Cosatu on Tuesday welcomed the Ministry of Labour's new labour broking bill but the trade union said it recognises the amendments are still up for public discussion. The trade union federation held its final year end press conference in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning.

"We want a total ban of the system that has condemned so many to new slavery by what has become to be known as human traffickers," a major reason for the glut of major strange was the inequality gap, according to Cosatu.

The labour movement scored a victory in its long and bitter battle against labour broking, which will be banned outright if the government's proposed amendments become law - despite pleas by business for the practice to be simply regulated.

On Friday, Labour Minister Nelisiwe Oliphant released four bills for public comment. One of them proposed forcing employers to hire staff permanently instead of contracting them, and another obliges all employment agencies to be registered.

Cosatu said workers were actually worse off in a year supposed to be fresh out the recession. Cosatu general-secretary Zwelenzima Vavi said this year's only real positive was the Fifa World Cup. "We can claim a victory" Vavi said.

"We demanded that everything possible be done to promote soccer, which remains the biggest and most popular sport in South Africa, yet is seriously underdeveloped," Vavi said.