THE JSE, Africa's largest bourse, on Monday started using a new equity trading platform called Millennium Exchange.

The platform, which is also used by the London Stock Exchange for its UK cash markets, has been designed to improve average trading speed.

The JSE has also moved the engine of its equity trading systems from London to Johannesburg in an effort to minimise technical glitches that have affected trading twice so far this year.

The JSE said the relocation would make it less dependent on the transatlantic cable connecting it to the London Stock Exchange and minimise outages.

The trading engine had been in London for 10 years.

"The handful of incidents that we have had requiring the equity market to be halted have been related to our international connectivity links," the bourse said.

It added: "Clearly these have had reputational impacts. By moving the engine to Johannesburg, we eliminate this problem and are able to offer our clients improved service availability and stability."