When I last looked education was a national competency. Yet the report "Heads must roll" over textbooks scandal (June 21) suggests that the premier, education MEC and other hapless officials should be dismissed because the children still have no textbooks.

This is a national disgrace of the highest order and I cannot for one minute buy labour federation Cosatu's call to have the premier and his officials "recalled" as sanction. This call smacks of scapegoating and protectionism.

Why is Cosatu not calling for Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga to be fired? She is accountable and accountability can't be delegated. Is it because she is a political ally of the person Cosatu wants to see in the presidential seat come Mangaung? Is Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale on the other side of that prickly fence?

The Democratic Alliance's (DA's) spokeswoman on education calls on the minister to admit her mistakes so that they won't be repeated.

What kind of lily-livered stance is this to take in the face of what is an atrocity? Why is the DA not calling for the dismissal of the minister?

Can we please take time to do the right thing for the children and the parents of these children who desperately want, and are being denied, a better life for them?

Barry Ross

Cape Town