The article by Kevin Malunga (ANC must make Parliament accountable to the people, June 27) ought to resonate with every citizen in SA. The core question that Mr Malunga is putting to African National Congress delegates is: "how are the monitors going to be monitored when they fail the electorate"?

That is a R10bn question.

We need to look closely at the German model to bring MPs and people together in a trusted relationship. This matter sits at the epicentre of transforming SA. If it is properly addressed, then every other matter will be properly addressed also. That is how crucial it is to transformation in SA.

Mr Malunga and millions of people will be watching to see whether the ANC will heed his call and indeed make Parliament fully and accountable to the people. At the moment this is not the case and thereby hangs a sorry tale that depresses us all.

Farouk Cassim

Century View, Cape Town