely. We can only hope he will not be in office long enough to enjoy the jet, since delivery is likely more than six months away.

Henry Watermeyer