This latest nonsense from the executive of the SABC just shows how ingrained the culture of arrogance really is among its management. They are "offended" by DStv's offer to allow them to screen a delayed broadcast the SA-England Test - yet they will not do so unless it can be live!

Ha! What a joke - these are the specialists at consistently broadcasting reruns of programmes and series from the distant past. See the current reruns in your latest TV guide.

As a virtual monopoly, it appears that the SABC's management have no sense of imagination nor motivation to do more than they feel necessary for their viewing public. Fundamentally, the advertising industry keeps the SABC in business so they don't feel the pressure to have to compete with rival stations. The SABC has created a culture that is an executive club for political bureaucrats pushing paper around the highest floors of Auckland Park for the sake of something to do while they get paid fat salaries.

Kudos to for deciding to run with re-broadcasting the rugby Test late in the evening, though too, lacks the imagination to take advantage of the sleeping giant that is the SABC to shake up the TV industry in this country. It too, seems content just to sit on its broadcast rights and collect advertising revenue.

If you need any proof of this, witness's preoccupation with excessive porn advertising - I suspect that one or two of's shareholders own 31000 number sites, which would explain why a free-to-air broadcaster would preoccupy itself with this market. Also the excessive scheduling of cheap dumbed-down wall-to-wall wrestling matches all week long. I mean these are not great adverts for the TV station and don't exactly impart a credible clean image that one would expect as the only independent TV network in SA.

These broadcast corporations should be made aware of their singular lack of insight over the importance of high-quality professional TV broadcasting.

I would have though it was obvious that the country desperately needs higher standards to create better informed and educated viewers.

David Lowe

Cape Town