SENTENCING of the man who killed right-wing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was postponed on Monday by the high court sitting in Ventersdorp.

Chris Mahlangu was convicted last month of hacking TerreBlanche to death at his farmhouse in April 2010, and of trying to rob him. He was also convicted, with Patrick Ndlovu, of housebreaking with the intent to steal.

Ndlovu, who was a minor at the time of the murder, was acquitted of murder and attempted robbery.

"This matter is then postponed until August 20-24," Judge John Horn said on Monday.

Sentencing procedures were postponed so that a psychologist's report on Mahlangu could be updated, and to allow probation officer Johan Engel to complete a report on Ndlovu.

Mahlangu will remain in prison in Potchefstroom and Ndlovu in a place of safety in Klerksdorp.

When the matter resumes, arguments in mitigation and aggravation of sentence will be made.

Crowds of people gathered outside the court from early on Monday morning in anticipation of the outcome of the proceedings. Some held knobkerries. One, holding a teddy bear dressed in an Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging T-shirt, said the toy was named after Andre Visagie, leader of the right-wing splinter group Geloftevolk.

Local Congress of South African Trade Unions secretary John Tau said the community had mixed feelings about the sentencing. "We are hoping for light sentences." He said he was convinced police had made mistakes in their investigation.

Police were on high alert outside the court in bakkies, Nyalas and on horseback.

Ndlovu's name was made public for the first time in May. His trial was held in camera as he was a minor at the time of the murder. He turned 18 in April.