If all that Aubrey Matshiqi wrote in Dress for the rough stuff at the next ANC shindig (June 18) is accurate, it is not difficult to concur with his claim that, "The ANC has become an embarrassment". The ANC should feel embarrassed when the head of political education (Tony Yengeni) believes is it politically and professionally proper to discredit Blade Nzimande by describing him as a former IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) member. This is a form of political vendetta which shows a sharp lack of political erudition.

If Mr Yengeni is the standard of the quality of political education in the ANC, then its political education is sub-standard. It is even worse if these were the personal views of Mr Yengeni, since he is a senior member in the ANC. If these were his personal views, his leadership quality and intellectual judgment are shoddy and shaky.

Likewise, the reported response by Mr Nzimande "that the ANC is not a Xhosa organisation" is equally troubling. It is not clever for Mr Nzimande to have raised the problem of perceived and real ethnic domination within the ANC in the manner and context he did; after he had been discredited as a former IFP member. The ethnic question is the country's unexploded bomb. Messrs Yengeni and Nzimande ought to know this and must responsibly provide leadership to deal with covert and overt threats of ethnic problems in SA.

Mr Matshiqi is right, the ANC leaders need civility and erudition which will enhance its intellectual capacity and regulate its internal political contests without insulting each other on the grounds of ethnicity, past party membership, race and gender. Only then will the country move towards nonracialism, nonsexism, anti-tribalism and robust democracy.

Ndaba Mzelemu

Bhobhoyi, Ward 23